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Best Good News From 2021
People Doing Good

The Best Good News Stories From 2021

The ultimate list of the best good news stories from the year 2021.
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Positive Mental Health News Stories from 2021

The stigma surrounding mental health is still heartbreakingly present in our day-to-day lives — but in 2021 we made more progress than ever before in breaking down that stigma.
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Reasons To Be Happy: Good Animal News from 2021

2021 may have been the year we saw the first inclinations that longtime wildlife conservation and protection efforts were really paying off: for turtles, rhinos, tigers, pandas, bald eagles, and more.
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Where to Find Diverse Stock Photos & Why It Matters

Representation matters in stock photography. Here's where you can find diverse free and paid stock photography that genuinely represents communities without perpetuating harmful stereotypes.
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These Combat Diving Veterans Are Now Using Their Skills to Restore Ocean Health

For veterans of combat diving, life after the military can lack a sense of purpose. Now a nonprofit called Force Blue is giving veterans a new mission.
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Featured good News: COronavirus

Finding the Helpers During COVID


Staying Pawsitive: The Best Good News Stories About Dogs

Happy news about dogs doing good for people and the planet — and hopeful stories of people doing good for dogs.
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Best Inspirational Dolly Parton Quotes About Life & Love

A curated list of Dolly’s best quotes about making a difference, filling the world with positivity, and living a life of purpose.
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7 Pieces of Coronavirus Good News from 2021

As we head into our third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, what hopeful moments can we look back on for a sense of encouragement?
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The #DisabledJoy Movement Wants To Celebrate Happiness Too

Tired of the narrative that being disabled is a personal failure in mainstream media, a writer took to Twitter to start a hashtag that might change the way folks look at disability forever.
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Finally, Black Women Are Getting Credit and Recognition For Starting The Nail Art Trend

Nail art is a niche fashion trend that has become increasingly popular and more mainstream in recent years. However, the Black women responsible have historically seen little to no credit.
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What Everyone Should Know About Reconstruction 152 Years After the 15th Amendment's Ratification

Many historians and other scholars say what Americans have traditionally learned about the complex period that followed the Civil War falls short of what we should know.
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The 'Nuts and Bolts' Heroes Who Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible

The men and women who organized the nuts and bolts of the Civil Rights Movement may not be as well-remembered but it was they who provided its essential vision and energy.
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21 Best Amanda Gorman Quotes on Light, Hope, and Change

Discover poet Amanda Gorman's best quotes and excerpts from poems to leave you feeling more energized and hopeful.
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12 Best E.O. Wilson Quotes About Nature, Life, & Sustainability

Read these quotes from E.O. Wilson to gain a sense of wonder for the natural world — and a sense of hope for how we might improve it.
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25 Best Quotes About Activism

The best quotes from famous activists about making a difference in the world. Plus, downloadable social media graphics and phone backgrounds.
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19 Best Quotes About Hope, Optimism, and Cynicism

There's an interesting nuance to be found in the difference between hope and optimism. Read these quotes to learn more.
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