Good News About the Environment

Climate change feels heartbreaking and overwhelming — but there's good news and progress to be celebrated.


L.A.'s New Reflective Streets Bounce Heat Back into Space

Cities are painting their streets white. The air in these neighborhoods is getting cooler — with huge (positive) implications for the planet.
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14 Good News Stories About the Environment

Good news stories about the environment from Paris, Africa, outer space, and more...
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These Combat Diving Veterans Are Now Using Their Skills to Restore Ocean Health

For veterans of combat diving, life after the military can lack a sense of purpose. Now a nonprofit called Force Blue is giving veterans a new mission.
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This Nonprofit Is Helping the East Coast Recycle Clothing Waste

Brooklyn-based Fabscrap hopes to sign up 20 to 25 brands to recycle textile waste in the Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and southern New Jersey areas over the next year.
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A New Fund Is Helping Black Farmers in Detroit Purchase Land

Black farmers in Detroit have turned blighted properties into vital food sources. Now, a new land fund is opening the door to official ownership.
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Being an Imperfect Conscious Consumer

Laura Wittig co-founded Brightly — an online community and content platform that puts the environment first — to help consumers shop well for themselves and the earth. In this episode, Laura talks about how anyone can make gradual steps towards becoming more sustainable in a way that works for them.
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Mister Rogers said, "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'"

Good Good Good brings you stories and tools to help you feel less overwhelmed and more capable of being a helper in the world. Together we celebrate good news — and become good news.

Climate Activists Doing Good

A group of Indigenous leaders march carrying banners that say things like "Stop Line 3"

Indigenous Activists Are Fighting Against the Line 3 Pipeline — And They Need Your Help

Indigenous activists have fought time and time again for the sacred nature of both land and water: we’ve seen them fight against the implementation of The Dakota Access Pipeline, the Trans Mountain pipeline, and at the forefront of the anti-Line 3 movement.
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Youth Climate Protesters Around the World Have Returned to the Streets

Greta Thunberg's Fridays for Future movement has resumed mass street protests for the first time since the pandemic began.
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Celebrating Three Years of Greta Thunberg's Activism: 'There's Still Time to Change Our Climate Future'

As the Swedish teenager marks the third anniversary of her first solo climate strike, here's how she built the global "Fridays for Future" movement...
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These Two Young Entrepreneurs Are Combating Food Waste With Delicious Vegan Cookies

Reyanne Mustafa and Kristian Krugman were working as servers when they noticed how much food restaurants throw away at the end of the day.
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New Good News

Recent Good News About the Environment

Researchers Created Sustainable Jelly Ice Cubes That Don't Melt

A new type of cooling cube could revolutionize how food is kept cold and shipped fresh without relying on ice or traditional cooling packs — free from waste and mold.
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Nepal's Conservation Efforts Have Nearly Doubled Their Tiger Population

Nepal is the only country on track to meet a 2022 pledge to double its wild tiger population from a 2010 baseline.‍ Key to the growing tiger population is the combination of a tough anti-poaching approach and close engagement with communities living near tiger habitats. It's working.
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These 5 Books Will Challenge How You Think About Climate Change & The Earth

These five books offer an alternative perspective. In contrast to the simplistic idea that all we need to do is implement a set of technological and lifestyle changes, they offer a new way of understanding and relating to nature.
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Rewilding Projects Are Multiplying Across the U.K. – Seeking to Boost Biodiversity

One of the most innovative projects now underway may be WildEast, which ambitiously hopes to rewild an area more than three times the size of New York City, creating interconnecting wild corridors across East Anglia, the country’s most intensely farmed region.
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