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Detail of Paris 2024 Olympics gold medal.
An adult male tiger in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary.
From left to right: A close-up of a dirty headlight as someone cleans it, a black woman with curly hair and sunglasses smiles towards the camera, and a close-up of a clean headlight with the caption: you can get it to look like this.
A baby red panda from the Chattanooga Zoo sits on a white towel
A Florida grasshopper sparrow sitting atop a wildflower with its beak open in song.
A man's arms hold a young bull shark, about the size of a rugby ball and still dripping water.
A photo collage of a boat in the ocean, crocodile eggs, a mountain and town, cells, and a baby sea turtle
A young Bob Newhart at rehearsal for 1987 Emmy Awards, sitting in the middle of an aisle.
Meghan Thee Stallion sings into a microphone on stage, wearing a red and white pinup-style mini dress
chart of charitable giving from 1985 to 2023, showing an overall upward trajectory with some small drops