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Amazon Kindle Alternative

11 Best Kindle Alternatives For Ethical E-reading

Everyone’s heard of Kindles — but if you want to ensure you’re not sending more money to Amazon, you might be looking for alternatives. We’ve got you covered.
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Kobo Clara 2E vs Kobo Libra 2

Hands-on Review: What's the Best Kobo E-reader?

E-readers are a great option for readers who are looking for a cost-effective, sustainable, and accessible reading solution. Learn more...
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A photo collage of an informational paper about seeds, a bison, an electric vehicle charging port, a thank you card, and hanging clothes.

Seeds, Compostable Clothes, & Gratitude - Good News This Week: November 26th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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An electric car charging

How Could Positive ‘Tipping Points’ Accelerate Climate Action?

As catastrophic climate change tipping points loom, could positive shifts toward green action also be speeding up?
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A photo collage of solar lanterns, an altar, a person smelling a tree, a lake, and electrically charged coral reefs

Electric Reefs, Lanterns, & Fruit Trees - Good News This Week: November 5th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Coral reefs growing in a metal dome

To Grow Coral Reefs, Get Them Buzzed

Zapped with solar electrical currents, struggling reefs can self-repair with incredible speed — and even grow where none have existed before.
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Firuzeh Mahmoudi

Meet the Woman Using Apps & Tech To Unite Iran for Change

Mahmoudi’s success with organizing for Iran and her heart for her home country led her to transition away from environmental activism to create United for Iran, an independent nonprofit focused civil liberties in Iran.
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People stand outside of a destroyed apartment building in Ukraine

Building From Rubble: How To House Internally Displaced Ukrainians

There are more than eight million Ukrainians displaced within their own country — and housing is becoming a growing concern. People are banding together to creatively rebuild.
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An official hands out a ID card to a refugee while another refugee holds another ID card

Digital IDs Are Life-changing For Refugees in Cameroon

Central African refugees can access education, healthcare, and banking with identity cards, but data privacy is vital, say experts.
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