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A crowd of religious people and clergy supporting the LGBTQ+ community

Religious groups are protecting Pride events — upending the LGBTQ+ vs. faith narrative

More than 120 faith groups will fan out across 50 events this June to de-escalate extremist anti-LGBTQ+ protests from hate groups.
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Ms Rachel smiles and waves in front of a Progress Pride Flag

Ms Rachel stands by Pride Month post after backlash: "There is no 'except' in 'love your neighbor'"

Backlash and boycotts bandied about after beloved children’s icon Ms Rachel made a celebratory Pride Month post, and her follow up video continued a call for “respect” and “empathy” for all families.
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Two lamp ornaments lit up in the dark

New study: 69% of US Muslims always give to charities during Ramadan, fulfilling a religious obligation

During the month-long period of fasting, the obligation of zakat takes on heightened significance.
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A bunch of plastic bottles and cans inside a recycling trash can

Calls for a 'green' Ramadan revive Islam's long tradition of sustainability and care for the planet

To encourage Muslims to be more mindful of the impact of Ramadan on the environment, mosques are increasingly dispensing of single-use items, with some banning the use of plastics altogether.
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MLK Quote Graphic: Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. — Martin Luther King Jr.

181 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes — Beyond His Dream

There’s no denying that the image of Dr. King has been distorted over time to make his bold, radical message more “palatable.” But by reading his actual words, we can reconnect with his true message.
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Christ the Redeemer statue wearing a projection of a T-shirt that says "Welcome to Brazil. Taylor Swift in a blue dress, singing on stage

Taylor Swift Projection on Christ the Redeemer Statue is Actually a Charity Campaign by Brazilian Swifties

Taylor Swift's Brazilian fans have mobilized to do good while projecting a welcome letter to the pop star on the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio.
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Two rabbis stand for a photo with the Imam of the mosque where the funeral was held

In an Act of Solidarity, Chicago-Area Rabbis Attend Funeral of Boy Killed in Anti-Muslim Hate Crime

“The murder of a six year old because of his faith and identity is not complicated. It is a heinous crime. And that’s why we went today.”
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Pink and orange calendar for Hispanic holidays

Ultimate Calendar of Hispanic Holidays (2024)

Your simple guide to the dozens of Hispanic and Latin American holidays, weeks, and months.
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Colorful illustrated calendar to represent religious holidays

Ultimate Interfaith Calendar of Religious Holidays (2024)

Your simple guide to the dozens of religious holidays and observances across several faith traditions.
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Steven Hoffen touches a plant growing from a hydroponic tower

Teen Uses Hydroponic Gardens To Fight Food Insecurity in NYC & Tel Aviv

The teen's nonprofit feeds hundreds of community members every month and teaches students about sustainability and hydroponics.
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Pray for LGBTQ+ Youth. National Day of Prayer for LGBTQ+ Youth 6.30.2023

Queer Activists Host Multi-Faith 'Day of Prayer' for LGBTQ+ Youth

Millions of people will join together on June 30 to unite in prayer for the safety, well-being, and flourishing of LGBTQ+ youth.
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Nebraska State Capitol

Faith Leaders in Nebraska Speak Out Against Abortion Ban Bill

Over 120 faith leaders from five various religious faiths in Nebraska came together to show support for reproductive freedom.
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