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3 Crash Course Coins

Fans Rally To Buy 'Crash Course Coin' To Fund Educational Videos

John and Hank Green fund their wildly popular and impactful Crash Course videos through an annual fundraiser of collector’s coins.
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An African teacher helps a classroom full of students.

This Pan-African NGO Aims To Educate 5 Million Girls By 2030

With support from The Audacious Project, CAMFED outlines plan to educate 5 million girls in impoverished areas in rural Africa by 2030.
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A photo collage of an animal paw, a row of electric bikes, a screenshot displaying LGBTQIA+ information on social media, boxes of diapers, and a vertical farm.

Good News This Week: May 27, 2023 - Paw Pics, Bikes, & Vertical Farms

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Amanda Gorman and a screenshot of her Instagram fundraiser

Amanda Gorman Fundraiser Soars as Her Iconic Poem Faces Ban in Florida

Amanda Gorman's fundraiser to fight book bans surpasses $50,000, showcasing overwhelming support for free speech. Learn how she is taking a stand against censorship.
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Deconstructed LGBTQ+ Progress Pride Flag

30 Ideas To Thoughtfully Celebrate Pride Month (2023)

June is Pride Month! We’ve gathered a list of ideas to help you celebrate, honor, and support the LGBTQ+ community — all month long.
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A photo collage of a woman posing, an outdoor wedding reception hall, a bus stop, a screenshot of Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt's tweet, and a vending machine layout design

Good News This Week: May 20, 2023 - Malaria, Buses, & Allyship

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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An African woman wearing a blue shirt and yellow headpiece holds up a certificate, smiling. In the background, other community members mill about.

Milestone Achieved: 10,000 Women Certified To Fight Malaria in Rwanda

In 2017, the Society for Family Health Rwanda and the Rwanda Ministry of Health partnered with SC Johnson and Raid to create the Certified Care program. It has now reached a milestone of 10,000 certifications.
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Colorful illustrated teacher happily teaching students

17 Ideas To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week (2023)

Teacher Appreciation Week is an annual celebration in May dedicated to the appreciation and support of America’s teachers. Here are some ways to celebrate the week-long event.
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Quote Graphic: The duties of a teacher are neither few nor small, but they elevate the mind and give energy to the character.	Dorothea Dix

38 Best Inspirational Teacher Quotes

For teachers, these quotes serve as a testament to the meaningful work they do and the difference they make every day. And for the rest of us, these words offer a renewed appreciation for the teachers in our lives, as well as a gentle reminder of the lessons they've imparted.
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Quote Graphic: Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around. — Helen Peters

38 Best Teacher Appreciation Quotes To Show Gratitude

As you read through these inspiring words, we hope you'll be reminded of the immense value of the educators in your life and feel motivated to express your thanks to them.
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