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Screenshot of fish doorbell website, with lots of writing in Dutch

How a Dutch 'Fish Doorbell' and Global Volunteers Are Protecting Thousands of Fish

Discover the “fish doorbell,” a 24/7 livestream allowing volunteers worldwide to help protect migrating fish in Dutch waterways by guiding them past dams and predators, fostering global cooperation in conserving vital aquatic ecosystems.
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People protesting on the street with one of them holding a sign that says "we can do better"

50 Celebrity Activists With a History of Protesting Injustice

Despite calls for actors, athletes, musicians, and other celebrities to eschew activism to focus on entertainment, there is a long-standing precedent for famous people to leverage their platforms to enact change.
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Earth Day! (with an illustrated, colorful planet earth in between the two words)

31 Ideas To Meaningfully Celebrate Earth Day (2023)

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. We’ve put together the best ideas and activities to help you meaningfully celebrate it...
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A photo collage of Tim Walz celebrating with children, three women with bags and items on the floor, an open field with trees, a woman with a notebook and pen, and the Best Friends Pet Resource Center

Free Food, Books, & Pets - Good News This Week: March 24th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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View of pet resource center, photographed by a drone at sunset

This Shelter Provides Pet Resources — Not Just Adoption

The Best Friends Pet Resource Center aims to create a better future for pets and pet-lovers alike in Bentonville, Arkansas.
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A collection of the best documentaries about climate change

15 Best Climate Change Documentaries To Stream (2023)

Documentaries are a powerful tool for bringing important environmental issues to the forefront of our minds, inspiring us to engage with the topic and inspiring us to take practical and immediate action. 
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Icons representing land animals, sea animals, and flying animals

8 Ideas & Activities To Celebrate World Wildlife Day (2023)

World Wildlife Day is an annual international celebration of wildlife that takes place on March 3. We've put together a couple of ideas to help you meaningfully celebrate it.
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A blue butterfly standing on a plant

A Rare, Endangered, Nickel-sized Butterfly Returned To Oregon

The revival of Fender’s blue illustrates the collaborative nature of survival.
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A photo collage of a solar panel, a motorcycle and car, a building, and Dr. Kwane Stewart with a dog

Heat Officers, Pets, & Solar Power - Good News This Week: January 21st 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A deer eating grass in a forest

Video: Wildlife Crossings Built With Tribal Knowledge Drastically Reduce Collisions

Previously known as one of Montana’s most dangerous roads, Highway 93 was upgraded to include 42 wildlife crossings that were built based on Indigenous traditional knowledge and values.
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