Ultimate Calendar of Mental Health Awareness Days (2024)

Green Mental Health Calendar

Every month at Good Good Good, we plan upcoming good news content for our Instagram, Goodnewsletter, Goodnewspaper, podcast, website, and more. Our work is always centered on hopeful stories about people making a difference in the world — and action steps on how each of us can join in with that good work.

With so many holidays, awareness days, education weeks, and activism months happening all year long, we’ve slowly collected all of these events in a private internal calendar for years.

We made our Monthly Cause Awareness Calendar publicly available earlier this year. We’ve also published:

And now we’re publishing our guide to mental health awareness and advocacy holidays.

Our hope is this resource will help you or your organization bring awareness and attention to important mental illnesses all year long.

Where applicable, we've included resources around highlighted holidays — usually in the form of good news around particular topics — or action steps on how to make a difference. We encourage you to share them if you find them helpful.

We've worked hard to make this the most comprehensive collection of mental health-related days and months on the internet. Always double-check dates, as organizers may occasionally change dates.

Bookmark this page and revisit it as often as you need. We'll continue to update it and add to it over time.

Mental Health Awareness Holidays & Months



No specific mental health holidays in January

Get the year started by subscribing to these top mental health podcasts and by reading mental health good news

Weeks & Months

Self Love Month

Create a permanent reminder that loving yourself is important... with a mental health tattoo

Mental Wellness Month

Read and share quotes about mental health

National Stalking Awareness Month

Dry January

No Name Calling Week - Week-long event in January



Time to Talk Day - Every 1st Thursday of February

Safer Internet Day - February 8th

National Random Act of Kindness Day - February 17th

Try one of our recommended random acts of kindness

World Day of Social Justice - February 20th

Explore the best quotes about social justice

Weeks & Months

National School Counseling Week - First full week of February

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week - Last week of February or first week of March



Self-Injury Awareness Day - March 1st

World Compliment Day - March 1t

Learn about the power of compliments and explore the ultimate list of the best compliment ideas

Zero Discrimination Day - March 1st

World Teen Mental Health Day - March 2nd

Dissociative Disorder Awareness Day - March 5th

Emetophobia Awareness Day - March 5th

Insomnia Awareness Day - First Monday following the change to daylight saving time

University Mental Health Day - First Thursday of March

Explore and share the best mental health newsletters

International Day of Happiness - March 20th

TWLOHA Day - March 29th

World Bipolar Day - March 30th

Weeks & Months

Self-Injury Awareness Month

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week - Last week of February or first week of March

Creative Arts Therapies Week - Week-long event in March

Read this good news story about the art therapist using TikTok to help people



World Health Day - April 7th

Explore and share quotes about public health 

National Alcohol Screening Day - Thursday of the first full week of April

Day of Silence (for LGBTQ+ Youth) - Second Friday of April

Learn how to support and advocate for LGBTQ+ youth

World Breathing Day - April 11th

Read about the power of breathwork on mental health

National Therapy Animal Day - April 30th

Weeks & Months

Stress Awareness Month

Alcohol Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

National Counseling Awareness Month

This is the perfect month to start counseling! Learn how to find a therapist.

National Volunteer Week - Every third week in April

Learn from Crisis Text Line about the best strategy for effective volunteering



World Maternal Mental Health Day - May 3rd

PPP (Postpartum Psychosis) Awareness Day - First Friday of May

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day - May 7th

Mental Health Action Day - May 18th

Learn about the people working to support mental health around the world

World Meditation Day - May 21st

National Schizophrenia and Psychosis Awareness Day - May 24th

Learn more about ​​Schizophrenia and other commonly misunderstood mental disorders

Weeks & Months

Mental Health Awareness Month

Read Good Good Good’s comprehensive guide on ideas and activities for celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month

UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month

Children’s Mental Health Week - First week of May

Neurodiversity Celebration Week - Week-long event in May



National Say Something Nice Day - June 1st

World Eating Disorders Action Day - June 2nd

World Drug Day - June 26th

PTSD Screening Day - June 27th

Weeks & Months

PTSD Awareness Month

Listen to our podcast conversation with Richard Casper, a veteran using art to help other veterans recover from PTSD

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week - June 10th to 16th



Panic Attack Awareness Day - July 10th

National Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Day - July 24th

International Self-Care Day - July 24th

Learn how to celebrate International Self-Care Day. Plus: Explore the ultimate list of self-care ideas and this collection of inspirational self-care quotes

Weeks & Months

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

BIPOC Mental Health Month

Explore these Black mental health resources

Disability Pride Month

Get ideas for thoughtfully celebrating Disability Pride Month this year

Birth Trauma Awareness Week - Week-long event in July



Wear It Purple Day - Last Friday of August

National Grief Awareness Day - August 30th

International Overdose Awareness Day - August 31st



R U OK Day - September 9th

Learn how to ask the hard mental health questions that could save a life

World Suicide Prevention Day - September 10th

Read about student advocates taking the lead to curb campus suicide

National Sober Day - September 14th

Weeks & Months

National Suicide Prevention Month
Read our guide on activities and ideas for National Suicide Prevention Month

National Recovery Month

National Self-Care Awareness Month

Practice self-care with these self-care ideas and get inspired by these self-care quotes

​​Mullets For Mental Health Month

Read this good news story about the Australians sporting mullets to raise money for mental health research

National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month

Pain Awareness Month

Listen to our podcast interviews with Ruthie Lindsey and Grace Theisen about their experiences dealing with chronic pain

National Suicide Prevention Week - Week-long event in early September

Read our guide on ideas and activities for National Suicide Prevention Week



Dermatillomania Awareness Day - October 1st

Disabled Authors Day - October 2nd

Read and share the best books about disabilities — written by disabled authors

National Depression Screening Day - Thursday of the first full week of October

Depression Awareness Day - Thursday of the first full week of October

National Day Without Stigma - October 9th

World Mental Health Day - October 10th

Explore our guide to activities to celebrate World Mental Health Day — and, of course, explore Good Good Good’s collection of mental health resources

International Stuttering Awareness Day - October 22nd

Read about stuttering and the organization working to reduce the stigma

Weeks & Months

National Depression Education and Awareness Month

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

ADHD Awareness Month

Explore Good Good Good’s resource guide — featuring the best podcasts, blogs, and TikToks about ADHD

National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month

Listen to our podcast interview with John Moe, a comedian fighting depression with humor — and read about the U.S. decreasing depression stigma for the first time

Mental Illness Awareness Week - First week of October

Explore the best mental health shirts that give back to charity

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Awareness Week - October 1st to 7th

Trichotillomania Awareness Week - October 1st to 7th

OCD Awareness Week - Second week of October

Read our guide to how to support someone with OCD



National Stress Awareness Day - Every first Wednesday of November

International Day Against Bullying and Violence - First Thursday of November

Veterans Day - November 11th

Use Veterans Day as an opportunity to support veteran mental health.

World Kindness Day - November 13th

Explore the best ways to celebrate World Kindness Day and try one of these ideas for random acts of kindness

International Survivors of Suicide Day - Saturday before Thanksgiving

Read this good news story about the mom who created uplifting signs in response to suicides in her community

Giving Tuesday - First Tuesday after Thanksgiving

Read and share this article about how and where to donate on Giving Tuesday (plus more ideas to make a difference) and share these Giving Tuesday quotes

Weeks & Months


UK Self Care Week - Week-long event in November

Learn about how to practice proactive self care instead of reactive self care



International Day of Persons with Disabilities - December 3rd

Explore our calendar of disability awareness days and weeks

Weeks & Months

Seasonal Affective Disorder Awareness Month

Is this list missing a holiday or awareness week/month? Let us know. We want to ensure this list is comprehensive and inclusive.

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