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Renee Rapp laying on a bed, singing, in her "Snow Angel" music video

Reneé Rapp's song about sexual assault has inspired fans to come forward — 'This happened to me.'

In a new interview, Rapp opened up about how one of her biggest songs off of her latest album is bringing her closer to fans.
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Dave Grohl sings into a microphone and plays guitar; the Power to the Patients logo is displayed next to him

Upcoming Foo Fighters one-night concert aims to raise awareness for affordable healthcare access

Foo Fighters will headline a benefit concert in Washington, D.C. on March 5, working with Power to the Patients to promote equitable access to healthcare.
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Three screenshots of Olivia Rodrigo speaking in a TikTok video

Olivia Rodrigo launches reproductive rights initiative alongside Guts World Tour

On the first night of her Guts World Tour, Olivia Rodrigo announced the Fund 4 Good, an initiative that will support the rights of women and girls.
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Pattie Gonia sings in her new music video, dressed in a gold, feathery outfit in the woods

Drag queen and environmentalist Pattie Gonia dropped a new queer anthem — and we’re all crying

The song serves as an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community, drawing a parallel between their resilience and birds singing after surviving the night.
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Project for Awesome logo

John & Hank Green's 'Project for Awesome' has raised a total of $23M for charity

YouTubers and “Nerdfighters” have raised more than $23 million to make a difference and “decrease world suck.”
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The animated characters of Future Chicken, including a chicken,, an egg, a mushroom, and a catfish

How do you talk to your kids about climate change? Just ask 'Future Chicken'

The new kid's education platform helps combat climate anxiety with lessons, games, shorts, and more.
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Two different crocheted coral installations in a museum, with colorful hand-stitched details

Networks of crafters around the world are creating crocheted coral reefs to advocate for climate action

The detailed art project, supported by over 25,000 volunteer crocheters, utilizes colorful hand-stitched coral to address climate change.
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John and Hank Green appear on screenshot of Project for Awesome livestream on YouTube, with text on screen showing donations

Hank & John Green's 'Project for Awesome' raises $3.5M for charity, breaks record

Hank and John Green’s annual charity livestream, Project for Awesome, has become a cornerstone of their online community. 
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A crowd of people looks on in awe during the M3F Music Festival

Meet M3F, the Phoenix music festival that donates 100% of its profits to charity

Since 2004, the M3F Music Festival has donated over $4 million to local Phoenix charities, all while bringing music lovers together.
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Tim Robinson scowls; Tim Robinson hangs up a photo of the earth on fire on a blue wall

Tim Robinson confronts climate change with hilarious PSA

In his distinctive style, Robinson humorously addresses climate change by playing a raucous TV show host in a sketch for Yellow Dot Studios.
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A child lays in a hospital bed playing video games; a Gamers Outreach Go Kart mobile gaming device; a boy rejoices while playing video games in a hospital room

Meet the innovative nonprofit that brings video games to children in hospitals

Nonprofit Gamers Outreach makes it easier for hospitalized children to play their favorite games and maintain a sense of normalcy.
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Knit cotton, an illustration of greenwashing, and a linen fabric

Total ethics fashion: The holistic approach one nonprofit is taking to combat greenwashing

Nonprofit Collective Fashion Justice coined the term "total ethics fashion" to create a holistic framework for a sustainable future in fashion.
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