Drexel University (USA) and Laboratory of Cities, Mobility and Transportation (LVMT), University Gustave Eiffel, France

Alejandro is a dual degree Ph.D. candidate in the programs of Communication, Culture, and Media at Drexel University in Philadelphia and Urban and Regional Planning at the Laboratory of Cities, Mobility and Transportation (LVMT) at the University Gustave Eiffel in Paris, France. Alejandro has a background in economics, history, and urban planning. He has professional experience in urban development and transportation studies in France, Colombia, and Switzerland. He is also a board member of L’Heureux Cyclage, the network of DIY bike coops in France. His research is centered on how the values and experiences of bike advocates shape the role and influence of bike movements in the circulation and implementation of practices and policies that shape just ecological transitions in French-speaking Europe, the US, and Latin America.