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A photo collage of a bison, an aerial view of a wide field, Narcan's packaging, a person wearing a hard hat looking at an electric grid from a distance, and a poster advocating for violence against women

Good News This Week: May 18, 2024 - Bison, Fundraisers, & Maternal Heath

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A dark street full of cars in England

78% of people in England and Wales think crime has gone up. But it's actually plummeted 80% in 30 years

Seventy-eight percent of people in England and Wales think that crime has gone up in the last few years, but the data on actual crime shows the exact opposite.
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Solar panels on a shed with a blue sky behind them

Illinois just gave $1.6 million to 'justice-focused' community solar projects

Backers see the projects as a key tool to expand economic opportunities to BIPOC communities while supporting the growth of clean energy in the Chicago area.
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Left: A mockup of an iPhone showing a Teal Health chat screen next to the Teal Wand cervical cancer testing device. Right: The Food and Drug Administration campus

Groundbreaking at-home cervical cancer test granted 'breakthrough' status by FDA, fast-tracking approval process

Teal Health's at-home cervical cancer test just received 'Breakthrough Device' status by the FDA, in hopes of significantly reducing cervical cancer rates in the U.S.
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Left: A diverse group of disabled and non-disabled people mountain bike through the Great Smoky Mountains; Right: Two women hold up an adaptive hiking chair for another woman

This national park just expanded its adaptive excursions, allowing disabled visitors to bike, camp & kayak

This summer, disabled park-goers will have more opportunities to use adaptive equipment for biking, hiking, kayaking, and more.
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Left: the Vote Like A Beast logo. Right: Rhett and Link of "Good Mythical Morning" growl at the camera, holding their hands up like claws. They wear t-shirts that say "Vote like a beast."

Register to vote with Rhett & Link: YouTube duo brings back voting platform for the 2024 election

The YouTubers have leveraged their platform to promote civic engagement through their "Vote Like A Beast" initiative.
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A bench next to a road

Activists installed 'guerilla benches' at bus stops... and inspired Berkeley officials to install official seating for transit passengers

By day, Mingwei Samuel works as a software developer. Also by day — together with urbanist and writer Darrell Owens — he builds and installs benches at bus stops around the California cities of Berkeley and Oakland that have no seating.
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The American Climate Corps logo sits atop an imag of solar panels

You can now apply to join the American Climate Corps, with 2,000 new positions open across the country

Applications are now open for 2,000 jobs in the American Climate Corps, which are available in 36 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.
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A photo collage of a sea turtle, a man riding a bicycle, a chemical plant, a dog on top of a giant rock, and a flatlay image of the Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: April 13, 2024 - Turtles, Dogs, & Bicycles

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Triptych image in monochrome depicting natural disasters: a hurricane from above, an aerial view of a flooded residential area, and a barren tree in a foggy landscape.

Global death tolls from natural disasters have actually plummeted over the last century

A study from Our World in Data finds that the global death toll from natural disasters has greatly reduced since the 1900s, due to a constellation of solutions.
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An illustration of multicolored file folders stacked on top of each other. On top is the text "The Documenters" in a white script font

Meet the Documenters: The people who actually attend — and keep a record of — your city's meetings

A network of newsrooms and community organizations, the Documenters train and pay hundreds of people to attend under-reported public meetings and publish the results.
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An illustration of multiple houses on a green hill. Small speech bubbles are coming from each of them.

Meet the startup that wants to make it easier to be an informed citizen

This Oregon-based startup aims to make civic engagement a lot more easy and enjoyable — for voters, candidates, advocacy organizations, and businesses alike.
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