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Left: Jon Stewart cries on The Daily Show, Right: Jon Stewart sits with his two children, holding a brindle pit bull puppy in his arms

Jon Stewart helps raise $25k for animal shelter after heartfelt tribute to beloved dog Dipper on 'The Daily Show'

After a heartfelt tribute to his late dog, Dipper, Jon Stewart inspired hundreds to donate to a New York City animal shelter.
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A photo collage of Bert Janssen posing for the camera, a close-up shot of a rhino, an 'Everywhere Is Queer' logo, a portrait photo of Bridgit Mendler, and a flatlay photo of he Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: February 24, 2024 - Rhinos, Space, & Transplants

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A photo collage of a moccasin, a dog poop bag with the name 'Chad' written on it, a large wind-wave tank to study artificial reefs, a screenshot from The Shotline website featuring Joaquin's story, and a flatlay photo of the Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: February 17, 2024 - Moccasins, Reefs, & AI

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A mother elephant is surrounded by two baby elephants in a body of water

2023 was the first year without elephant poaching in Republic of Congo National Park

The achievement is attributed to a decade of collaborative efforts with the government, Wildlife Conservation Society, and local communities.
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The wind-wave tank at the SUSTAIN laboratory

Good news: Artificial reefs could restore corals and protect coastal communities

Researchers in Florida are testing an artificial reef planted with live corals.
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A brown dog sits next to a pink poop bag with the name "Chad" written on it. Two Facebook comments surround them.

For a Valentine's Day donation, this animal shelter will write your ex's name on a dog poop bag

The Nebraska Humane Society's latest fundraiser hopes to turn "pettiness into a positive" for Valentine's Day.
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A humpback whale breaches out of water

Good news: Conservation efforts helped humpback whales rebound from near-extinction

Humpback whales were almost entirely wiped out by commercial whaling in the 19th and early 20th century, but decades of conservation efforts are paying off as experts see a historic population increase in recent years.
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Three photos: A group of early blue violets, a close-up of a Behren silverspot butterfly, and a group of larvae at the Sequoia Park Zoo

A flutter of endangered butterflies will be released along California coast in new restoration project

Supported by a $1.5 million grant, the effort involves restoring the butterfly's habitat, planting 35,000 early blue violets, and breeding caterpillars in captivity to bolster the population.
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An Antillean manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus) underwater

Community collaboration led to groundbreaking manatee rescue efforts

Environmental agencies, NGOs and local fishing communities have joined forces to create a network to respond to emergencies involving stranded Antillean manatees.
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A Scarlet Tanager

New bird-friendly label drives sustainable maple farming

A relatively new program in Vermont is helping both maple syrup-producing farms and their customers to improve forest habitats preferred by a diversity of bird species.
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The Vegan Hacktivists logo

Coding with compassion: These vegan tech volunteers work to end animal exploitation

A global volunteer-based group of tech experts creates free projects, such as Vegan Bootcamp and an Animal Rights Map, aiming to inspire and support advocates for animals.
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Knit cotton, an illustration of greenwashing, and a linen fabric

Total ethics fashion: The holistic approach one nonprofit is taking to combat greenwashing

Nonprofit Collective Fashion Justice coined the term "total ethics fashion" to create a holistic framework for a sustainable future in fashion.
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