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19 Green Living Websites You Need To Bookmark (2023)

Good Good Good’s round-up of the best websites to learn about eco-friendly and sustainable living.
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8 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Coworkers & Employees

A guide of ethical, environmentally-friendly products that are perfect for your coworker or employee.
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The Future of Ethical Fashion is Digital – And It's Closer Than You Think

Digital clothing could become a daily reality by 2033 and has the potential to significantly reduce environmental and social impacts of fast fashion.
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National Forest Foundation Celebrates 21,000 Acres of Reforested Land

The National Forest Foundation has reforested over 21,000 acres of land in the last year and planted over 8 million trees to combat climate change.
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Environmentalism Must Care for People and the Planet

Activist Leah Thomas created a platform to address the ways environmentalism impacts not only the planet, but the people on it, too. She calls the platform Intersectional Environmentalism.
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Rob Greenfield — How to Be the Change in a Messed Up World

He wore his own trash for 30 days. He built tiny houses for the homeless. He dumpster dived for food. And now he’s committing to only eat food he’s grown and foraged himself for an entire year.
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Climate Activists Doing Good

Graphic Quote: Nature once determined how we survive. Now we determine how nature survives. — Sir David Attenborough

64 Most Inspiring Quotes from Sir David Attenborough

His messages remind us that we are not apart from nature, but a part of it, and that the stewardship of this planet is not just an environmental concern but a matter of our own survival.
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Reclypt's Mending Club is Combatting Fast Fashion One Stitch At a Time

NYC’s Reclypt’s Mending Club leads classes and pop-up events to teach community members how to repair and reuse clothing to prevent environmental waste.
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Disability & Climate Justice: A Q&A with Daphne Frias

Grassroots activist, community organizer, and cancer survivor Daphne Frias discusses her experiences with disability rights, climate justice, and studying public health.
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These Two Young Entrepreneurs Are Combating Food Waste With Delicious Vegan Cookies

Reyanne Mustafa and Kristian Krugman were working as servers when they noticed how much food restaurants throw away at the end of the day.
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Your Questions About Sustainability, Answered Succinctly

For this issue, you asked us questions about sustainability on Instagram. The Good Answers on this page come from the Good Good Good team and community.
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Podcast Episodes About Climate Change

Sarah Red-Laird wearing her beekeeping clothing and caring for bees in a hive
New Good News

Recent Good News About the Environment

Scientists Have Figured Out How To Use Rice Husks & Newspapers for Eco-Friendly Insulation

Researchers in Panama have used a mix of newspaper, rice husk, borax, and glue to develop an eco-friendly thermal insulation material.
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From Food Reviewers To Climate Activists, Meet Some Change-Makers From This Year's Forbes '30 Under 30'

The yearly list introduces individuals making a positive impact, inspiring with bold solutions, and contributing to a more inclusive world.
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49 Best Sustainable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales To Shop This Year

If you're looking to intentionally shop sustainably during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we have some recommendations to give you a head start.
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These Brands Want To Redefine Black Friday: 'Don't Buy. Just Borrow.'

These companies are deviating from traditional Black Friday practices by closing their online stores, offering repairs, and even loaning out products to people for free.
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