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Celebrate good news. Become good news.

BECOME A Good Good Good MEMBEr


Inspired by Fred Rogers, the Goodnewspaper is looking for the helpers. We’re on a mission to remind the world of the good — even in the most heartbreaking circumstances. When we’re reminded of the good, cynicism and apathy lose their grip and we can take steps toward creating good change ourselves.

When you support the Goodnewspaper, you’re helping fill the world with more good.

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Have a coffeeshop, airbnb, event, or storefront?
Want to give away good news?


 Where Do We Donate



We’re donating to hospitals to use the Goodnewspaper in their waiting rooms.



Your support provides copies of the Goodnewspaper to schools for teachers to use in their classrooms.


Coffee shops

Your support provides copies of the Goodnewspaper to non-profit coffee shops, to spread good news in places where people live their lives.

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