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Quote Graphic: We’re not perfect, and there are some dark patches in our past, but what makes us special is that we recognize these evils, we come to grips with them, and we fix them. — Dianne Feinstein

11 Profound Dianne Feinstein Quotes To Honor Her Life

For three decades in the Senate — and prior to that in significant roles in San Francisco — Feinstein was a witness to and shaper of pivotal moments in U.S. history. She was the longest-serving woman in the U.S. Senate. 
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Quote Graphic: Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk. — Rumi

90 Best Gratitude Quotes To Inspire Thankfulness

Whether you’re well-practiced in the art of gratitude, celebrating Thanksgiving, or looking for ways to incorporate more gratitude into your daily life — these carefully curated quotes will help you recognize the good around you and inspire you to express thanks.
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Quote Graphic: Everybody has losses — it’s unavoidable in life. Sharing our pain is very healing. — Isabel Allende

47 Best Healing Quotes — To Help in Hard Times

Dive into this collection of healing quotes. May they serve as a balm for your soul, reminding you of your innate power to heal, grow, and transform...
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A table in a backyard, surrounded by colorful autumn leaves in November

67 Inspirational Quotes for the Month of November

To help you appreciate the wonder of November, we’ve curated a selection of positive and inspiring quotes (and poems) about the eleventh month of the year.
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Quote Graphic: It’s a good day to have a good day. — Hoda Kotb

55 Positive Quotes for a Good Day

Quotes that are grounded in positivity have the power to reshape our day, helping to refocus our mind on the good that surrounds us, encouraging us to be the best versions of ourselves.
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Pumpkin on a front porch, representing October quotes

82 Inspirational Quotes for the Month of October

To help you delight in the splendor of October, we’ve curated a selection of positive and inspiring quotes (and poems) about the tenth month of the year.
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Quote Graphic: Everything will be OK. Good things last, and the bad things will fade away. So, go find your good. — Jessica Park

39 Best 'Everything Will Be OK' Quotes on Hope

Whether you’re dealing with specific hardships or feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world, these quotes serve as a reminder of human resilience and the perpetual potential for positive change. 
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Quote Graphic: One of the most crucial kinds of intervention is in advocacy. We can think about charities in the context of delivering services, and indeed that is part of their job, but advocacy is also getting governments to step up to the plate. They can also give more voice to those who don’t have one. — Nicholas Kristof

82 Best Quotes About Advocacy

Whether you’re a seasoned advocate or just getting started, these advocacy quotes will fuel your passion and remind you of the critical role advocacy plays in creating a better world for all. 
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Quote Graphic: A huge part of being a feminist is giving other women the freedom to make choices you might not necessarily make yourself. — Lena Dunham

82 Best Feminist Quotes from Inspiring Women

By actively supporting and learning from feminists and leaders in the movement for gender equality, we can better work together to create a world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their gender.
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Golden light shining through leaves as they change colors in September

83 Inspirational Quotes for the Month of September (2023)

Looking to add a dose of positivity to kick off September? Welcome fall with a collection of inspiring quotes and poems for the month of September.
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