People Doing Good

Stories of people making a difference in the world

A kid looks at a laptop while a staff member sits at his side and looks at at the screen smiling

This School on Wheels Delivers Tutoring — And Hope — For Homeless Students

School on Wheels is an organization that helps, assess the educational needs, and matches homeless kids living in six counties in California with tutors.
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Jimmy Carter Quote Graphic: The bond of our common humanity is stronger than the divisiveness of our fears and prejudices.

88 Best Jimmy Carter Quotes About Hope & Human Rights

We’ve collected Jimmy Carter’s most famous quotes — as well as some of his most inspiring lesser-known quotes
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New Release Books on a Bookshelf: Intersectional Environmentalist by Leah Thomas, How To Host a Viking Funeral by Kyle Scheele, Olga Dies Dreaming by Xochitl Gonzalez, How To Be Perfect by Michael Schur

2022 Good Good Good Book Recommendations (New Releases)

Every month we’ll update this list with new-release book recommendations for people who care about doing good in the world.
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A group of people watches a speaker in a podium

Milestones in Women's History From the Year You Were Born

Observing milestones in women's history also reminds us of the steps still required to achieve true gender equality. We dug through historical records and selected inspirational or important moments in women's history every year from 1919 to 2021.
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The Trigis river with a line of volunteers looking at it

Could Cleaning the Tigris River Help Repair Iraq's Damaged Reputation?

One man’s mission to remove trash from the polluted river in Baghdad has inspired a nationwide movement that shows how environmental efforts inspire peace.
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A photo collage of community members dancing, a farmer, the Wilson Leeper Community Center welcome sign, turtles at the beach, and a tiger

Turtles, Tigers, & Books - Good News This Week: September 24th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Simple book on a colorful background

11 Ways To Celebrate National Book Month (2022)

October is National Book Month! This annual event is celebrated by authors, booksellers, publishers, libraries, and book lovers. Explore these action ideas...
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Mental Health Day

26 Activities To Celebrate World Mental Health Day (2022)

With events, screenings, activities, and more, World Mental Health Day is a catalyst for us to learn more, seek help, offer support, and open our hearts and minds to vulnerable conversations.
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A tiger surrounded by foliage

Nepal's Goal Was To Double Its Tiger Population. It Tripled It.

The massive conservation success is expected to make Nepal the only one of the tiger range countries to even come close to doubling its population of the big cat.
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Illustration of simple blue animal holidays calendar

Ultimate Calendar of Animal Holidays (2022)

Your simple guide to the dozens of national and international environmental awareness days, weeks, and months.
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