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Screenshots of the Everywhere is Queer mobile app for Android

New app offers a global map, directory of LGBTQ-owned businesses

Originally a website, the directory of LGBTQ+ safe spaces has now launched as a free app on Apple Store and Google Play.
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Charlotte Liebling stands next to a display for Loved Before in a department store; two plushies from Loved Before sit in a cardboard box

Company transforms pre-loved plushies into sustainable toys: 'We can change the industry forever'

The eco-friendly soft toy "adoption agency" encourages donors to share stories about their plush toys, emphasizing the value gained by pre-loved toys through their unique experiences.
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A flat-lay of items packaged in sustainable seaweed-based materials

Seaweed packaging startup to replace plastics for national retailers like J. Crew and Burton

California startup Sway pioneers compostable packaging made from seaweed-based polymers, offering a scalable alternative to single-use plastics in an age of increasing pressure for waste accountability.
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Illustration of three environmental innovations: the first panel shows a coral propagation grid underwater, the second features a cartoon waste collection device named 'WasteShark' in a polluted water body, and the third displays an eco-friendly spray bottle with a cucumber and a tag saying 'No sharks plz!' hanging on a hook, representing a device to reduce bycatch in fishing.

5 Climate-Forward Innovations To Give You Hope

There are truly too many brilliant solutions to count, but here are five exciting climate breakthroughs that give us hope to keep up the fight. 
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A woman and her cat sit on a couch. She eats a sandwich, and a jar of Hellmann's mayonnaise sits between them. Behind her are decorations for the Super Bowl.

Hellmann's has created a new post-Super Bowl holiday to combat food waste

The campaign encourages people to repurpose leftovers, with Hellmann's pledging to donate $100,000 to the Food Recovery Network and organizing efforts to rescue surplus food from Super Bowl events.
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A hand planting a seed in the dirt, a screenshot of the Ecosia home page, and a tree nursery

Sustainability-centric search engine Ecosia reaches milestone of 200 million trees planted

The company tracks its projects in a detailed portfolio and has expanded its initiatives to include renewable energy production, regenerative agriculture, and more.
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A collection of baseball bobbleheads honoring members of the historic Negro Leagues

New bobblehead collection honors legendary Black baseball players during Black History Month

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum released new bobblehead mystery boxes to honor Black baseball players during Black History Month.
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Three photos: Two large canvas bags filled with recyclables, a Ridwell recycling bin on someone's porch, and a woman sitting in a huge pile of Ridwell canvas bags

A sustainable subscription? This startup will pick up your hard-to-recycle waste

An amazing 97% of collected materials are reused or recycled, saving a total of 15 million pounds of waste from landfills.
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Knit cotton, an illustration of greenwashing, and a linen fabric

Total ethics fashion: The holistic approach one nonprofit is taking to combat greenwashing

Nonprofit Collective Fashion Justice coined the term "total ethics fashion" to create a holistic framework for a sustainable future in fashion.
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Screenshots of audiobooks by Ann Patchett, Jason Reynolds and Eriq La Salle, best-selling authors donate audiobook profits to independent booksellers in need

The initiative involves authors, bookshops, and publishers foregoing royalties and profits to support Binc's mission to provide financial assistance to those in the book industry facing hardships.
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An item of clothing in green seaweed packaging; a person in a teal bikini holding a bundle of seaweed on the beach, a roll of green seaweed film

This California startup is replacing plastic bags with seaweed-based packaging

In an effort to combat the plastic waste crisis, biotech startup Sway has created a seaweed-based alternative to plastic packaging.
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A Revel driver charges his electric vehicle; a blue Revel car drives through the streets of New York; a Superhub charging station in NYC

All-electric rideshare in NYC surpasses 2 million rides

The company operates a fleet of over 500 electric vehicles and is actively involved in building public fast charging infrastructure in New York, aligning with the Green Rides Initiative to electrify New York's rideshare industry by 2030.
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