We are no longer accepting applications for this role. Thank you so much for your interest.

Now Hiring: Community & Communication Lead

Job Title: Community & Communication Lead

Company: Good Good Good

Reports to: Branden Harvey, Founder & CEO of Good Good Good

Job Summary: We are looking for an amazing community and communication lead for all things Good Good Good: someone passionate about telling stories of the good in the world and building a community of change-makers. In this role, you have a unique opportunity to be on the frontlines of marching against the hate, fear, and injustice in the world by empowering our community to celebrate the good in the world and become accomplices in impactful work.You will work primarily on the online presence of Good Good Good, overseeing all-things communication and community engagement.

Your role includes:

  • Social Media: Overseeing all marketing, engagement, and strategy (We love our community and want someone who can serve them well!)

  • Customer Service: Managing Good Good Good’s email accounts, communicating with customers, high-profile guests, sources, and partners — maintaining ongoing professional relationships with individuals and companies who are changing our world for the better

  • Project Management: Supervising all collaborations and partnerships between Good Good Good and outside organizations as well as playing a role in internal projects at Good Good Good

  • Executive Assistance: Performing office and administrative duties to assist Branden Harvey (Don’t worry he doesn’t drink coffee so you won’t be going on weird coffee runs.)

This is a part-time job (starting at 15 hours/week).

Overview of Everything You’ll Do

  • Manage, create and strategize inspiring social media content and timely campaigns for Good Good Good across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • Act as a passionate liaison to the general public, customers, high-profile guests, sources, and partners through excellent interpersonal communication and email correspondence

  • Monitor, listen, and respond to the Good Good Good community while cultivating leads and sales (Seeking to understand before being understood)

  • Implement occasional event planning and act as lead strategist for community involvement (Our local gatherings are SO much fun!)

  • Oversee executive assistance to Branden Harvey as needed

  • Create, upkeep, and strategize Good Good Good website content

  • Display empathy, cultural-sensitivity, and desire for inclusion


  • You have a passion and in-depth knowledge around social media and how each platform can be used effectively

  • Your eye for aesthetics and an ability to communicate through writing is refined and creative

  • You can adapt to Good Good Good’s voice while displaying excellent writing, grammar, and language skills (Possession of great attention to detail is also key)

  • You know how to effectively demonstrate social customer service techniques including empathy, patience, and conflict resolution that’ll make people’s day

  • You’re a self-starter and willingness to work independently and communicate digitally as well as show professionalism regarding time, costs, and deadlines

  • You’re ready to work in a constantly changing startup (We’re young, scrappy, and hungry)

  • You’re passionate and up-to-date knowledge of current events, innovative non-profits, and inspiring leaders

  • You have a passion for celebrating the good in the world

Would Be Nice

  • Previous experience as a photographer and/or graphic designer

  • Lives in Nashville, Tennessee or Portland, Oregon

  • Has been following along with Good Good Good for a while and knows it well!


We are no longer accepting applications for this role. Thank you for your interest. Please follow Good Good Good on social media to be the first to know about future opportunities.