101 Best Compliments That Reach Beyond the Surface

Two people smiling after giving each other compliments

A compliment, thoughtfully given, can brighten someone’s day in an instant. As someone who values words of affirmation, I’ve experienced firsthand the profound impact kind words can have, particularly during times when I’ve been privately wrestling with challenges. 

Mark Twain once said, ‘I can live for two months on a good compliment.’ And I resonate deeply with that sentiment. But the transformative power of compliments isn’t just a poetic notion, it’s a scientifically-backed fact. 

New research published in 2020 found that most of us actually underestimate how much our positive words are valued by others — and as a result, we naturally shy away from offering compliments. 

But the reality is: When someone receives a compliment, studies have found that people feel more valued, can experience a boost in intelligence and memory, and activate the same reward center in the brain as paying them cash — plus accepting compliments can even help heal trauma. Giving more compliments doesn’t decrease their value — so there’s no reason not to give them freely.

Experts have found that compliments benefit the giver, too. They make you more happy, grateful, healthy, stress-free, and connected with others. 

The very fact that you’re reading this article indicates that you genuinely care about the people in your life. Our team at Good Good Good has meticulously compiled a list of meaningful compliments that you can share with those you care about.

Whether you’re looking to compliment a best friend, a family member, a new romantic interest, or simply want to keep some in your back pocket for strangers — we’ve got you covered.

As you read on, picture the person you intend to compliment. Rather than selecting any random compliment, wait until you find one that resonates as uniquely applicable to them. Feel free to use these compliments as starting points and modify or expand them to best suit and celebrate your loved one.

One last note, you won’t find any compliments about physical appearance here. We’ve chosen to focus instead on the kind of compliments that truly matter: those that acknowledge and affirm an individual’s character, identity, and actions.

Dive into this list, embrace the power your words hold, and always remember: you, too, are deserving of meaningful, heartfelt compliments.

Nice, Positive Things To Say — To Make Someone’s Day

Best Compliments That Aren't About Appearance: 1. You are great at creating a sense of community and belonging. 2. The way you share your knowledge without making others feel inferior is a gift. 3. I love your courage to embrace change and new experiences. 4. Your cooking is absolutely amazing! I always look forward to your meals. 5. You make the world a better place.

  1. You make the world a better place.
  2. Your commitment to the planet and sustainability really inspire me.
  3. You are always so thoughtful and considerate.
  4. I love when you share the things you’re interested in with me. I feel myself leaning forward, simply because I know you’re passionate about the topic.
  5. Your positivity and optimism are infectious.
  6. I love your sense of adventure.
  7. I genuinely love that you’re always clear and direct.
  8. You have a real talent for writing and communicating.
  9. You have such a great way of putting others at ease.
  10. Your dedication and commitment to your life’s purpose is truly admirable.
  11. You have a wonderful ability to make people feel heard and understood.
  12. Your wisdom and experience are truly valuable to me and I always feel honored to know I can turn to you for advice.
  13. You have such great taste in music and I always feel excited when you’re picking the playlists.
  14. Your intuition and insight are always so helpful.
  15. I know it’s not easy to _______, and I want you to know that I see your hard work and really admire you for it.
  16. Your dedication to self-improvement and personal growth has always inspired me. 
  17. The way you continually speak up about important issues is brave and admirable.
  18. You have such a great way of breaking down complex ideas into understandable concepts.
  19. You radiate compassion.
  20. My life is better for having you in it.
  21. You are great at staying on top of the news and I feel like I can always turn to you to help me better understand the world.
  22. You always give the most thoughtful gifts; it’s clear you put a lot of care into them.
  23. I see all the small ways you actively work to care for the planet and I want you to know that it makes a difference for the planet and inspires me to do the same.
  24. You are so creative — and I can’t wait to see what you create next.
  25. Your approach to life with curiosity and wonder is truly infectious.
  26. You are great at creating a sense of community and belonging.
  27. You encourage and help me to be my full self around you. Thank you for accepting and celebrating my authentic self.
  28. I always look forward to your social media posts.
  29. You have great vibes.
  30. I love how you always know the right thing to say.
  31. You’re a really great husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner and I learn so much from watching the way you support and care for your partner.
  32. I love your courage to embrace change and new experiences.
  33. Your patience and understanding when dealing with difficult situations is truly inspiring.
  34. You’re a really great parent and I learn so much from watching the way you’re raising and supporting your kid/kids.
  35. Your positive energy is truly contagious.
  36. It’s a really special thing that you see the world not for what it is, but for what it could be. And it’s inspiring to watch you work to make the world a better place.
  37. Your empathy and understanding make you a great friend.
  38. Your unique perspective always adds value to our conversations. 
  39. The more I get to know you, the more that I appreciate you. Thank you for sharing more of yourself with me.
  40. You always seek out the good in the world — and you inspire me to look for positive news as well.
  41. Your commitment to making the world a better place is inspiring.
  42. You have such a fun/cool sense of style. You always put together the best outfits. 
  43. I love your ability to remain positive without falling into toxic positivity.
  44. The way you handle setbacks with resilience is a real testament to your character.
  45. Your creativity and imagination have always made you a great problem solver.
  46. You always find ways to make everyone feel special.
  47. Your selfless acts of kindness never go unnoticed.
  48. I’ve always admired your ability to apologize when you make mistakes. It’s helped me to try to do the same more often.
  49. Your courage in standing up for what you believe in is an inspiration.
  50. Your activism comes from such a thoughtful place and it inspires so many people to fight for important causes.
  51. Every time I think of that time you _______, it makes me smile and feel so grateful for our friendship.
  52. I always notice your commitment to self-care and it’s inspired me to take better care of myself.
  53. Your ability to see the best in people, no matter what, is a testament to your great character.
  54. Your sense of humor always brightens my day.
  55. I love your storytelling skills, you make even the simplest experiences sound exciting.
  56. The way you share your knowledge without making others feel inferior is a gift.
  57. I really believe your self-motivation and determination are qualities that will take you far in life.
  58. You are a fantastic listener. I always feel understood by you.
  59. Your ability to stay positive in the face of adversity is truly inspiring.
  60. I always look forward to spending time with you.
  61. You’re a great photographer and I love seeing the world through your eyes.
  62. You give the best hugs.
  63. Your honesty is refreshing and I truly admire and appreciate your perspective.
  64. I love your unique perspective on things. It always opens up my mind.
  65. I love that I feel comfortable coming over to your house wearing sweatpants. Thank you for being somebody who cares about me for me — not how I present myself.
  66. Your ability to lead and inspire others toward a common goal is making a true difference — and I know it will continue to change the world.
  67. I appreciate the respect and dignity with which you treat everyone you encounter.
  68. Your dedication to fitness and health inspires me to take better care of myself.
  69. Your kindness towards those less fortunate is truly touching.
  70. You’re a really great sister/brother/sibling and I learn so much from how you maintain relationships with your sibling(s).
  71. You have a beautiful soul that shines through in everything you do.
  72. Your kindness and compassion make you a great friend and ally.
  73. Your love for learning and curiosity about the world is infectious.
  74. Your trustworthiness is something I deeply admire about you.
  75. You have a knack for finding joy and beauty in unexpected places.
  76. You have an incredible ability to make people laugh, even on their worst days.
  77. Your care and compassion for animals really inspires me — and you’ve made me care more about animals and the natural world as a result.
  78. Your cooking is absolutely amazing! I always look forward to your meals.
  79. I admire how you trust your intuition.
  80. I always trust your taste in tv shows and movies. You always discover the best stuff.
  81. You have a knack for bringing out the best in others.
  82. You are an amazing parent. I feel more hopeful about the world knowing that you’re raising the future.
  83. I never feel bored with you — even when we’re doing nothing.
  84. I deeply admire and appreciate your art.
  85. Your empathy and ability to put yourself in others’ shoes is a rare and wonderful quality.
  86. You are such a thoughtful host and I always feel welcome in your home.
  87. The way you value and respect everyone's ideas makes you a great team player.
  88. Your ability to face your fears and push through them is truly admirable.
  89. You have a great talent for expressing complex thoughts with clarity.
  90. You are so good at staying in touch. It makes me feel loved from afar — and inspires me to do the same.
  91. The way you handle criticism with grace and use it as a chance to grow is inspiring.
  92. You have the most eccentric hobbies and interests and you inspire me to try new things outside my comfort zone too.
  93. You are always there for me when I need someone to talk to. Thank you.
  94. The way you live your life with purpose and intention is inspiring.
  95. I love your confidence; it encourages me to be my full true self.
  96. The energy and dedication you bring to your work is truly impressive.
  97. Your unwavering loyalty to your friends and family is something I admire greatly.
  98. Your resilience in the face of challenges is commendable.
  99. Your open-mindedness and willingness to consider different perspectives is admirable.
  100. You have an amazing eye for design and aesthetics.
  101. You are a good person.

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