War & Conflict Good News

Even in the midst of heartbreak and injustice, there are always people fighting for peace and an end to conflict

A morning in Karachi, Pakistan

How women in Pakistan are fighting back against government enforced disappearances and killings

From a protest encampment in Islamabad, hundreds of women from Balochistan are demanding the return of their missing loved ones amid staunch government repression.
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A screenshot of a GoFundMe page titled "Help a Generous Soul Reenter Society from Prison"

A California inmate donated his life savings to relief in Gaza — and then a GoFundMe campaign raised $100k for him

After decades of work for just 13 cents a day, this incarcerated man donated all of his money to support relief efforts in Gaza.
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John and Hank Green appear on screenshot of Project for Awesome livestream on YouTube, with text on screen showing donations

Hank & John Green's 'Project for Awesome' raises $3.5M for charity, breaks record

Hank and John Green’s annual charity livestream, Project for Awesome, has become a cornerstone of their online community. 
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A selfie of Phil Lester and Dan Howell wearing birthday hats, surrounded by screenshots of tweets congratulating them on their fundraiser

YouTubers Dan & Phil raise thousands for humanitarian aid during livestream

The duo logged on to celebrate Phil Lester's birthday by entertaining their audience and raising funds for two hours.
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A young girl smiles in a refugee camp, holding up a cup of food; a number of plates of food are prepared; two men work at a large stove in World Central Kitchen's Rafah location

World Central Kitchen reaches milestone, serving 22 million meals in Gaza

The organization has deployed over 800 trucks, set up 27 kitchens, and introduced innovative approaches like wood pellet-fueled stoves to overcome fuel transportation restrictions.
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A man stands among destroyed buildings in the Gaza Strip

Aid Struggles to Reach Gaza; Do Your Donations Still Help?

Your donations can support on-the-ground teams, allow for modified assistance programs, and help neighboring areas affected by conflict.
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Zoe Minikes, a digital drawing of hundreds of small hearts, and the cover of the "So Many Hearts" book

An Artist Drew 20,000 Hearts To Represent Lives Lost in Gaza — And Now She’s Selling Her Work for Charity

Detroit-based artist Zoe Minikes began a practice of drawing a heart for all the lives lost in Palestine over the past 10 weeks, culminating in a charitable book called "So Many Hearts."
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Free Palestine on wall between Israel and West Bank

West Bank's General Strike Kicked Off a Global Protest Against Israel's War on Gaza

"We hope the strike will push the international community to help stop the war and to respond to Palestinians' aspirations to achieve self-determination."
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A screenshot of a TikTok from Jourdan Johnson with the text "Filter for Good" over her face; a screenshot of a TikTok page with a number of different videos utilizing the filter

Influencer Creates Viral TikTok Filter That Donates To Nonprofits: 'It's a Skill I Can Use for Good'

A top TikTok effect creator utilized her platform to create an AR filter generating funds for essential aid amid humanitarian crises.
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Silhouette of a veteran in front of a colorful abstract sky

What To Say Instead of Thanking a Veteran for Their Service

When we as a society look at veterans as help cases, we end up perpetuating the problem.
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Two women hug

7 Ways Aid Workers Are Vital To Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian aid workers are often the first to step in during times of global crisis. Here's how they help by responding to disasters, conflicts, and wars.
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A photo collage of a teacher and students in a classroom, a recycling bin, two men posing together, a portrait photo of Malala Yousafzai, and two people preparing food in the kitchen

Good News This Week: October 21, 2023 - Sanctuaries, Recycling, & Climate Education

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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