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An aerial view of the floating pier off Gaza shows its basic structure

How the Gaza humanitarian aid pier traces its origins to discarded cigar boxes before World War II

Built by the U.S. military and operated in coordination with the United Nations, aid groups and other nations’ militaries, the pier can trace its origins back to a mid-20th century U.S. Navy officer who collected discarded cigar boxes to experiment with a new idea.
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An overhead view of a cargo ship on water, with multi-colored peices of cargo.

Cargo ship emissions cut 17% in new trials — all thanks to one shockingly simple change

Cargo ships guzzle fuel, especially when they’re left idling at ports, unable to offload their goods. An incredibly easy solution could change that.
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Two people standing with their reflections on the ground

New study finds algorithms help people recognize and fix their human biases

Algorithmic bias can also be used to reduce human bias. Algorithms can reveal hidden structural biases in organizations.
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A woman's hands wring out clothes in soapy water in a red bucket.

60% of globe hand-washes laundry, and women bear the burden. A new hand-crank washing machine helps them reclaim 15 hours/week

In developing countries, women and girls bear the burden of hand-washing laundry. A new manual, off-grid washer requires only a few hand cranks to run a 30-minute cycle, and saves precious time.
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Three photos. Left: a map on the Roll Mobility app, displaying yellow, green, and red icons in the Denver area. Center: A screenshot of a TikTok video, showing a person using a wheelchair and trying to enter a building with a large step. Right: A screenshot of a review of Roast Coffee in Denver, Colorado on the Roll Mobility app.

This app makes it easy to find wheelchair-friendly restaurants & coffee shops (and downvote inaccessible shops)

Roll Mobility helps users find and rate accessible coffee shops, restaurants, trails, parking, and more — from anywhere in the world.
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Solar panels on a roof

A green roof or rooftop solar? You can combine them in a biosolar roof — boosting both biodiversity and power output

Growing city populations and limited space are driving the adoption of green roofs and green walls covered with living plants. As well as boosting biodiversity, green roofs could play another unexpectedly valuable role by increasing the electricity output of solar panels.
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A photo collage of Elmo, a mound of salt grain, a bear cub, a man in a tractor, and a woman on a wheelchair

Good News This Week: May 11, 2024 - Dogs, Batteries, & Elmo

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Split image with three segments: On the left, a blue colored close-up of a wooden gavel in a courtroom setting. In the middle, a close-up of a legal document titled "United States District Court, Northern District of California". On the right, three smiling women standing together,

Artist lawsuit against AI reaches milestone; discovery phase could unmask hidden practices of 'exploitative Goliaths'

A landmark court case is allowing ten artists to proceed with allegations against AI companies for copyright infringement for training AI models on stolen artwork.
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A doctor holding a red ribbon

Can HIV be cured using gene editing? We will soon find out

Today, thanks to antiretroviral drugs, HIV can be kept in check even if there is still no cure. However, a small biotech company in San Francisco called Excision BioTherapeutics is trying to change that.
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Malaria Merozoites invading human red blood cells

R21 anti-malaria vaccine is a game changer. The scientist who designed it reflects on 30 years of research, and its hopeful promises.

Until three years ago nobody had developed a vaccine against any parasitic disease. Now there are two against malaria: the RTS,S and the R21 vaccines.
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Left: A mockup of an iPhone showing a Teal Health chat screen next to the Teal Wand cervical cancer testing device. Right: The Food and Drug Administration campus

Groundbreaking at-home cervical cancer test granted 'breakthrough' status by FDA, fast-tracking approval process

Teal Health's at-home cervical cancer test just received 'Breakthrough Device' status by the FDA, in hopes of significantly reducing cervical cancer rates in the U.S.
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Three images. Left: A woman in a blue, reusable isolation gown, tying strings around her waist. Center: A female doctor wearing a lab coat and fire-resistant hijab. Right: A close-up of an AmorSui lab coat, with a pull-cord on the waist to tighten the fit of the garment.

Reusable PPE is here — and it's designed specifically for women in STEM

AmorSui just launched a line of sustainable PPE products, including gender-inclusive lab coats, reusable isolation gowns, and fire-resistant hijabs.
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