54 Best Self-Care Gifts for Peak Pampering

3 Of The Best Self-Care Gifts: A Soothing Noise Machine, A Nodpod Sleep Mask, The Book Start Where You Are By Meera Lee Patel

We all know someone who deserves a little pampering. Actually, we all are someone who deserves a little pampering. 

Meaningful self-care goes beyond a simple bubble bath or at-home facial (though, those are really nice, too), and we all need support and resources to maintain self-care routines that truly benefit us. 

If you’re looking to be that support, or you need a helping hand, gift-giving — or receiving — can go a long way. Whether you’re responding to a difficult time, processing a big life transition, or are just exhausted from the endless to-dos, self-care gifts can make a major impact.

It can be as simple as a cash transaction to spend on those weekly essentials, or as elaborate as a personalized self-care kit to rely on during those big mental health crises. Regardless of how you show your support, this is one of those instances where the thought really does count.

But we’ve made it even easier. Check out this list of gift ideas that you can get yourself — or anyone you love — to enrich your self-care savvy.

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The Best Self-Care Gifts For Yourself & Others

Health & Beauty

Vacation Sunscreen

A Of "Vacation". A Classic Vacation Suncreen Lotion.
Photo courtesy of Vacation

If there’s one thing we know to be true: None of us are using enough sunscreen.

Get that SPF goodness and protect yourself from harmful UV rays! Vacation’s classic sunscreen is one of our favorites, since it’s made with vegan, cruelty-free, and Hawaii Reef Compliant ingredients. 

Shop: Amazon | Ulta | Vacation

Quip Electric Toothbrush

A Quip Electric Toothbrush With A Bronze Colored Handle
Photo Courtesy of Quip

Quip makes sleek electric toothbrushes that make teeth-brushing easier. With a timed vibration and auto-refills on new brush heads and toothpaste, even the most irritating daily hygiene task will become a no-brainer.

Shop: Amazon | Quip

Jade Facial Roller

A Person Using A Jade Facial Roller On Their Skin
Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Most skincare experts will tell you to use a jade roller to increase circulation in your face to reduce puffiness and enhance your beauty. 

But we’re telling you to use one because it simply feels really good. 

Whether you want to loop it into your daily skincare routine, love the cooling and calming effects of a facial roller, or reserve this for your next stress headache, jade rollers provide a moment of mindful luxury you won’t regret.

Shop: Amazon | Sephora | Ulta

Maude Vibe

A Vibe Vibrator With A Minimalistic Design
Photo courtesy of Maude

One of the most fun forms of self-care? Self-pleasure!

Maude’s aptly-named “vibe” toy is an internal and external vibrator with a sleek, minimal design. USB-chargeable, made with body-safe materials, and shipped in eco-friendly packaging, this toy is a direct line to feeling good. 

Shop: maude | Sephora

→ Explore more eco-friendly sex and intimacy products!

→ Explore our full review of maude sex toys

Plant-Based Milk Mask

A Set Of Plant Based Milk Masks Laid Down Next To Four Bottles Of Milk
Photo courtesy of ESW Beauty

Have a classic spa-centric self-care moment with this set of milk masks made entirely from plant-based ingredients. The compostable sheet masks soften skin and provide a natural respite for your skin.

Shop: Amazon | Uncommon Goods

Journals & Planners

The Self-Care Planner

A Green Simple Self Care Planner On A Table Next To A Glass Of Water
Photo courtesy of Simple Self

Start with the quintessential Self-Care Planner. Each agenda contains six months’ worth of prompts for things like meal planning, gratitude, fitness, mood, sleep tracking, and more.

Shop: Amazon 

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self Exploration

The Book "Start Where You Are" By Meera Lee Patel On Top Of A Table Next To Some Fruits And Leaves
Photo courtesy of Meera Lee Patel

Made by author and artist Meera Lee Patel, “Start Where You Are” is full of drawing prompts, reflective questions, and beautiful hand-lettering and watercolor illustrations. 

Shop: Amazon | Bookshop

Journal of Radical Permission: A Daily Guide for Following Your Soul’s Calling

The Journal of "Radical Permission". A Daily Guide For Following Your Soul's Calling ByAdrienne Maree Brown And Sonya Renee Taylor
Photo courtesy of Adrienne Maree Brown

This journal full of daily prompts was co-created by adrienne marie brown and Sonya Renee Taylor. Acting as an invitation to embrace who you are (and ditch the self-criticism), the Journal of Radical Permission takes you on a radical self-love journey.

Shop: Amazon | Bookshop 

Self-Care Master Plan

The Cover Of "Self-Care Master Plan" Book. A Framework For Feeling Good
Photo courtesy of Ban.do

The Self-Care Master Plan is a compact workbook with a set of topics and prompts to help users create a set of “operating instructions” for life’s ups and downs. 

Each page is postcard-sized and is easy to tear out and display.

Shop: Amazon | Ban.do

→ Check out our full guide to guided journals and self-care planners!

Cleaning & Home Goods

Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier

Photo courtesy of Best Buy

While an air purifier is more of an investment compared to other self-care goodies, it’s one of the most essential. A solid air purifier can help capture nearly all airborne allergens, like pollen and mold spores, as well as bacteria, viruses, and smoke — and pet hair. 

The Levoit Core 300 is a great model for a small space at a relatively affordable price. There are also loads of mini air purifiers, or bigger models for larger spaces that are worth looking into. 

Shop: Amazon | Best Buy | Chewy (we told you it was good for pet hair)

Phone Sanitizer Box

A Phone Sanitizer Box With A Phone Inside
Photo courtesy of PhoneSoap

While it’s not something you might always think about, your phone carries lots of harmful bacteria; upwards of 17,000 bacteria per square inch, to be exact.

Rather than taking a disinfectant wipe to your trusty sidekick once every few months, consider getting a phone sanitizer box. These UV-filled boxes sanitize your phone, while you take a tiny screen break — or, hey — even wash your hands, too. 

Consider phone sanitizing an easy addition to your daily hygiene ritual.

Shop: Amazon | Simplehuman

Handheld Vacuum

A Person Holding A Handheld Vacuum Cleaning A Sofa
Photo courtesy of Best Buy

As a certified crumb creator, I know a thing or two about cleaning up after myself at my desk or table. A handheld, cordless vacuum has been my saving grace many times, and I believe it to be an essential when it comes to the regular maintenance of my space.

Shop: Amazon | Best Buy

Organizational Bins

Transparent Organizational Bins With Supplies Inside
Photo courtesy of The Container Store

Need a place to organize the snacks in your pantry? A place to store your craft supplies? A spot to dump your daily essentials when you walk in the door? There are never enough bins! 

Shop: Amazon | The Container Store

Divided Laundry Sorter

A Big Laundry Hamer On Four Wheels
Photo courtesy of The Container Store

KC Davis has taught us a number of care task hacks on TikTok, but one of our favorites is the use of a giant laundry hamper (on wheels!) to sort and carry items through the house while cleaning. 

Her DIY version is great, but you can also find divided laundry sorters to use, too.

Plus, you know, you can use it for actual laundry sorting, as well.

Shop: Amazon | The Container Store


Calyan Wax Co. Candle

A Calyan Wax Soy Candle
Photo courtesy of Calyan Wax Co.

Is there any better reset than taking a deep breath and lighting a soothing candle? Calyan Wax Co. is a great option for all your soothing candle needs, since it also does good in the process!

Shop: Calyan Wax Co. | Amazon

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Heated Neck Wrap

A Person Holding A Blue Scarf Around Their Neck
Photo courtesy of SunnyBay

Seamlessly transition from a stressful day to a restful break with a heated neck wrap. Pop one of these babies in the microwave, embrace some natural lavender scents, and find comfort in the little joys. 

Shop: Amazon | Uncommon Goods

Bombas Gripper Slippers

A Person Wearing A Pair Of Pink Bombas Gripper Slippers
Photo courtesy of Bombas

Bombas, while known for its cozy give-back socks, also makes slippers! The Gripper Slippers are a half slipper-half sock hybrid with a soft brushed lining and special non-slip grippers. Plus, every pair comes with a little travel bag.

Shop: Bombas

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

A Person Wearing A Pink Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe
Photo courtesy of Parachute

Lounge like you really mean it. Parachute’s Cloud Cotton Robe is made with 100% Turkish cotton and woven into a fluffy four-ply gauze for a light and comfortable fit. 

Shop: Parachute

Bath Tray

A Bath Tray Beautifully Organized On a Bathtub
Photo courtesy of Luxe Lily

Take the tablet, the snack, or the glass of wine to the tub! Life is too short to keep your self-care on dry land. 

With the help of a bath tray, you can steep in a relaxing bath, while keeping all of your favorite items handy. 

Shop: Amazon | Uncommon Goods

Therapy Dough

Three Soothing Scents And Tactile Playdough. The Green One is Eucalyptus, The Orange is Orange, The Pink One is Lavender.
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Squeeze out all your frustrations with some soothing scents and tactile playdough. Modeled after clay used by art therapists, Therapy Dough will help you knead through your feelings.

Shop: Amazon | Uncommon Goods


Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

A White Baloo Weighted Blanked
Photo courtesy of Baloo Living

Weighted blankets are an amazing deep pressure stimulation tool to help give you a little extra support in high-stress times. Or… just make you feel snug as a bug when you climb into bed.

Baloo Living makes weighted blankets and weighted comforters with natural and chemical-free materials. 

Shop: Amazon | Baloo Living

→ Check out our full guide to eco-friendly weighted blankets!

Nodpod Sleep Mask 

A Person Wearing A Lavender Colored  NodPod Sleeping Mask
Photo courtesy of Nodpod

Get the restful sleep you deserve by covering your eyes with a weighted sleep mask. Nodpod’s strap-free design helps equally distribute weight across key pressure points on the head and face.

Shop: Amazon | Nodpod 

Cozy Earth Pajamas

A Person Wearing A White Cozy Earth Pijama
Photo courtesy of Cozy Earth

Change into something a little more comfortable. Cozy Earth’s bamboo pajamas are super-soft and made with breathable, earth-friendly materials. 

Shop: Cozy Earth

Savvy Rest Sustainable Bedding

A white Savvy Rest Bedding On Top Of A Sofa
Photo courtesy of Saavy Rest

Whether you’re in the market for new silky sheets, a fluffy duvet, or even a pillow or mattress topper, Savvy Rest has eco-friendly options that are as comfortable as they are sustainable. 

Shop: Savvy Rest

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Soothing Noise Machine

A Soothing Sound Noise Machine Resting On Top Of A Nightstand
Photo courtesy of Snooz

Whether you’re a fan of white noise — or the more nature-centric green noise — soothing sounds can help us sleep better and reduce our stress. 

Shop: Amazon | Uncommon Goods

Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

A Hatch Restore Alarm Clock Resting On Top Of a Table
Photo courtesy of Hatch

As opposed to the aggressive phone alarm, start your day with the relaxing and gentle wake-up call from the Hatch Restore alarm clock. 

The device is built with a sunrise alarm, soothing sounds, and an accompanying app with mindfulness exercises.

Shop: Amazon | Hatch

Pillow Mist Spray

A Baloo Pillow Mist Spray
Photo courtesy of Baloo Living

Make your bed even more of a relaxing oasis by spritzing your linens with a freshening pillow mist. With aromas of lavender, chrysanthemum, rosemary and lemon, you’ll find natural relaxation in no time.

Shop: Amazon | Baloo Living


Oko Living Yoga Rug

A Person Using A Oko Living Yoga Rug On A Beach
Photo courtesy of Oko Living

With the popularity of yoga, you can find a cheap, plastic mat almost anywhere. Alternatively, Oko Living makes organic cotton, herbal dyed and ethically hand-loomed yoga rugs. 

These yoga rugs are sturdy and supportive, all while being gentle to the touch — and the planet.

Shop: Oko Living

Fitbit Inspire 3

A Person Wearing A Yellow Firbit Inspire 3 Watch
Photo courtesy of Fitbit

If fitness and wellness tracking feel like a good fit for you, this Fitbit model could be a great choice! 

Along with standard fitness tracking capabilities, the device also has wellness tracking features, like a daily Stress Management Score, mindfulness sessions, and even heart rhythm notifications.

Shop: Amazon | Best Buy

Adjustable Dumbbells

A Pair Of Adjustable Dumbbells
Photo courtesy of Flybird

Want to incorporate a little extra workout into your TV time? These small adjustable dumbbells are perfect for getting some muscle movement into your day without working too hard.

Shop: Amazon 

LARQ Filtered Water Bottle

A Person Holding A LARQ Filtered Water Bottle
Photo courtesy of LARQ

You and everyone you know probably already has plenty of reusable water bottles in their collection, but if you’re looking for something fancy that might help you stay hydrated, the LARQ is a great option.

This filtered water bottle has a portable water filtration system that improves taste and removes any lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and particulates from tap water. 

Shop: Amazon | LARQ


“A Pity Party Is Still a Party: A Feel-Good Guide to Feeling Bad” by Chelsea Harvey Garner

The Book Cover For "A PityParty Is Still A Party" By Chelsea Harvey Garner
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Harvey Garner

While most of us try to avoid feeling sad as much as we can, therapist Chelsea Harvey Garner takes us on a candid and comical adventure to tolerate — and embrace — the unenjoyable. 

Explore solo exercises, group activities, and journal prompts, alongside the author’s deeply-felt personal essays.  

Shop: Amazon | Bookshop | Libro.fm

“Reasons to Stay Alive” by Matt Haig

The Book Cover For Reasons To Stay Alive By Matt Haig
Photo courtesy of Matt Haig

Matt Haig’s profound mental health journey has made for some incredible writing. “Reasons to Stay Alive” is a moving exploration of living, loving, and feeling better, through the lens of Haig’s own healing experiences. 

Shop: Amazon | Bookshop | Libro.fm

“I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t)” by Brené Brown

The Book Cover For I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't) By Brene Brown
Photo courtesy of Brené Brown

Fan-favorite Brené Brown offers a liberating study on the importance of our imperfections and how we can embrace vulnerability, and ultimately, our humanity.

Shop: Amazon | Bookshop 

“You Are Here (For Now): A Guide to Finding Your Way” by Adam J. Kurtz

The Book Cover For You Are Here *For Now. A Guide to Finding Your Own Way By Adam J Kurtz
Photo courtesy of Adam J. Kurtz

“You Are Here (For Now)” is a candid collection of essays and illustrations that explore mental health, identity, setbacks, and finding humor in the unknown. Written by artist and author Adam J. Kurtz, this read is full of hope, humor — and a touch of darkness.

Shop: Amazon | Bookshop | Libro.fm

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Food & Consumables

Tony’s Chocolonely

A Kid Holding a Tony's Chocholate Bar In The Air
Photo courtesy of Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely is one of the most ethical in the biz. Aside from tasting delicious, the brand is dedicated to making 100% exploitation-free chocolate the industry norm.

Shop: Amazon | Thrive Market

Sips By Loose Leaf Tea

A Person Holding A Pink Box Of Cookie Tea Almond Cookie Herbald Tea
Photo courtesy of Sipsby

We implore you to swap that fourth cup of cold brew with some tea. Whether you’re looking for something floral, woodsy, or caffeine-free, the tea for you is out there.

Sips By is a tea club and subscription service that works with hundreds of diverse tea brands across the globe that prioritize ethical and sustainable sourcing

Now you have no excuse but to enjoy that hot cup of tea! 

Shop: Sips By

DoorDash Gift Card

A DoorDash Gift  Card
Photo courtesy of DoorDash

The best gift you could ever receive? Not having to worry about what to eat — or cook! Covering the cost of a meal (or a few!) can truly be a game-changer.

Shop: Amazon | DoorDash

Misfits Market Grocery Delivery

A Variety Of Fruits And Vegetables On A Table
Photo courtesy of Misfits Market

Another great way to help mitigate the stress of mealtime? By having groceries delivered! 

While there are plenty of options for grocery or meal kit deliveries out there, we definitely love Misfits Market for its commitment to reducing food waste

Shop: Misfits Market

The Sill House Plant

Two Potted Plants On Top Of A Stack Of books On A Table Next To A Couch
Photo courtesy of The Sill

Help grow that indoor garden with a new plant! While some may see a plant as yet another thing to take care of, others love the opportunity to add some new greenery to the fold. 

Shop: The Sill

Hot Cocoa

A Bag Of Chamberlain Hot Chocolate Next To A Coffee Mug Being Poured  With Milk
Photo courtesy of Chamberlain Coffee

Not to do the whole “chocolate fixes everything” thing, but it definitely does. And there’s nothing worse than opening the pantry, ready to steam up a mug of hot cocoa, only to find that you’re all out.

Help your loved ones stock up on all their hot cocoa needs.

Shop: Amazon | The Spice House | Thrive Market

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Mental Health Support

Meditation Cushion

A Person Using a Purple Meditation Cushion
Photo courtesy of Gaiam

Of course, when it comes to meditation, all you really need is a spot to sit and breathe, but sometimes that spot feels uncomfy, and then you can’t focus on your breath. So a meditation cushion is the perfect antidote!

Shop: Amazon | Gaiam | Sunday Citizen 

Light Therapy Lamp

A Light Therapy Lamp On A Desk Next To Many Colors, Books, And Doodles
Photo courtesy of Best Buy

Whether it’s seasonal affective disorder, shifts in daylight hours, or even travel, light can impact us in a number of ways. According to Harvard researchers, sitting in front of the right kind of light can be immensely helpful to treat negative mental health symptoms. 

Shop: Amazon | Best Buy

Headspace Subscription

A Self-Care Headspace Image
Photo courtesy of Headspace

A favorite among the wide array of meditation apps, Headspace is designed to help users “relax, manage stress, find your focus, and release tension in both the mind and body.”

Uh, yeah, we need some of that. 

Helping to cover the subscription cost of an app like this makes a great gift!

Shop: Headspace

→ Explore some other (free and paid) self-care apps


Affirmation Cards

Three Affirmation Cards With Positive Messages Written
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Sometimes you just need a little note from the universe. Drawing an affirmation card (or two… or three) can be a great way to reset and find some support during a tough time.

Shop: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Uncommon Goods

→ Explore our guide to conversation cards for more ideas!

Jigsaw Puzzles

A Cute And Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Consisting Of 299 Cats And A Dog.
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Keep that brain busy with a soothing — yet fun — puzzle. The options are truly endless, so find one that feels challenging enough, while also providing a creative outlet to unwind.

Shop: Amazon | Ban.d0 | Uncommon Goods

Coloring & Activity Books

Emma Farrarons' Book Titled: "The Mindfulness Coloring Book", The Anti-Stress Art Therapy For Busy People
Photo courtesy of Emma Farrarons

There is perhaps nothing more luxurious than cracking open a new coloring book and breaking out the fancy markers

An affordable gifting option that provides hours of fun, a coloring or activity book may just be the way to go.

Shop: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Uncommon Goods

Tabletop Zen Garden

A Person Touching A Tabletop Zen Garden Next To Their Laptop Setup
Photo courtesy of Eno Sensory

Take the meditative sand gardens of Japan and put them on your desk! These fun and engaging kits allow you to explore satisfying textures and soothing patterns right from your home office.

Shop: Amazon | Uncommon Goods

Buddha Board

A Meditative Water Painting Buddha Board Setup
Photo courtesy of Buddah Board

A Buddha Board is a meditative water painting setup. Using water and a bamboo brush, draw on the board and watch the “ink” evaporate in just a few minutes. 

This grounding practice will help you embrace the temporary beauty of the world around you.

Shop: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Bose QuietComfort Headphones

A Pair Of Bose QuietComfort Headphones Sitting In A Case On A Table Next To A Cup Of Coffee
Photo courtesy of Best Buy

Although a larger investment, Bluetooth headphones (especially noise-canceling headphones) are one of those items that folks use all the time and truly rely on day-to-day.

Shop: Amazon | Best Buy | Bose

Ember Mug

A Black Ember Mug Sitting On A Table
Photo courtesy of Best Buy

We’ve all been there: One minute your coffee is way too hot to drink; the next, it’s nearly ice cold after going unnoticed for three hours. The Ember Mug is a temperature-controlled mug you can even control with your smartphone! 

While our ancestors are probably rolling their eyes at this invention, it’s a luxury that any forgetful multi-drink-enjoyer deserves. 

Shop: Amazon | Best Buy | Ember

Dyson Airwrap

A Set Of Dyson High-End Hair Care Products
Photo courtesy of Dyson

One of the most high-end hair care products on the market, the Dyson Airwrap has become all the rage on TikTok, making styling speedy while protecting your hair from heat damage.

For the person who hates spending time getting dolled up in front of the mirror, this is an investment piece that will make hair-dos hair-done. 

Shop: Amazon | Dyson

Theragun Massager

A Person Using A Theragun Massager On Their Legs
Photo courtesy of Therabody

For the athletes, gym rats — or every day anxious bodies — who have achy muscles, a handheld massager makes for the ultimate relief. 

The most reputable is the Theragun line, which is known for being quiet, portable, and perfect for beating back and muscle tension with ease.

Shop: Amazon | Therabody

Getaway House Gift Card

A Small Cabin In The Woods Covered In Snow
Photo courtesy of Getaway House

Give the gift of a getaway. Getaway House is a company that has cabins in 25 cities across the U.S, designed to distance guests from technology, work, schedules, and all the stress of modern life.

With unscheduled, unstructured, and uninterrupted free time, visitors can take a real break and come back refreshed and energized. 

Shop: Getaway House

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