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Ways that people, organizations, and governments are fighting to strengthen democracy in the United States and around the world

A woman dropping a paper in the ballot box

A new Michigan law will automatically register people to vote when leaving prison

The law is the first in the nation and expands the Department of Corrections’ current effort to restore voting rights to returning citizens.
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Malcolm X; a plaque at the site of Malcolm X's birth in Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska invests $20 million in Malcolm X museum, honoring Black history icon

Legendary Civil Rights leader Malcolm X will be honored at the site of his birth and in the Nebraska Hall of Fame.
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An educational plaque sits in front of a water tower; a black and white photo shows barracks at the Granada Relocation Center in the 1940s, not the Amache National Historic Site

Discover the important history behind the country's newest national park

The Amache National Historic Site is the newest designated site of the National Parks Service, honoring a painful chapter of American history.
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A group of bikes sit together in a bike rack

Denver will now pay residents who commute on bikes to meet city's climate goals

Participants can receive mile reimbursement and training and coaching stipends, aiming to encourage biking over driving and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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A photo collage of comedian Tim Robinson, a kid playing a game in a hospital room, a screenshot from a Boston Bike Pass TikTok, a screenshot from Dan Howell's and Phil Lester's birthday livestream, and a flatlay photo of the Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: February 3, 2024 - Tents, PSAs, & Gaming

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Screenshots of a TikTok of Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, wearing a black coat and a beanie, speaking to a community member named Becky

Mayor of Boston commutes with residents to learn how to improve public transit

Michelle Wu, the first woman and person of color Mayor in Boston, has a history of advocating for transportation improvements. Her new TikTok series does just that.
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green plastic bags

New report: Plastic bag bans have already prevented billions of bags from being used

“The bottom line is that plastic bag bans work. People realize quickly it’s easy to live without plastic bags and get used to bringing a bag from home or skipping a bag when they can.”
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FEMA-State Disaster Recovery Center vehicle with informational banners, palm trees in the background, and a sign for free Wi-Fi, indicating post-disaster assistance services.

FEMA says it will overhaul its disaster aid system — after decades of criticism

The agency will offer upfront cash payments to disaster survivors and slash some of its infamous red tape.
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A cityscape of Durban, South Africa

The 3 Best African Climate Good News Stories from 2023

The developments highlight the growing commitment to climate action in Africa and the continent's potential to play a leading role in the global transition to a low-carbon economy.
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Portrait of Martin Luther King Jr in color

3 Ways To (Actually) Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It's important we don't reduce Martin Luther King Jr. Day to a “day off” or a quote on social media.
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An illustration of two hands reaching for each other against a blue background adorned with flowers

Here Are 16 Good News Stories To Give You Hope in 2024

There are numerous good news stories in 2024 that offer hope and highlight positive progress in the world. Here are just a few!
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An illustration of two pieces of paper ripped in half; one side reads "president," the other reads "first lady."

Meet The First Lady Who Transformed Her Title — And Then Quit

Irina Karamanos Adrian took on her role with the intention of stepping down as soon as she transformed what it meant to be a First Lady.
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