Positive Affirmations

Curated collections of the best daily affirmations

Gradient background from pink to orange with angel numbers: 1111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999

Your Guide To Angel Numbers & Their Meanings

Angel numbers are sequences of repeating numbers (like 111, or 5252) believed to have metaphysical meanings. Here’s everything you need to know about them.
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Two people smiling after giving each other compliments

101 Best Compliments That Reach Beyond the Surface

Celebrate the people in your life by tapping into the underestimated power of compliments with our curated list, crafted to uplift, inspire, and create connections.
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10 Reminders for the Creative Soul: I am an artist. I am worthy of calling myself one.Accomplishment and acclaim do not make me an artist. I am an artist because I myself am a vessel for beautiful things.The only reason art needs to exist is because it can. It’s okay to create things that don’t mean anything.Believing in my creativity is the most powerful tool I have. I will use it for good.Although the creative process is a complex journey, I vow to prioritize pleasure and joy in the act of creation.There is space for my art in this world. My art has the power to make the world a better place.Courage is an art form. I have the courage to boldly advocate for myself and my art.The goal should not be perfection, but rather, expression.I’m not a machine, I’m human. I give myself permission to go at my own pace.Although I may never feel ready, I choose to let go of any self-doubt and show up anyway.

10 Inspiring Affirmations for Artists & Creators

Reading and practicing affirmations allows artists to combat self-doubt, nurture their creative spirit, and remain resilient in the face of challenges that come with the creative process.
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A sign on a tree that says "You are worthy of love"

Positive Affirmations: How Talking To Yourself Can Let the Light In

Whether a call to action or a reminder of the values that we hold dear, affirmations can act as a counterbalance to what psychologists refer to as ruminations (repetitive patterns of negative thinking).
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A teacher stands in her classroom and looks out the windows as the sun spills in before school starts

61 Best Positive Affirmations for Teachers

Explore a collection of affirmations created to uplift and motivate teachers, fostering self-assurance, patience, and a strong commitment to education.
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A photo from behind of a woman looking off into the distance as light streams through the window and she practices her positive affirmations

101 Positive Affirmations To Practice Daily

Enhance your daily life with a comprehensive guide to affirmations, fostering confidence, stress relief, and emotional strength for life’s challenges.
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View from behind of woman practicing positive affirmations in front of her bed as the sun comes up in the morning

101 Positive Morning Affirmations To Begin Each Day

Start your day on a high note with energizing morning affirmations that set the tone for positivity, happiness, and productivity.
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Photo of a man, viewed from behind, looking out a window while he says positive affirmations

71 Best Positive Affirmations for Men

Unearth a selection of powerful affirmations for men — aimed at promoting confidence, optimism, and inner strength as you tackle life's complexities.
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A view from behind a woman with chin-length hair as she looks out a window in a peaceful environment and practices positive affirmations for anxiety

62 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety To Keep Worries at Bay

Alleviate anxiety and stress with soothing affirmations that help you find balance and tranquility in your life.
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View from behind a woman sitting in front of a window as she practices short positive affirmations

57 Short Positive Affirmations For a Quick Boost of Optimism

Brighten your day with concise affirmations that deliver an instant surge of optimism and positivity.
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View from behind a woman with short brown hair who is practicing positive self esteem confidence affirmations

72 Self-Confidence Positive Affirmations To Help You Feel Your Best

Boost your self-esteem and inner strength with powerful affirmations designed to make you feel unstoppable.
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View from behind of woman with tight brown curls looking out a window and practicing her motivational affirmations

47 Motivational Positive Affirmations for an Every Day Boost

Energize your everyday routine with uplifting affirmations that inspire motivation, perseverance, and success.
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