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An aerial photo of the California Aqueduct separating in two canals

Installing Solar Panels Over California’s Canals Could Yield Water, Land, Air, & Climate Payoffs

A solution called the “solar canal solution” may resolve the water and climate issues in California by covering their canals with solar panels.
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Sustainable and ethical smart watch, watch for people with visual impairments, and watch made of recycled ocean plastic, laying flat on a plain blue background

11 Ethical & Eco-Friendly Watches To Wear Time After Time

If you're in the market for a new, reliable watch, we’ve compiled a list to help you find the right fit — all while taking care of the planet.
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5 cropped images from the week's top news stories including urban gardens, bison, and bikes

Urban Gardens, Clean Energy, & Bison - Good News This Week: September 3rd 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Image compilation of a basketball, owl, sign post, students protesting, and a 3D-printed home

Owls, Library Farms, & 3D-Print Homes - Good News This Week: August 27th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A man posing for the camera with alongside his car trunk

Low-cost Sensors Are Helping Communities Find Gaps in Air Quality Data

From Ohio's fracking fields to California's oil refineries, residents are tracking pollution missed by the EPA.
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A group of men in uniform walk in a fenceline

Smart Parks, the Dutch Technologists Tackling Poaching With Technology

A Netherlands-based organization deploying high tech is helping anti-poaching teams through access to real-time data such as animal locations, vehicle movements, and fence voltages, among other parameters.
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Terraces used for farming in Pantelleria, Trapani district, Sicily, Italy.

Could This Ancient Farming Technique Be a Climate Solution?

Terracing has been used for centuries to help prevent fire, moderate temperatures, and make farming possible even when water is scarce.
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Aniket and his mother pose for the camera at the entrance of their house

The Addresses of the Future Are Saving & Improving Lives

In India, a new way of identifying where people live is changing the lives of thousands whose homes never officially existed — until now.
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Dan Nanamkin leads a prayer for the land inside a geodesic dome under construction during an opening ceremony at a micro-farm

Farms in Central Washington Boost Their Yield With Solar Energy

Two greenhouse domes on the Colville Reservation will house the state’s first 'agrivoltaics' project, where food and electricity can grow in tandem on small acreage.
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Hand-drawn illustration of Too Good To Go logo on a brown bag with fruits and veggies in the background

Too Good To Go: How Saving Food Can Help Save the Planet

One company has a creative solution to food waste and addresses both access and affordability of healthful foods plus the environmental impact of sending food to landfills.
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