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One fan in a concert makes a heart shape with their raised hands

The Huge Fandoms of Stars Like Harry Styles Are Underestimated — But These Highly Creative Communities Can Teach Young People Useful Skills

Fandoms can be spaces where young people develop important transferable creative skills. These skills have positive flow-on effects into other areas of fans’ lives, including their careers.
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A collection of the best documentaries about climate change

15 Best Climate Change Documentaries To Stream (2023)

Documentaries are a powerful tool for bringing important environmental issues to the forefront of our minds, inspiring us to engage with the topic and inspiring us to take practical and immediate action. 
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Two examples of online thrift stores: Curtsy and Goodfair

These Are the 46 Best Online Thrift Stores To Shop Second Hand

Find your next great outfit with our curated guide to the best online thrift stores. Plus: reduce waste, help the planet, save money, practice conscious consumerism, and contribute to the circular economy.
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Jason Christensen and his invention: The Sleep Trailer, showing eight pods for people experiencing homelessness to sleep in

Viral TikTok Sleep Trailer Invention Aims To End Homelessness

The Sleep Trailer aims to provide transitional support to folks experiencing homelessness and get them on their way to long-term stability.
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Three photos of Daniela Arroyo González posing

This Trans Woman Activist Will Compete in Puerto Rico Pageant

Daniela Arroyo González will be the first-ever transgender woman to compete in the Puerto Rico Miss Universe pageant.
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A number of props being auctioned off by A24

A24 is Auctioning "Everything Everywhere All At Once" Props for Trans, AAPI, Mental Health Charities

The production company that made "Everything Everywhere All At Once" is auctioning off 43 props and costume pieces for charity.
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John and Hank Green on YouTube livestream

2023's 'Project for Awesome' Livestream Raises $3M for Charity

The Project for Awesome, or P4A, as its viewers know it, is an annual livestream event for charity, hosted by Hank and John Green.
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Glitter with microplastics

Microplastics No More: Scientists Invented Sustainable Glitter Made From Fruit

Scientists have come up with a sustainable glitter alternative derived from fruit. Conventional glitter contains harmful microplastics that pollute the environment. The new biodegradable glitter is vegan, so everyone can sparkle again guilt-free.
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The Goodnewsletter, Dense Discovery, and Ground News

The 49 Best Newsletters To Make Your Life Better (2023)

A great newsletter can brighten your day, help you learn, make the world easier to understand, or empower you to make a difference.
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Ideas for sustainable Valentine's Day gifts including plants, eco-friendly mimosa sugar cubes, and ethical chocolate

23 Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts (2023)

No matter who you're spending Valentine's Day with, you don't have to compromise a sustainable lifestyle! Check out our roundup of the best eco-friendly Valentine's Day gifts for all kinds of love.
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