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The Invisible Climate Refugee Crisis is Finally Getting a Spotlight

This legal definition of refugees, unfortunately, doesn’t include those who have to flee their homes because of the climate crisis. But it should.
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'The Woods Next Door' — U.S. Community Forests Take Root

The country is seeing a growing trend in green spaces governed by local residents, bringing conservation, educational benefits, and income to urban and rural communities.
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Staying Pawsitive: The Best Good News Stories About Dogs

Happy news about dogs doing good for people and the planet — and hopeful stories of people doing good for dogs.
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How One Man Single-Handedly Saved A Rare Butterfly Species That “Needed A Little Extra Help”

A San Francisco hero brought the California Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly back to the city after they had all but vanished.
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Environmentalism Must Care for People and the Planet

Activist Leah Thomas created a platform to address the ways environmentalism impacts not only the planet, but the people on it, too. She calls the platform Intersectional Environmentalism.
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Rob Greenfield — How to Be the Change in a Messed Up World

He wore his own trash for 30 days. He built tiny houses for the homeless. He dumpster dived for food. And now he’s committing to only eat food he’s grown and foraged himself for an entire year.
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Climate Activists Doing Good

A person holding a "Stop coal now!" sign

My fellow climate activists are celebrating 'the end of coal' in New England — thanks to our 'imaginative' nonviolent direct action

With the last of New England’s coal plants now set to close, the No Coal No Gas campaign is reflecting on the power of fighting together.
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Jane Goodall: 'It will take hope, inspiration, and action to save the earth'

We need a new mindset but to change behaviors, we need to be more persuasive. Storytelling is one way to speak to the heart.
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Bloomberg funds youth-led climate action in 100 cities worldwide

The grants will ensure young activists can shape local climate actions.
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These Two Young Entrepreneurs Are Combating Food Waste With Delicious Vegan Cookies

Reyanne Mustafa and Kristian Krugman were working as servers when they noticed how much food restaurants throw away at the end of the day.
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Your Questions About Sustainability, Answered Succinctly

For this issue, you asked us questions about sustainability on Instagram. The Good Answers on this page come from the Good Good Good team and community.
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Sarah Red-Laird wearing her beekeeping clothing and caring for bees in a hive
New Good News

Recent Good News About the Environment

Good News This Week: May 18, 2024 - Bison, Fundraisers, & Maternal Heath

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Billie Eilish covers public transit costs for LA fans, bolstering 'sustainable pop star' cred

Debuting her new album "Hit Me Hard and Soft," Billie Eilish provided fee-free public transit to fans for a listening party in Los Angeles.
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Study finds that a herd of bison could help store the CO2 equivalent of 40K cars — here's how

A Yale study found that rewilding a herd of bison helped store 54 thousand tons of carbon annually, highlighting how animals play a significant role in carbon capture.
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Illinois just gave $1.6 million to 'justice-focused' community solar projects

Backers see the projects as a key tool to expand economic opportunities to BIPOC communities while supporting the growth of clean energy in the Chicago area.
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