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Celebrating innovative ways businesses are making a difference in the world

A woman's hands wring out clothes in soapy water in a red bucket.

60% of globe hand-washes laundry, and women bear the burden. A new hand-crank washing machine helps them reclaim 15 hours/week

In developing countries, women and girls bear the burden of hand-washing laundry. A new manual, off-grid washer requires only a few hand cranks to run a 30-minute cycle, and saves precious time.
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Three photos. Left: a map on the Roll Mobility app, displaying yellow, green, and red icons in the Denver area. Center: A screenshot of a TikTok video, showing a person using a wheelchair and trying to enter a building with a large step. Right: A screenshot of a review of Roast Coffee in Denver, Colorado on the Roll Mobility app.

This app makes it easy to find wheelchair-friendly restaurants & coffee shops (and downvote inaccessible shops)

Roll Mobility helps users find and rate accessible coffee shops, restaurants, trails, parking, and more — from anywhere in the world.
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A collage of three images: On the left, a tattoo of a bushel of olives on the back of someone's ankle. In the center, a screenshot of an Instagram grid for the Hibr tattoo fundraiser, and on the right, a tattoo of a watermelon next to a daisy

Tattoo artists raise $74k for Palestinians in need; plan more flash fundraising events in US cities

Over 180 tattoo artists around the globe offered designs in support of Palestinians earlier this month, raising $74,000.
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A person holding a "Stop coal now!" sign

My fellow climate activists are celebrating 'the end of coal' in New England — thanks to our 'imaginative' nonviolent direct action

With the last of New England’s coal plants now set to close, the No Coal No Gas campaign is reflecting on the power of fighting together.
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Three images. Left: A woman in a blue, reusable isolation gown, tying strings around her waist. Center: A female doctor wearing a lab coat and fire-resistant hijab. Right: A close-up of an AmorSui lab coat, with a pull-cord on the waist to tighten the fit of the garment.

Reusable PPE is here — and it's designed specifically for women in STEM

AmorSui just launched a line of sustainable PPE products, including gender-inclusive lab coats, reusable isolation gowns, and fire-resistant hijabs.
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Protesters wearing purple suits and holding a sign that says "EV for the planel? No coal for the planet!"

Hyundai ends aluminum deal with coal-happy corp following K-pop protest over climate concerns

The South Korean auto company Hyundai has ended its 2022 agreement for procuring aluminum for its electric vehicles from Adaro Minerals, which plans to build 2.2 gigawatts of coal-fired power plants to power its aluminum smelter.
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A blue Natron Energy sodium-ion battery on the left, a pile of salt on the right.

Lithium has a chokehold on green tech, but new sodium batteries could change that

Green energy is intrinsically linked to lithium batteries, but Natron Energy has introduced sodium-ion batteries as a safer, faster-charging alternative.
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Left: a black and white photo showing an ornate tattoo on a woman's back, as she wears a keffiyeh over her head. Right: A series of flash tattoo sheets by different artists

Tattoos for Gaza: 100+ tattoo artists around the world will raise funds for Palestinians this weekend

Over 100 international tattoo artists have come together to offer specific designs that aim to benefit mutual aid organizations in Palestine.
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Abstract Line Art for AAPI Heritage Month

22 Ideas To Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a celebration of the many contributions and achievements of the AAPI community. 
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Scraps of donated fabric at the Seattle reuse center

More art, less trash: These 'reuse centers' promote upcycling in Washington

Similar to thrift stores, the shops keep potential waste out of landfills by repurposing ‘stuff’ in new sustainable ways.
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Hundreds of youth climate activists hold banners during a demonstration demanding action to address climate change on March 15, 2019 in Paris.

Bloomberg funds youth-led climate action in 100 cities worldwide

The grants will ensure young activists can shape local climate actions.
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Left: A large office building in Portland, Oregon. Right: The Certified B Corp logo

B Corps have a new home base with co-working space in Portland

Place to B is a new co-working concept in Portland that connects ethical business owners in a communal space.
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