Branden Harvey is the founder and CEO of Good Good Good.

As a part of his work at Good Good Good, he is the host of the podcast Sounds Good; the creator of the Goodnewspaper, a printed newspaper full of good news; and has built an online community of more than 500,000 world changers.

Before founding Good Good Good, Branden traveled as a humanitarian photographer and content creator for clients such as the United Nations, Feeding America, Disney, Adobe, Coca-Cola, and Square.

Branden was invited to the first-ever White House photography meetup and was hired to cover Pope Francis’ visit to the United States on behalf of The Vatican. He is a two-time Shorty Award nominee. He is a graduate of Portland State University.

He’s been featured by The New York Times, Men’s Health, PetaPixel, Grow Ensemble, Mashable, and more.

Branden now lives in Portland, Oregon with his partner and puppy.

You can follow @brandenharvey on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also find him at