LGBTQ+ Good News

Celebrating progress being made by and for the LGBTQ+ community

A crowd of religious people and clergy supporting the LGBTQ+ community

Religious groups are protecting Pride events — upending the LGBTQ+ vs. faith narrative

More than 120 faith groups will fan out across 50 events this June to de-escalate extremist anti-LGBTQ+ protests from hate groups.
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A photo collage of hands holding a plant in the soil, a building, a sign in support of LGBTQIA+ people and equal access to IVF, a construction site, and a sea lion underwater

Good News This Week: June 8, 2024 - Parks, Pride, & the Olympics

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A group of people sitting in a table

New federal rules say LGBTQ+ employees can no longer be misgendered or denied bathrooms at work

The new guidance also details protections that extend to remote workers and pregnant workers.
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A group of drag queens in the stage of "Rupaul's Drag Race"

What a drag queen can teach you about self-confidence

Taking a moment from their new "Dead Inside" comedy world tour, Bianca Del Rio offers expert advice on authenticity, confidence, and managing life onstage and off.
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Ms Rachel smiles and waves in front of a Progress Pride Flag

Ms Rachel stands by Pride Month post after backlash: "There is no 'except' in 'love your neighbor'"

Backlash and boycotts bandied about after beloved children’s icon Ms Rachel made a celebratory Pride Month post, and her follow up video continued a call for “respect” and “empathy” for all families.
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Rainbow colored calendar for June's awareness month

June: Awareness Months & Holidays for Causes

The ultimate calendar of June’s awareness days, national months, and more...
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Deconstructed LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag

31 Ideas To (Thoughtfully) Celebrate Pride Month

June is Pride Month! We’ve gathered a list of ideas to help you celebrate, honor, and support the LGBTQ+ community — all month long.
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Three still images of a Chappell Roan, a smiling, red-headed woman wearing a baseball cap and a rainbow t-shirt. Text caption reads: I am Chappell Roan and you can win tickets to Bonnaroo.

Support a good cause & win a free trip to meet Chappell Roan at Bonnaroo

Good luck, babe! Chappell Roan is teaming up with Propeller and the Human Rights Campaign to send fans to Bonnaroo.
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Three photos. Left: Hunter Shafer plays Jules Vaughn in HBO's 'Euphoria.' Center: Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid in 'The Last of Us.' Right: Christina Hendricks leans atop Hannah Einbinder, about to kiss her in an episode of 'Hacks.'

This viral spreadsheet is your guide to queer women characters on TV

A TikTok creator made a thorough online database to make it easier to find TV shows with LGBTQ+ women characters.
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Taliyah Murphy standing on a podium

Sweeping changes for trans women in Colorado prisons could have positive ripple effects

Colorado’s prison system must now provide the same gender-affirming health care covered by state Medicaid, and trans women must have the option to be housed with other women.
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A marble relief with several figures engraved on it: on the side is a column with an adorned woman with another companion. Next to them is a man with a crown, with one hand on a pedestal.

Ancient Romans prove gender nonconformity is not a modern concept

Vatican’s opposition to gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy has brought renewed attention to how religions define and interpret gender and gender roles. Here's how one historic group found community.
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Left: Taylor Swift's album cover for the 'Tortured Poets Department.' Right: A group of people gather in an event space, with a Pride flag hanging on the wall

LGBTQ+ Swifties raise money for trans community by throwing 'Tortured Poets'- themed listening party

On the heels of the release of Taylor Swift's 'The Tortured Poets Department,' fans gathered to do a little good.
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