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Earth Day! (with an illustrated, colorful planet earth in between the two words)

31 Ideas To Meaningfully Celebrate Earth Day (2023)

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. We’ve put together the best ideas and activities to help you meaningfully celebrate it...
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Illustration of water waves for World Water Day

Celebrating World Water Day Good News Stories: One Drop at a Time

Quench your thirst for good news with inspiring World Water Day stories, and join the fight for clean water and sanitation for all!
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The planet earth on a green background

13 Ways To Celebrate Earth Month (2023)

Earth Month is a month-long celebration that kicks off on April 1st. We’ve put together the best ideas and activities to help you meaningfully celebrate it...
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A collection of the best documentaries about climate change

15 Best Climate Change Documentaries To Stream (2023)

Documentaries are a powerful tool for bringing important environmental issues to the forefront of our minds, inspiring us to engage with the topic and inspiring us to take practical and immediate action. 
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Two examples of online thrift stores: Curtsy and Goodfair

These Are the 46 Best Online Thrift Stores To Shop Second Hand

Find your next great outfit with our curated guide to the best online thrift stores. Plus: reduce waste, help the planet, save money, practice conscious consumerism, and contribute to the circular economy.
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Abstract, multi-color circles representing businesses

55 Women-Owned Businesses That Give Back & Do Good

Explore the ultimate list of conscious women-led brands to support — during Women’s History Month and all year long.
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A pile of books organized in a rainbow color coded pattern

25 LGBTQ+ Books That Changed the Literary Landscape

This is a curated list of LGBTQ+ books that changed the literary landscape of their time, encompassing more than 100 years of history and varying in terms of their authors, topics, and narrative forms.
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Illustrated pea

Your Carbon Footprint: Focus On What You Eat, Not Where It's From

Whether meat products are farmed and processed locally or shipped from the other side of the world generally matters very little for total emissions because the products are such high greenhouse gas emitters to start.
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14 Semicolon Tattoo Ideas To Give You Hope

Whether you’re trying to raise awareness, provide a small piece of hope and resilience for yourself, or add to your collection of mental health tattoos, we’re sure there’s a piece of art that will help you tell — and own — your story with love.
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An example self care kit including snacks, water, headphones, a candle, bath bombs, and conversation cards

33 Ideas for Assembling a Self-Care Kit

Self-care kits are pre-curated collections of items you can turn to during a difficult mental health period. Here’s how you can make one of your own.
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