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3 Crash Course Coins

Fans Rally To Buy 'Crash Course Coin' To Fund Educational Videos

John and Hank Green fund their wildly popular and impactful Crash Course videos through an annual fundraiser of collector’s coins.
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Three white women wear nurses uniforms and dance together.

Burnout to Brilliance: Nurse’s Immersive Workshops Address Trauma in Healthcare Systems

A dance-loving nurse created an immersive grief and trauma workshop series to help other nurses process stress and burnout through movement.
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Yellow, orange, and pink calendar illustration for women holidays

Ultimate Calendar of Women Holidays (2023)

Your simple guide to the dozens of national and international women recognition days, weeks, and months.
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A photo collage of Amanda Ahlenius' TikTok video, a person installing solar panels on a rooftop, a screenshot of the Discover Me app, and a close-up shot of York groundsell flowers

Good News This Week: June 3, 2023 - Affordable Housing, Flowers, & Pride

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A white man with dark curly hair pushes a wooden card with a 3D printer on top down a street.

Free 3D-Printed Repairs: One Man is On a Mission to Extend the Lifespan of Everyday Objects

Content creator Morley Kert offers free 3D-printed repairs to strangers in public spaces to help reduce waste.
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In chalk: Share your story. #StopStreetHarassment @catcallsofnyc

This Team of International Young Women Is Fighting Catcalls

A group of international activists is highlighting and combatting street harassment and gender-based violence through colorful chalk art.
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Month calendar on a blue background for healthcare recognition holidays

Ultimate Calendar of Healthcare Recognition Dates (2023)

Your simple guide to the dozens of national and international healthcare recognition days, weeks, and months.
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Rainbow colored calendar for June's awareness month

June: Awareness Months & Holidays for Causes (2023)

The ultimate calendar of June’s awareness days, national months, and more...
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A woman smiling to a dog in a cage.

Courageous Volunteers Save Hundreds of Animals in Ukraine's War Zones

Kyiv Animal Rescue Group returned for its first evacuation mission to the eastern part of Ukraine, which has been heavily shelled amid Russia's full-scale war.
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Screenshots of Amanda Ahlenius's TikTok videos and the cover of her book: "Grandma Knows Everything"

TikToker Empowers Women, Sharing Life Hacks From Past Generations

Meet the TikToker who made a book of crowd-sourced advice passed down from generations of grandmothers and mothers.
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