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How an Aboriginal woman fought a coal company... and won

2024 Goldman Prize winner Murrawah Maroochy Johnson
Murrawah Maroochy Johnson, a 29-year-old Wirdi woman of the Birri Gubba Nation, led a lawsuit against the Waratah coal mine... and won.
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Illustration of colorful ocean waves

9 Activities To Celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8

June 8 is World Oceans Day! We’ve gathered a list of ideas to help you celebrate and protect the world’s oceans...
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A group of drag queens in the stage of "Rupaul's Drag Race"

What a drag queen can teach you about self-confidence

Taking a moment from their new "Dead Inside" comedy world tour, Bianca Del Rio offers expert advice on authenticity, confidence, and managing life onstage and off.
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Kia EV9 at the beach

These are the 5 best hybrids & electric vehicles of 2024, according to Edmunds

These are picks of the best cars, trucks, and SUVs of 2024, according to Edmunds’ independent review. And the good news is that they’re all more eco-friendly than their gas-powered competitors.
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Good News on Climate Change

Jim Henson is surrounded by a group of Muppets

New Jim Henson series will inspire 'climate hope' in modern-day animated fairytale

A new animated series from Jim Henson's legacy company emphasizes climate hope through a story that navigates themes of family, nature, and mediating conflict.
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Ahead of this year's record-breaking hurricane season, a group of climate scientists helps Caribbean families protect their homes

Preparing for Atlantic hurricane season is always a priority in the Caribbean, especially when forecasts project high numbers of storms, as they do for 2024.
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Landmark court ruling allows island fishing community to sustainably manage state park services in Brazil

For the first time in Brazil, a traditional community has been awarded the concession to manage and operate visitor facilities inside a state conservation unit.
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The World Has More Trees Than It Did 35 Years Ago

This might come as a surprise: Worldwide tree cover has grown — not shrunk! — by 2.24 million square kilometers — the size of Texas and Alaska combined — in the last 35 years, according to a paper in the science journal “Nature.”
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8 Famous Animal Conservationists You Might Not Know Yet

There are dozens and dozens of people you should know about who are protecting wild species and their habitats, and our hope is that today you’ll learn about someone new who inspires you to find your own way of helping animals in your corner of the world.
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This single dad creates one-of-a-kind 3D-printed toys for kids with disabilities

Explore the heartwarming story of one TikToker who brings smiles to kids worldwide with his 3D-printed teddies designed to represent and support their unique medical conditions.
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How an Aboriginal woman fought a coal company... and won

Murrawah Maroochy Johnson, a 29-year-old Wirdi woman of the Birri Gubba Nation, led a lawsuit against the Waratah coal mine... and won.
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Mysterious desert fish hits a 25-year population high in one of Earth's harshest environments

Discover the remarkable comeback of a critically endangered fish thriving in the harsh conditions of Nevada. Scientists celebrate as this rare species reaches its highest population in decades, highlighting a significant win for conservation efforts.
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This House Was Built Partly From Recycled Diapers

Using used diapers as a building material could reduce landfill waste and lower housing costs.
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In Portland's Self-Governed Dignity Village, the Unhoused Make Their Own Rules

Leaders of the 20-year-old self-run community, sanctioned by the city of Portland, say it’s reached stability. The city’s aggressive new camping ban could throw that into disarray.
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KC Davis Teaches Us That Keeping House is 'Morally Neutral'

KC Davis has taken to the Internet to share her quirky, individualized housekeeping methods — and to revolutionize self-care.
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