59 Self-Care Affirmations For Mindful Living & Self-Compassion

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“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival,” Audre Lorde once said. 

Self-care is a beautiful, radical concept that encompasses all the ways in which we have agency over our own health, wellness, and life experiences. Of course, self-care goes beyond bubble baths and a mug of tea, but it doesn’t always have to be overwhelming or extravagant to make a difference.

One way to actively practice self-care every day is by implementing positive affirmations into your daily routine. Whether you write them on a sticky note you keep at your desk, repeat them in the mirror, or shout them in the safety of your car while stopped in traffic, positive affirmations have real benefits. 

They help us build confidence, reduce stress, and increase our emotional resilience, so we can feel the impact of our self-care practice day in and day out. 

As lovers and sharers of positive news (we publish good news here on our good news website, in our free newsletter, on our positive podcast, and our monthly Goodnewspaper), we’re big believers in positive affirmations, too. 

Explore our main article of The Best Positive Affirmations and all of our other collections of positive affirmations:

We’ve collected some self-care positive affirmations for those days you need to remind yourself how much it matters when you show up for you. 

As you explore this list of affirmations, remember that finding the most relevant and helpful phrases is a process that is unique to you and your relationship to self-care. We’re here to make it easier, so meditate on the ones you connect to most, and feel free to let the rest fall away. 

You deserve the time, care, and attention of finding the affirmations that make you feel the most supported. It’s all in your hands. 

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Self-care affirmations to feel supported and empowered

I am deserving of rest and relaxation.

I am worthy of taking time for myself and my needs.

I am important and deserving of self-care.

I am capable of prioritizing my physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

I am deserving of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

I am proud of my efforts to take care of myself.

I am proactive about taking care of my physical needs.

I am proactive about taking care of my emotional needs.

I am proactive about taking care of my relational needs.

I am worthy of self-love and self-acceptance.

I am capable of setting boundaries.

Setting boundaries is a service to myself and others.

I deserve peace and tranquility.

I am proud of my ability to care for myself.

I deserve a life filled with joy and happiness.

I am proud of my efforts to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

I am capable of making self-care a priority in my life.

I am deserving of healthy and fulfilling relationships.

I am proud of my ability to seek out joy and positivity.

I am capable of taking care of my body, mind, and spirit.

I am deserving of self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

I help others pursue their own self-care.

I am proud of my efforts to maintain a nourishing and balanced diet.

I am capable of seeking out activities and experiences that bring me happiness.

I am deserving of physical and emotional comfort.

I am proud of my efforts to practice self-care every day.

I deserve rest and rejuvenation.

I deserve time to just be.

Doing nothing matters.

I am in charge of my own happiness and well-being.

I deserve a stress-free and peaceful life.

I am capable of finding joy and positivity in every moment.

I am allowed to take breaks and slow down when I need to. 

I am deserving of a life filled with purpose and meaning.

I am proud of my ability to seek out new and fulfilling experiences.

I am capable of setting achievable goals for my personal growth.

I am deserving of a life filled with laughter and fun.

I am proud of my efforts to maintain healthy relationships with others.

I am capable of creating a healthy and supportive environment for myself.

I know myself best.

I love that I love what I love. 

I am deserving of love and support from those around me.

I am capable of seeking out professional support when needed.

I deserve comfort and security.

I am proud of my progress and the person I am becoming.

I prioritize my own happiness and well-being.

I deserve financial stability and security.

I am proud of my ability to seek out new opportunities for growth and learning.

I am proud of my efforts to maintain an active and upbeat lifestyle.

I am capable of seeking out new and meaningful relationships.

I love my self-expression and creativity.

I maintain a positive outlook and attitude.

I am capable of seeking out new and exciting adventures in life.

I deserve to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin.

I am deserving of a life filled with excitement and fulfillment.

I am proud of my ability to seek out new challenges and opportunities.

I am proud of my self-care journey. 

I am deserving of self-discovery and personal growth.

I am deserving of a life filled with peace and contentment.

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