Good News About Food

Celebrating innovative ways that we're ensuring equitable access to food — and ways that food is being used for good

A group of people pose for the camera with smiles on their faces

Composting in Detroit Gets a Boost From the Philippines

Organizers formed a long-distance partnership to bring composting to their community.
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An illustration of a small business storefront

8 Good News Stories About Small Businesses

Running a small business isn't easy. Our culture rewards big, winner-take-all businesses. But small businesses are valuable. By their nature, they have a focus deeper than just profit. These stories celebrate small businesses doing good — and the people who support them.
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An illustrated box of Misfits Market

Misfits Market Review: Is It Worth It To Reduce Food Waste? 

We’re here with an authentic review of Misfits Market, to give you another option to help reduce food waste during your weekly grocery haul. 
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A photo collage of a solar window, a small island, a group of kids, a pedestrian walkway, and a woman holding binoculars

Solar Windows, LANDBACK, & Dolphins - Good News This Week: November 19th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Three plants growing in small pots

'Open Source' Seeds Are Fighting Back Against Big Ag

A handful of companies own the patents on virtually every seed planted in the US. Now, a new crop of unowned seeds is bringing biodiversity back to farming.
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Dog eating dog food

Pets Eat a Lot of Meat. Feeding Them Insects Could Lower Their Carbon Pawprint.

A Q&A with Anne Carlson, the founder and CEO of Jiminy’s, on bringing insect-based dog food to the U.S.
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A farmer talking to a group of high schoolers

Carrots for Carrots: States Promote Buying Local for School Lunches

Local foods, once rare on school lunch trays, are gradually becoming more available in school cafeterias as states promote fresh produce, legumes, meats, and fish.
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A farmer looks over the camera while surrounded by crops

Good News: Indigenous Farmers Reclaim Time-honored Techniques

In myriad tribal communities, food sovereignty has blossomed from a concept into a full-blown movement.
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A group of sheep eating a pumpkin

The Guilt-Free Way to Get Rid of Halloween Pumpkins

An array of options exist, and a landfill doesn’t need to be its final resting place.
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A photo collage of solar lanterns, an altar, a person smelling a tree, a lake, and electrically charged coral reefs

Electric Reefs, Lanterns, & Fruit Trees - Good News This Week: November 5th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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