October: Awareness Months & Holidays for Causes (2024)

Pink October Awareness Month Calendar

Every month, there are hundreds of national and international celebrations dedicated to raising awareness and support for meaningful causes.

For those working to bring attention to important topics, it can be challenging to keep track of the next relevant awareness event. We’re here to help.

At Good Good Good, we aim to help people feel more hopeful and do more good. For years we’ve privately curated a comprehensive list of important cause-themed holidays that we’ve used for creating content on our good news Instagram, our Goodnewsletter, our Goodnewspaper, and on this very website.

We’ve organized this list of observances and events by month — and are making them public for the first time. Our hope is that this will help you or your organization bring attention to important issues.

Where applicable, we’ve included resources (usually good news around particular topics, action steps on how to make a difference, or relevant quotes) — and encourage you to share them if you find them helpful.

The main days and months you should know about for October are:

Hispanic Heritage Month (continued)
ADHD Awareness Month October 1
LGBTQ+ History Month October 1
Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 1
National Book Month October 1
Socktober October 1
World Vegetarian Day October 1
Kindness To Animals Day October 4
World Teachers Day October 5
World Sight Day 2nd Thursday
World Homeless Day October 10
National Coming Out Day October 11
World Hunger Day October 16
Spirit Day 3rd Thursday

October is the tenth month of the year and has 31 days. It marks the height of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. October derives its name from ‘octo’, the Latin term for eight, as it was originally the eighth month in the Roman calendar.

Explore our comprehensive list of national and international months, weeks, days, and birthdays for the month of October:

October Celebrations:

Awareness Months

There are several awareness months celebrated in October — though the five that often get the most attention include ADHD Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Socktober, Cybersecurity Awareness Month, LGBTQ+ History Month, and National Book Month.

ADHD Awareness Month

Explore Good Good Good’s resource guide — featuring the best podcasts, blogs, and TikToks about ADHD

AIDS Awareness Month

We’ve made a lot of progress in the fight against AIDS — and that’s worth celebrating!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Listen to ​​Good Good Good’s interview with Paige More, founder of The Breasties

Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Depression Awareness Month

Listen to our podcast interview with John Moe, a comedian fighting depression with humor — and read about the U.S. decreasing depression stigma for the first time

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Dwarfism Awareness Month

Dysautonomia Awareness Month

Dyslexia Awareness Month

Read and share our list of famous celebrities with dyslexia and other learning disabilities

Eczema Awareness Month

Filipino-American History Month

German-American Heritage Month

Health Literacy Month

Hispanic Heritage Month (continued)

September 15 to October 15

Read and share our guide on how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Italian-American Heritage Month

Learning Disability Awareness Month

LGBTQ+ History Month

Read about LGBTQ+ history from before Stonewall

Liver Cancer Awareness Month

National Book Month

Explore our guide to activities and ideas to celebrate National Book Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

National Co-op Month

National Depression Education and Awareness Month

National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month

Listen to our podcast interview with John Moe, a comedian fighting depression with humor — and read about the U.S. decreasing depression stigma for the first time

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Vegetarian Month

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

Raynaud’s Awareness Month

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Selective Mutism Awareness Month

Sober October


Learn more about Socktober and how to celebrate and get involved

Spina Bifida Awareness Month

Squirrel Awareness Month

World Animal Month

World Habitat Awareness Month

Awareness Weeks


September 25 to October 8

Read all about Pizzamas: a unique holiday raising money for charity

Dyspraxia Awareness Week

Week-long event in October

National Youth Sports Week

Week-long event in October

Mental Illness Awareness Week

1st week of October

Explore the best mental health shirts that give back to charity

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Awareness Week

October 1 to 7

Junk Mail Awareness Week

October 1 to 7

Learn how to unsubscribe from pesky junk mail to reduce paper waste

Trichotillomania Awareness Week

October 1 to 7

Dyslexia Awareness Week

Begins on the 1st Monday of October

OCD Awareness Week

2nd week of October

Learn more about obsessive compulsive disorder from our guide: What actually is OCD — and how to make a difference for the people you care about

Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week

3rd week of October

Bat Appreciation Week

October 24 to 31

International Epidermolysis Bullosa Awareness Week

October 25 to 31

National Herbal Medicine Week

Last week of October

Asexual Awareness Week (Ace Week)

Last full week of October

Awareness Days

World Habitat Day - 1st Monday of October

Dermatillomania Awareness Day - October 1

World Vegetarian Day - October 1

International Raccoon Appreciation Day - October 1

National Green City Day - October 1 

Disabled Authors Day - October 2

Read and share the best books about disabilities — written by disabled authors

World Farm Animals Day - October 2

Read this unique good news story about… potty training cows

International Day of Non-Violence - October 2

World Animal Day - October 4

Feel more hopeful by reading good news stories about animals

World Habitat Day - October 4 

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi - October 4

Kindness To Animals Day - October 4

Choose today to do a random act of kindness for animals

Energy Efficiency Day - 1st Wednesday of October

World Teachers Day - October 5

Explore this list of famous teachers and these teacher TikTokkers to follow

World Day of Bullying Prevention - October 5

American Veterans Disabled for Life Awareness Day - October 5

National Depression Screening Day - Thursday of the 1st full week of October

Depression Awareness Day - Thursday of the 1st full week of October

World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day - October 6

National Badger Day - October 6

International Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day - October 7

Team Margot Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Awareness Day - October 7

World Octopus Day - October 8

PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day - October 9

World Sight Day - 2nd Thursday of October

Learn about the app Be My Eyes — a free app that connects people who are blind or experience low-vision with sighted volunteers for assistance

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day - 2nd Saturday of October

World Homeless Day - October 10

Read these quotes about homelessness and learn how to make a homeless care package

World Mental Health Day - October 10

Explore our guide to World Mental Health Day activities, shop mental health shirts that give back to charity, listen to mental health podcasts, and subscribe to mental health newsletters

World Inclusion Day - October 10

National Coming Out Day - October 11

Learn about how to support someone when they come out to you

International Day of the Girl - October 11

Indigenous People’s Day - October 11

Learn about how conservation efforts are thriving thanks to Indigenous knowledge

International Newspaper Carrier Day - October 12

A fantastic day to show off your Goodnewspaper

Matthew Shepard Death Anniversary - October 12

Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day - October 13

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction - October 13

World Thrombosis Day - October 13

Treat Yo’ Self Day - October 13th

The perfect day to practice some self-care! Check out our self-care ideas, the best self-care apps, and even some self-care quotes.

International E-Waste Day - October 14

Learn more about the “right to repair” and how different countries are creating solutions

Blind Americans Equality Day - October 15

National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day - October 15

National Pug Day - October 15

Learn about how Doug the Pug is making a difference for kids with cancer

World Food Day / World Hunger Day - October 16

Learn about hunger: How many people die of hunger? Is hunger a winnable war? How can we make a difference? And what quotes can inspire us to stop world hunger?

International Sawfish Day - October 17

International Pronouns Day - October 17

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - October 17

Learn from the leaders at the forefront of fighting poverty and the systemic injustices that cause it by reading quotes about poverty

Spirit Day for LGBTQ+ Youth - 3rd Thursday of October

Learn how to support LGBTQ+ youth and take action

National Mammography Day - 3rd Friday of October

Read about Senator Amy Klobuchar’s mission to ensure women don’t skip their mammograms (like she did)

LGBT Center Awareness Day - October 19

International Sloth Day - October 20

World Osteoporosis Day - October 20

Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day - 3rd Wednesday of October

Disability Mentoring Day - 3rd Wednesday of October

Reptile Awareness Day - October 21

Read about the good news about endangered land iguanas finally reproducing

Pronouns Day - October 21

International Wombat Day - October 22

International Stuttering Awareness Day - October 22

Get to know this organization helping to end the stigma around stuttering

International Snow Leopard Day - October 23

Freshwater Dolphin Day - October 24

Rosa Parks Death Anniversary - October 24

Honor Rosa Parks’ beautiful life by reading and sharing her most powerful quotes

World Polio Day - October 24

World Gibbon Day - October 24

International Day of Climate Action - October 24

Hydrocephalus Day - October 25

Partners In Health Global Day of Action - October 26

Intersex Awareness Day - October 26

National Transgender Children Day - October 26

Learn about how to support LGBTQ+ youth

National Mule Day - October 26

Sustainability Day - 4th Wednesday of October

World Psoriasis Day - October 29

World Stroke Day - October 29

World Lemur Day - Last Friday of October

Halloween - October 31

Learn about The Teal Pumpkin Project and why you should put a teal pumpkin on your porch this Halloweenplus, learn how to sustainably get rid of your pumpkins

Notable Birthdays

Birthdays of leading activists, nonprofit leaders, and other world-changers born in the month of October:

Jimmy Carter’s Birthday - October 1

Read and share the best Jimmy Carter quotes about hope and making a difference

Dan Savage’s Birthday - October 2

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Birthday - October 7

Read and share Desmond Tutu’s most inspiring quotes

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Birthday - October 11

Read and share First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s most inspiring quotes

Paul Farmer’s Birthday - October 26

Read about Paul Farmer’s inspirational life dedicated to social justice, health equity, and eradicating poverty — and read his best quotes

Hillary Clinton’s Birthday - October 26

Bob Ross’ Birthday - October 29

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Explore More Events:

Main Awareness Calendars: All Awareness Holidays | Heritage Months | International Days

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Awareness Days & Months: January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

Is this list missing a holiday or awareness week/month? Let us know. We want to ensure this list is comprehensive and inclusive.

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