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A photo collage of a bison, an aerial view of a wide field, Narcan's packaging, a person wearing a hard hat looking at an electric grid from a distance, and a poster advocating for violence against women

Good News This Week: May 18, 2024 - Bison, Fundraisers, & Maternal Heath

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A woman's hands wring out clothes in soapy water in a red bucket.

60% of globe hand-washes laundry, and women bear the burden. A new hand-crank washing machine helps them reclaim 15 hours/week

In developing countries, women and girls bear the burden of hand-washing laundry. A new manual, off-grid washer requires only a few hand cranks to run a 30-minute cycle, and saves precious time.
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Taliyah Murphy standing on a podium

Sweeping changes for trans women in Colorado prisons could have positive ripple effects

Colorado’s prison system must now provide the same gender-affirming health care covered by state Medicaid, and trans women must have the option to be housed with other women.
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A dark street full of cars in England

78% of people in England and Wales think crime has gone up. But it's actually plummeted 80% in 30 years

Seventy-eight percent of people in England and Wales think that crime has gone up in the last few years, but the data on actual crime shows the exact opposite.
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A sea of women in pink hats hold up protest signs. The most visible sign reads: "Get your laws off my body."

New poll: Support for legal abortion has increased, despite SCOTUS ruling & state bans

Recent polling shows growing support for abortion rights among Americans, with over 60% now believing abortion should be legal in all or most cases.
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Three photos. Left: a map on the Roll Mobility app, displaying yellow, green, and red icons in the Denver area. Center: A screenshot of a TikTok video, showing a person using a wheelchair and trying to enter a building with a large step. Right: A screenshot of a review of Roast Coffee in Denver, Colorado on the Roll Mobility app.

This app makes it easy to find wheelchair-friendly restaurants & coffee shops (and downvote inaccessible shops)

Roll Mobility helps users find and rate accessible coffee shops, restaurants, trails, parking, and more — from anywhere in the world.
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A collage of three images: On the left, a tattoo of a bushel of olives on the back of someone's ankle. In the center, a screenshot of an Instagram grid for the Hibr tattoo fundraiser, and on the right, a tattoo of a watermelon next to a daisy

Tattoo artists raise $74k for Palestinians in need; plan more flash fundraising events in US cities

Over 180 tattoo artists around the globe offered designs in support of Palestinians earlier this month, raising $74,000.
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Three close-up images of a smiling Ms Rachel in a pink t-shirt and denim overalls, speaking into the camera for a charity initiative. She wears a pink headband and expresses gratitude for support, discusses fundraising activities, and addresses rights violations needing attention. Each frame includes subtitles reflecting her speech.

Ms. Rachel's charity Cameos sold out in hours; raised $50k for kids in war-torn Gaza, Sudan, Ukraine

Ms. Rachel’s Cameo fundraising campaign sold out in just a few hours, with the children’s entertainer raising $50,000 for children living in Gaza, Sudan, and more.
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Composite image of three separate TikTok video screenshots, each featuring a different person speaking into the camera. From left to right: Drew Afualo, Erin Hattamer, Chris Olsen. Each section includes captions, user interactions, and donation details related to their personal causes.

How comedian Erin Hattamer got TikTok's favorite influencers to raise funds for Palestinian families

Erin Hattamer's 'Pass the Hat' campaign is making the rounds on TikTok, where major influencers are being paired with Palestinian families in need.
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Three screenshots of Lizzo speaking in a TikTok video

Lizzo gives thousands to Gaza, Sudan & Congo in TikTok plea, encourages 'fellow rich people' to do the same

Lizzo is chipping in to support Operation Olive Branch, and a number of other fundraisers, to help people in Gaza, Sudan, and Congo find relief.
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John Green, Hank Green, Jen Hattamer

Hank & John Green announce Gaza fundraiser on TikTok; pledge to match donations

Hank and John’s support came after comedian Erin Hattamer’s call to be more involved and vocal in their support of Palestine.
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Screenshots of Olivia Rodrigo's Instagram stories, where she points to a donation link and shares a photo of her performing on stage in Dublin

Olivia Rodrigo to donate portion of 'Guts Tour' ticket sales to end violence against women, per Dublin announcement

During the European leg of Olivia Rodrigo's 'Guts Tour,' the singer will donate a portion of proceeds to organizations working to end gender-based violence.
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