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Celebrating innovative ways businesses are making a difference in the world

Socks from Awesome Socks Club

The Awesome Socks Club is Helping Build a Hospital 🧦

These weird YouTuber brothers are taking on 'Big Sock' — for charity.
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A photo collage of a basketball court, The Good Cup - a foldable cup, a beach, a group of volunteers from The Outdoorist Oath, and a Polynesian tree snail

Good News This Week: May 13th 2023: Beaches, Plastic-Free Cups, & Basketball Courts

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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An African woman wearing a blue shirt and yellow headpiece holds up a certificate, smiling. In the background, other community members mill about.

Milestone Achieved: 10,000 Women Certified To Fight Malaria in Rwanda

In 2017, the Society for Family Health Rwanda and the Rwanda Ministry of Health partnered with SC Johnson and Raid to create the Certified Care program. It has now reached a milestone of 10,000 certifications.
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A large group of people poses for a photo outside, trees and mountains in the background

Let's Go Together: Hydro Flask and The Outdoorist Oath are Making the Outdoors for Everyone

Hydro Flask has donated $25k to The Outdoorist Oath with its "Let's Go Together" collection, prioritizing an inclusive and diverse outdoors for all.
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Three paper cups in different sizes sit atop a table, in front of some greenery

This Foldable Coffee Cup Wants Us To Ditch Plastic Lids for Good

The Good Cup, invented by Cyril Drouet, hopes to eliminate the need for plastic lids and plastic-lined takeout cups; replacing them with a fully recyclable, foldable paper option.
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Collage of all of the top eco-friendly and organic mattress toppers from this article

13 Best Eco-Friendly & Organic Mattress Toppers (2023)

If you’re a conscious consumer, that means you want to find products that are good for you and the planet — right down to your mattress topper. This guide will help you find the perfect fit.
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A colorful illustration of a local independent bookstore

6 Ideas To Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day (2023)

April 29 is Independent Bookstore Day — a celebration of indie bookshops across the United States! Here are some ways to celebrate the big event.
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Grip Toggles being used (like pop sockets) on knives, spoons, and other kitchen tools

Viral TikTok Invention 'Single-Handedly' Offering Improved Accessibility

Robert Simpson's company Single Handed creates products that offer improved accessibility in homes and the hospitality industry.
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Abstract Line Art for AAPI Heritage Month

22 Ideas To Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month (2023)

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a celebration of the many contributions and achievements of the AAPI community. 
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Add Tab for a Cause to Chrome: Support the LGBTQ+ community every day Every tab opened raises money for nonprofit organizations working toward supporting the LGBTQ+ community and providing gender-affirming care.

You Can Support the LGBTQ+ Community Just By Opening a New Tab

Turn your browsing habits into positive change with Tab for LGBTQ+, a browser extension that donates to LGBTQ+ organizations every time you open a new tab.
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