Good News About Racial Justice

Stories of hope and progress in the fight for racial justice and equality — and action steps about how to get involved and make a difference

Six people sit on a porch, smiling.

Billie Melissa: Abolishing the Death Penalty Through Storytelling

Filmmaker Billie Melissa has been working with a documentary team to tell the full story of Billie Allen, an incarcerated man on federal death row.
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A photo collage of a solar window, a small island, a group of kids, a pedestrian walkway, and a woman holding binoculars

Solar Windows, LANDBACK, & Dolphins - Good News This Week: November 19th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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April Campbell looks to the horizon using a binoculars

Good News: Building a Black Birding Community in Detroit

Developing a Black-focused birdwatching group for people of color in Michigan took a dogged willingness to bypass those standing “in the way.”
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Simple calendar representing heritage and history months

The Ultimate Calendar of Heritage Months (2023)

Your guide to every major heritage and history month — to help you or your organization bring attention to important communities and issues.
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Illustrated February awareness calendar

February: Awareness Months & Holidays for Causes (2023)

The ultimate calendar of February's awareness days, national months, and more...
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A group of people watches a speaker in a podium

Milestones in Women's History From the Year You Were Born

Observing milestones in women's history also reminds us of the steps still required to achieve true gender equality. We dug through historical records and selected inspirational or important moments in women's history every year from 1919 to 2021.
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A collage of photos featuring three different men, a soccer field with a soccer player, and a pathway in a field

Mullets, Biodiversity, & Patagonia - Good News This Week: September 17th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Illustration of library shelves full of brown and blue books

Banned Books Week: 18 Ways To Help & Advocate (2022)

When it feels like our reality has crumbled into a dystopian nightmare, what do we do? We use the power of books, form our own team of heroes, and fight against censorship and for stories that matter!
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Hispanic Heritage Month Quote Graphic: Your great strength is knowing who you are. — Oscar de la Renta

51 Quotes to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (2022)

We’ve curated a collection of beautiful quotes about what it means to be Hispanic and Latino — to celebrate during Hispanic Heritage Month and all year long.
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Variation of the World Humanitarian Day logo: A heart with continents in it

6 Ways To Celebrate World Humanitarian Day (2022)

The world needs humanitarian support more than ever — and those who step up to serve that role deserve our support.
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