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Three screenshots of Maggie Rogers speaking into her camera in an Instagram Reel

Maggie Rogers is selling concert tickets to her fans IRL to fight exploitation in the live music industry

Maggie Rogers just dropped her third album "Don't Forget Me," and will soon take it on tour. But first — she's selling tickets in-person at box offices.
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Two women look up at the sky while wearing eclipse glasses

Donate your eclipse glasses and pay it forward to students in Latin America

Make the good from yesterday's total solar eclipse last by donating your undamaged eclipse glasses to schoolchildren in Latin America.
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Two lamp ornaments lit up in the dark

New study: 69% of US Muslims always give to charities during Ramadan, fulfilling a religious obligation

During the month-long period of fasting, the obligation of zakat takes on heightened significance.
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A Kemp's ridley sea turtle is released into the ocean

Georgia just made history with the state's largest-ever release of endangered sea turtles

After being rescued from Cape Cod last winter, and months of rehabilitation, a group of 34 endangered sea turtles were released from Jekyll Island this week.
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Two photos. Left: Mercury Stardust and Jory take a playful selfie in her studio. Right: Jory, Dylan Mulvaney, and Mercury Stardust talk together in a TikTok video

Mercury Stardust & friends raise millions for gender-affirming care on TikTok, despite transphobic trolls

Mercury Stardust's annual TikTok livestream was interrupted by trolls this weekend — but the trans creator is dedicated to supporting gender-affirming care.
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A collage with a monochrome image of President Biden taking a selfie with Olivia Rodrigo, flanked by more images of Olivia Rodrigo with her tongue out holding a microphone. The background is a pattern of purple grid on white, with abstract yellow and red shapes.

All the times Olivia Rodrigo showed us she's a feminist — from girlhood to the 'Guts' Tour

Olivia Rodrigo’s support of abortion funds has been celebrated, but here are all the times she’s reminded us of her feminist values over the years.
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Three screenshots of TikToks from women sharing about "micro-feminism"

'Micro-feminism' explained: This TikTok trend is fighting gender inequality in tiny ways

Creators have sparked discussions of "micro-feminism," empowering women to reclaim their power in everyday situations and challenge harmful stereotypes.
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An illustration of multicolored file folders stacked on top of each other. On top is the text "The Documenters" in a white script font

Meet the Documenters: The people who actually attend — and keep a record of — your city's meetings

A network of newsrooms and community organizations, the Documenters train and pay hundreds of people to attend under-reported public meetings and publish the results.
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Three screenshots of TikTok videos posted by @forthedogs. Left: A man sits beside an Australian Shepherd outside. Center: A man hugs a hound dog in the grass. Right: A man holds a hound dog after a run.

TikToker's unique method of volunteering with disobedient shelter dogs gives them a new 'leash' on life

This dog trainer is going viral for his unique approach to volunteering at his local animal shelter: Running with high-energy dogs who struggle to get adopted.
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Chaotic symbols like a crying emoji, rainbow, and zig-zagging arrows accompany the words "How To Feel Good About Voting When Things Are Looking Bad"

How To Feel Good About Voting When Things Are Looking Bad

Experts say U.S. voters are feeling disillusioned about the upcoming election. They also say there's hope.
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octagram / najmat-al-quads pattern in gold and orange on a green for Arab American

13 Ways To Celebrate Arab American Heritage Month

April is Arab American Heritage Month, a celebration of the many contributions and achievements of Arab Americans. 
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An illustration of Congressman Maxwell Frost on a blue background, with the text "Florida Congressman Maxwell Frost on Gen Z's Future in American Politics"

Why Rep. Maxwell Frost Is Hopeful About Gen Z's Future in Politics

The first Gen Z member of Congress on organizing from a place of love — and advocating for the need to make running for office more accessible for young people.
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