People Doing Good

Stories of people making a difference in the world

Sylvia Earle on a dive in the Galapagos

Sylvia Earle's optimism fuels record growth in 'Hope Spots' for ocean conservation

In 2009, Sylvia Earle started the nonprofit Mission Blue with 19 Hope Spots. Today, there are 158 Hope Spots to help ocean health and its biodiversity.
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Two photos. On the left, Allyson Felix runs on a track, wearing a blue top and running bib. On the right, a rendering of a nursery provided by Pampers in the Olympic Village

US track star Allyson Felix establishes first-ever nursery for Olympic parents

This year’s Paris Olympics will be home to the first-ever nursery in the history of the Games. And it’s all thanks to the most decorated track and field athlete in history.
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An illustration of a chorus with a leader at the front

This Israeli & Palestinian youth choir has sung together since 2012. Now, their voices are stronger than ever

Amid violence, loss, and devastation, this youth chorus made up of Palestinians and Israelis have found a shared humanity through music.
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Erin Merryn, center, flanked by Senators David J. Valesky, left, and Jeffrey D. Klein, at the New York state senate discussing Erin’s Law in October 2011

How one activist mom made a difference in child abuse laws

Some factors in policymaking are obvious, others not. Often, policy is made by groups of people working together — advocates, regular citizens, lobbyists, lawmakers. Less often, there’s a single person who emerges as the key figure in making new policy.
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A close up of a Muñoa’s pampas cat

Less than 100 of these wildcats remain, but innovative conservation efforts spark hope

The Pampas grasslands, spanning southern Brazil, Uruguay, and northeastern Argentina, are home to a wildcat so rare that researchers consider it the most endangered of its kind in the Americas, and possibly the world.
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Cropped in version of new Disability Pride flag

12 Ways to Celebrate Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month — a time for all disabled people to unapologetically celebrate our bodies as they are. Whether you are disabled or an ally, Disability Pride Month is full of so much to celebrate. 
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Bird Union (CWA Local 1180) members rally for pay equity in New York City, in May 2024

Angry birders: The union representing Audubon Society workers is pushing for equal pay for women

As part of ongoing contract negotiations, the Bird Union (yes, that’s its real name) is calling for raises, pay parity and more parental leave.
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A common area at an airport

Portland airport's new timber roof sets sustainability standards, highlights tribal partnerships

The soaring, nine-acre ceiling — which will have lots of natural sunlight streaming in through the skylights and windows — will feel a bit like a forest.
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Three images from left to right: TikToker Anthony S Ferraro faces the camera and says "This camp has really been incredible to see these kids blossom," A group of kids at Camp Abilities cheer, and Anthony says, "We even made tie dye!"

'Let's go to blind camp!' TikToker showcases the importance of inclusive summer camps

Anthony S. Ferraro took viewers behind the scenes to a summer camp specially designed for kids who are blind, deafblind, and have low vision.
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Noah Kahan strums his guitar on stage

How Noah Kahan has quietly used his tour to raise $2M for rural mental health

The “Stick Season” singer has long shared about his own mental health struggles. Now, he wants to do something more.
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Two photos. On the left, Taylor Swift sings on stage in a navy blue, rhinestoned leotard. On the right, a birds-eye-view of the city of Liverpool

Taylor Swift made a secret donation to a Liverpool food bank during historic Eras Tour stop

Taylor Swift has once again donated to a local organization during The Eras Tour.
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Scotland's River Ericht on an overcast day

To protect Scotland's endangered salmon, these anglers purchased the same river they've fished for 100 years

The Blairgowrie, Rattray and District Angling Association has purchased a four-mile stretch of their beloved River Ericht.
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