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Stories about people and organizations making a difference for mental health — and fighting the stigma around mental health

A group of Gen Z 20-somethings optimistically smiling and laughing outdoors

New Gallup Poll Finds That Gen Z is a Generation of Optimists

A new nationwide poll revealed that although Gen Z individuals trend higher for poor mental health, they are overwhelmingly optimistic about their future and believe that their goals are achievable.
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Quote Graphic: Everybody has losses — it’s unavoidable in life. Sharing our pain is very healing. — Isabel Allende

47 Best Healing Quotes — To Help in Hard Times

Dive into this collection of healing quotes. May they serve as a balm for your soul, reminding you of your innate power to heal, grow, and transform...
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An illustration of Earth, surrounded by a ring of symbols: A first aid kit, a water faucet, bread, a flag, a brain, a house, a pencil, a plane, and gender symbols

14 Problems in the World — And Their Potential Solutions

A roundup of some of the major challenges of our time — and reasons to be hopeful.
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A photo collage of a man wearing a shirt that says 'The world is not better without you', a puffin, a tuberculosis test machine, the front of a train, and a New York University flag

Good News This Week: September 16, 2023 - Dogs, Puffins, & Renewable Energy

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Abstract representation of mental health, with shapes and lines inside of a "brain"

Suicide Prevention Week: 18 Ways To Take Action (2023)

With events, screenings, activities, and more, Suicide Prevention Week is a catalyst for us to learn more, seek help, offer support, and open our hearts and minds to vulnerable conversations.
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Vectors of a shower head, washing machine, bandage, and a house

Guide: 16 Ideas for How To Help Homeless People

It’s important that we all play a role in helping people experiencing homelessness through community care, systemic action, and everyday kindness.
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The World Is Not Better Without You

Suicide Prevention Campaign Aims To Provide 4,000 Free Counseling Sessions

Since its start in 2006, mental health nonprofit TWLOHA has donated over $3.5 million directly into treatment and recovery so folks can access mental healthcare when they need it most.
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Covers of 4 of the top mental health books

24 Must-Read Books About Mental Health (2023)

A round-up of 24 books about navigating mental health, whether you’re looking for support for yourself or your loved ones.
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Quote Graphic: Everything will be OK. Good things last, and the bad things will fade away. So, go find your good. — Jessica Park

39 Best 'Everything Will Be OK' Quotes on Hope

Whether you’re dealing with specific hardships or feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world, these quotes serve as a reminder of human resilience and the perpetual potential for positive change. 
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Orange September Awareness Month Calendar

September: Awareness Months & Holidays for Causes (2023)

The ultimate calendar of September’s awareness days, national months, and more...
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