Good HIV/AIDS News

Progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the search for a cure

Andrew Caldwell, who took part in a stem cell research trial to find a cure for HIV, shown in a screenshot from the documentary 'Ending Disease'

World AIDS Day: Is a Cure for HIV Finally in Sight?

Revolutionary stem cell treatment offers hope of 'functional cure' for people living with HIV.
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Hand-drawn illustration of flower, peace sign, and heart

Veterans, Tigers, & Coffee - Good News This Week: August 6th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Illustration of simple red HIV/AIDS calendar

Ultimate Calendar of HIV/AIDS Awareness Days (2023)

Your simple guide to the dozens of HIV/AIDS awareness days, weeks, months, birthdays, and anniversaries.
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Paul Farmer

The World Is Celebrating the Life of Dr. Paul Farmer

World-renowned infectious disease expert, humanitarian, and equitable global health advocate Dr. Paul Farmer just passed away. Let's look at his legacy.
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Abebech Gobena with Germany's first lady

The World Is Celebrating the Life of Abebech Gobena — the Ethiopian Humanitarian Known as ‘Mother Teresa of Africa’

Abebech Gobena led an incredible life: after escaping from a forced marriage as a child bride, Gobena went on to become a huge icon in Africa. In Ethiopia, she took her experiences and built an orphanage, schools, a hospital for women and children, and more...
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Screenshot of Troye Sivan in Three Months

Pop Star Troye Sivan Is Fighting HIV Stigma In His First Big Film Role

Australian pop singer Troye Sivan hopes his starring role in ‘Three Months’ will help combat fear ignorance around HIV/AIDS
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