Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is Good Good Good?

Good Good Good is an uprising of hopefuls marching against the hate, fear, and injustice in the world by celebrating and becoming accomplices in good work. The stories and tools we provide are designed leave you feeling less overwhelmed, and more capable of being a part of the good in the world.

Good Good Good was founded by Branden Harvey and creates the Goodnewspaper, Goodnewsletter, and Sounds Good.

Q: How do you decide what good news to share?

There’s a lot of news out there that many would be defined as ‘good news’, but we have a policy here at Good Good Good that helps us decipher what we share. We call it ‘feel good’ vs. ‘real good’.

‘Feel good’ news is the story that maybe makes you feel warm inside, but doesn’t really dig beneath the surface. It’s often made up of cute animal videos, inventive restaurant openings, or human interest stories that are sensationalized.

‘Real good’ news is the story that feels like a blend of grit, advocacy, and messy hope. It’s made up of things like random acts of kindness, creative attempts to bring awareness, advocacy for social justice, small businesses that better their communities, positive global trends, planet care, and articles meant to inspire and convict, not pacify.

We focus on the real good. Always.

Q: How often does the Goodnewspaper come out?

The Goodnewspaper is a quarterly publication. A new issue releases every 3 months. Our podcast and Goodnewsletter come out every week on Mondays and Tuesdays respectively.

Q: I’ve got a great good news story to share. Where do I send my good news?

  1. Submit content for consideration for social media, Goodnewsletter, and Goodnewspaper here.

  2. Share in our private Facebook Goodnewspaper group. We love this because oftentimes, we can’t always broadcast every story that’s sent to us. This group is a fun way for everyone to see the good you’re seeing in the world!

Q: I want to write for the Goodnewspaper! How do I get involved?

At this time we’re at-capacity with writers for the Goodnewspaper, but keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter where we’ll announce when we need support. If you want to be considered for future opportunities, feel free to email us at with your resume and 2 unique writing samples that best showcase your work! We’ll file your email for when we have opportunities in the future.

Q: I’m a designer/illustrator! How do I collaborate with the Goodnewspaper?

At this time we’re at-capacity with designers/illustrators for the Goodnewspaper, but keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter where we’ll announce when we need support. If you want to be considered for future opportunities, feel free to email us at with your resume and 2 unique writing samples that best showcase your work! We’ll file your email for when we have opportunities in the future.

Q: My company would love to reach the Good Good Good audience through advertising. How can I get started?

We have opportunities for advertising in the Goodnewspaper, Goodnewsletter, podcast, and social media, as well as other opportunities for branded partnerships. We only accept a limited number of partnerships each quarter and focus on working with brands and organizations that align with our values and make a positive impact in the world. If you think your company is a good fit, please reach out to our team at to learn more.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

Great question! Unfortunately, we don’t currently accept any international subscribers. However, we do offer the purchase of individual issues at our store here. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to make this available in the future!

Q: Is the goodnewspaper available in digital form?

While creating a digital version of the Goodnewspaper is really tempting, we really believe there's magic in being able to physically hold good news and tangibly give good news to a friend. We don't have any plans to offer digital versions of the Goodnewspaper at this time. We do, though, see our weekly Goodnewsletter and podcast as our digital equivalents and hope you enjoy them.

Q: I moved. Where can I change my address so I can still get my Goodnewspaper?

Fill out your new address information here. Don’t wait!

Q: I’m a Kickstarter Backer and my Goodnewspaper hasn’t arrived yet. What happened?

Many Kickstarter backers forgot to send in their address or respond to Kickstarter surveys. Reach out to letting us know what happened and we’ll get you taken care of.

Q: I haven’t gotten my issue of the Goodnewspaper yet. Can you help me track it?

On occasion packages get lost in the mail. If you ordered the Goodnewspaper and you think it should have arrived by now, please email us at with these two pieces of information:

  1. Your address (if you've recently moved, share your old and new address)

  2. Which platform you purchased your Goodnewspaper on (aka: Kickstarter, Good Good Good shop, etc.)

We’ll be more than happy to get you taken care of.

Q: I’d love to give away copies of the Goodnewspaper at my event? How can I make that happen?

One of our favorite ways to distribute the Goodnewspaper has been at events and conferences. If you’re looking for a unique, beautifully designed, and hopeful gift to give each of your attendees, we’d love to support what you’re doing. We can offer you ultra-wholesale prices.

If you’re interested, we’d absolutely love to talk through pricing and details with you at

Q: How do I order wholesale for my business?

We love seeing the Goodnewspaper being sold or given away in cafes, shops, and businesses around the country. Contact our team at for more information that we’ll need from you to make this happen!

Q: I want to order a lot of copies of the Goodnewspaper for personal use. Can I get a discount?

Yes! Right now, we offer a discount when you buy 5, 10, or 25 copies of the Goodnewspaper. You can find these here. Enjoy! And tell us about the creative ways you share your extra copies! We’d love to hear your story.

Q: I have a suggestion for a guest on Sounds Good. How do I submit?

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey is a weekly podcast hosting hopeful conversations with optimists and world-changers about the unique experiences that drive them to use their influence for good.

We always love suggestions. However, we’d like to ask that you make sure your submission is a perfect fit for Sounds Good by checking out our previous guests here.

Send your submission with links, details, and why you think they’d be a great fit for Sounds Good to

Q: What’s the proper way to spell and format your company name?

  • We always spell Good Good Good as three words, all capitalized and separated by a space. Even though "co" is in our username, we never use it when we refer to Good Good Good.

  • We always spell Goodnewspaper and Goodnewsletter as one word with only a capital G.

  • We always spell Sounds Good as two words, both capitalized.

Q: Any other questions?

Still have a question? Please submit all inquiries to our customer service team at