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A student raises his hand in class

Juneteenth offers new ways to teach about slavery, Black perseverance, and American history

Juneteenth commemorates the date in 1865 when Union troops notified the last remaining slaves in Texas that they were free.
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A crowd of protestors walking down a wide road

These 6 essential Juneteenth books deserve a spot on your TBR list

After decades of being celebrated at mostly the local level, Juneteenth — the long-standing holiday that commemorates the arrival of news of emancipation and freedom to enslaved Black people in Galveston, Texas, in 1865 — became a federal holiday in 2021.
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Joshua Houston leads a Juneteenth Parade in Huntsville, Texas, in a photo circa 1900

Juneteenth: How one Black Texas family's fight for freedom on Juneteenth offers lessons for today's lawmakers erasing history

On June 19, 1865, two months after the U.S. Civil War ended, Union Gen. Gordon Granger walked onto the balcony at Ashton Villa in Galveston, Texas, and announced to the people of the state that “all slaves are free.”
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A group of kids in a classroom looking at their teacher

Here’s what I tell teachers about how to teach young students about slavery

Nervous. Concerned. Worried. Wary. Unprepared. This is how middle and high school teachers have told me they have felt over the past few years when it comes to teaching the troublesome topic of slavery.
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Blue Bird electric school bus

Breakthrough union contract for electric school bus workers promises better lives and cleaner air

For nearly a century, a substantial portion of America’s iconic yellow school buses have been manufactured at a factory in Fort Valley, a town of 9,000 people surrounded by peach and pecan orchards in central Georgia.
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Three Gen Z girls smile at a table. Beside them is a tall stack of pizza boxes.

How to get Gen Z to care about politics? Throw a nationwide pizza party

Organizers in cities across the country will hold pizza parties as a way to get Gen Z voters to learn more ahead of the 2024 election.
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Two female students stand outside a building looking at workbooks

New study suggests girls in single-sex schools do slightly better in exams than girls in co-ed environments

Students at all-girls’ schools do slightly better in their exams than girls at co-educational schools, according to new research...
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Amari Shepherd stands behind a podium

$9 million in scholarships and 162 college acceptances! Did 17-year-old Amari Shepherd set an all-time record for a high school graduate?

May has been quite the month for Amari Shepherd, 17. With a GPA of 4.86, she gave the valedictory speech at KIPP New Orleans’s Frederick A. Douglass High School’s graduation ceremony May 17.
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A row of books on a shelf

5 books to help you better understand today's campus protests in the context of history

Every so often, a cause ignites a sustained fury on college campuses across the nation. In 2020, it was Black Lives Matter. In 2011, it was Occupy Wall Street. In the 1980s, it was apartheid in South Africa. Right now, it’s the Israeli military campaign in Gaza.
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A square at the University of California, Berkeley with the sunset in the background

The number of women leading US business schools is on the rise

Curriculum isn’t the only thing changing in business education: Business school leadership is also becoming more diverse, according to a new report.
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Child-friendly library cubicle decorated with vibrant illustrations of anthropomorphic apples, featuring a desktop computer set on a wooden desk.

Libraries across US install 'cubicles' for parents who need to study but can't find childcare

Public libraries are introducing desks with built-in play areas for young children, aiming to provide a supportive environment for parents who need to study.
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A bright blue background with a woman (Ms. Rachel) smiling and waving in the foreground, dressed in pink.

Ms. Rachel to raise funds for children in Gaza, Congo, Ukraine by making Cameos for your little ones

The educator — famous for her educational YouTube videos — wants to partner with Cameo to raise money for children living in Gaza, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ukraine.
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