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The Population of Endangered Mountain Gorillas Has Grown by 71% In a Decade

After decades of endangerment, mountain gorillas are growing in population thanks to conservation efforts of the World Wide Fund for Nature, the International Gorilla Conservation Program, and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, among others.
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Calling for Change: The Ultimate Guide on How To Contact Your Elected Representatives

Your elected representatives are here to serve you and your community's interests. Reaching out to them is one major way to make change in the United States.
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Behind the Scenes: Creating the Good Good Good Website with Moon March

Get a peek behind the curtain of how Moon March created the Good Good Good website — from the goals and dreams for the new platform, to the intentionality behind the colors and functionality of the finished product.
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Finding the Helpers During COVID


Researchers Used State Data To Find Out How Many Lives COVID Vaccines Have Saved. And It's Really Good News.

Clinical trials demonstrate how effective vaccines are individually, but the real world shows how effective they are at a population level.
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Head of UNAIDS: How COVID-19 Affects the Fight Against HIV/AIDS — and How to Combat Inequities

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened global inequities. But there are actions we can take to change that.
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This Innovative Fridge Will Make the COVID-19 Vaccine Accessible to All

Ice-chilled, powered by the sun, and cold for weeks without electricity, the future of refrigeration is here — and just in time.
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The GoodNewspaper

Goodnewspaper: The Body Edition

The #DisabledJoy Movement Wants To Celebrate Happiness Too

Tired of the narrative that being disabled is a personal failure in mainstream media, a writer took to Twitter to start a hashtag that might change the way folks look at disability forever.
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Finally, Black Women Are Getting Credit and Recognition For Starting The Nail Art Trend

Nail art is a niche fashion trend that has become increasingly popular and more mainstream in recent years. However, the Black women responsible have historically seen little to no credit.
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Renewable Energy Jobs Grew Globally in 2020, Defying Expectations

Clean energy jobs rose to 12 million last year even amid the pandemic but officials say green employment must come with decent conditions and bring in more women.
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Churches and Libraries Are Partnering To Address Homelessness

Public libraries and faith-based organizations, such as mosques, churches, and non-profits grounded in religious belief, are supporting people experiencing homelessness.
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Wind Turbines Are Being Recycled Into Bike Shelters, High-speed Rail Lines, Power Line Poles, and Roofs

The Danish port city of Aalborg, where the new recyclable blades are being made, has found an innovative new use for old blades, by turning them into bike shelters for the city’s cyclists.
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The United Nations Declares Access to a Healthy Environment a "Human Right"

This is great news for the future of humanity: with this historic decision, this means the UN will be taking climate action more seriously on a global scale.
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