Businesses Doing Good

Celebrating innovative ways businesses are making a difference in the world

Ann Patchett standing with her dog in Parnassus Books

Nashville Bookstore Offers Solace To Community After Shooting

Nashville’s Parnassus Books offers a comforting space for community healing after a devastating school shooting, exemplifying the power of unity and support in times of grief.
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In a crowd, a white woman in an orange tank top spins two young girls in twirling dresses.

Women-Owned Businesses Now Make Up 50% of This Philadelphia Business District

East Passyunk Avenue is a major commercial hub in South Philadelphia — and it has just reached the milestone of becoming 50% women-owned-and-operated.
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Two examples of online thrift stores: Curtsy and Goodfair

These Are the 46 Best Online Thrift Stores To Shop Second Hand

Find your next great outfit with our curated guide to the best online thrift stores. Plus: reduce waste, help the planet, save money, practice conscious consumerism, and contribute to the circular economy.
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Jason Christensen and his invention: The Sleep Trailer, showing eight pods for people experiencing homelessness to sleep in

Viral TikTok Sleep Trailer Invention Aims To End Homelessness

The Sleep Trailer aims to provide transitional support to folks experiencing homelessness and get them on their way to long-term stability.
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Diagram explaining Mo’cycle Motorcycle Airbag Jeans

Good News: These Airbag Jeans Aim To Protect Motorcyclists

A Swedish designer has created an innovative pair of airbag jeans to help protect people from motorcycle crashes.
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Abstract, multi-color circles representing businesses

55 Women-Owned Businesses That Give Back & Do Good

Explore the ultimate list of conscious women-led brands to support — during Women’s History Month and all year long.
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A number of props being auctioned off by A24

A24 is Auctioning "Everything Everywhere All At Once" Props for Trans, AAPI, Mental Health Charities

The production company that made "Everything Everywhere All At Once" is auctioning off 43 props and costume pieces for charity.
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A group of workers smile to the camera

These Programs & Companies Are Working To Save National Parks

We have reviewed the companies and nonprofits that have announced financial or in-kind support of the NPS or the National Park Foundation and have compiled a list of 25 programs and organizations working to save our national parks.
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A big yellow Hellman's Mayo truck with a glass truck bed with a giant jar of mayo and the words "Mayo For Meals" and "Post a Picture, Help Donate a Meal"

Good News: Hellmann's Super Bowl Ad Aims To Feed 1 Million Americans

Hellmann's Super Bowl commercial encourages viewers to waste less — and a giant jar of mayo will drive the campaign home.
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Eco-friendly and organic bedding brands like Pact, Tuft & Needle, and Takasa

20 Best Sustainable Bedding Brands for a Cozy 2023

If you’ve been in the market for some new bedding, we want to make it easier for you to find something that meets your needs and doesn’t harm the planet in the process.
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