Your Guide To Angel Numbers & Their Meanings

Gradient background from pink to orange with angel numbers: 1111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999

Have you ever noticed that the world is filled with lots of little coincidences? For me, they always seem to stand out through numbers, like checking the time at exactly 11:11 (or 12:12), or paying a weirdly specific total at the grocery store, like $76.76.

While they may seem serendipitous, these numbers — which people call angel numbers — may actually be far from coincidental. 

To get a clearer picture of these phenomena,  I reached out to professional psychic and tarot reader Kate Van Horn.

Van Horn is a California-based mental health advocate who specializes in spirituality, tarot, and numerology to make sense of the world around us. She’s also the writer of the 2024 book “The Inner Tarot.” 

“Angel numbers are sequences of numbers, usually repeating numbers, that hold spiritual or personal significance and are believed to convey messages from the divine realm, or our spiritual guides,” Van Horn told me. 

But what exactly do these synchronous numbers mean? And how do they actually inspire us to understand ourselves — and the universe — in a deeper way?

We’ll answer all of those questions — and explain what some of the most common angel numbers mean — in this article.

Gradient background from pink to orange with three columns and three rows of angel numbers and their meanings. Top row from left to right: 1111 'Beginnings & Opportunity', 222 'Balance & Harmony', 333 'Purpose & Creativity'. Middle row: 444 'Stability & Support', 555 'Change & Freedom', 666 'Positivity & Redirection'. Bottom row: 777 'Wisdom & Guidance', 888 'Abundance & Prosperity', 999 'Completion & New Phases'.

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are repeating number sequences that can act as spiritual guides, symbolizing a unique meaning or energy to those who encounter them. They are rooted in numerology, which ascribes mystical meanings to numbers ranging from 000 to 999. 

“These numerological associations allow each number to create a unique vibration and message of guidance, almost becoming a language or way to communicate through numbers and their significance,” Van Horn explained. 

“I often say that these repeating numbers are signifying where we are in our journey and become a ‘wink’ from the universe to confirm we are in alignment and following our divine path.”

"These repeating numbers are signifying where we are in our journey and become a "wink' from the universe to confirm we are in alignment and following our divine path." — Kate Van Horn, on Angel Numbers, Professional Psychic & Tarot Reader

Angel numbers are usually found in repeating sequences (like 444) or patterns (like 5252). Once associated with spiritual guides or synchronicity, many see them as “positive messengers,” as Van Horn calls them.

You might be sitting here wishing you saw those messengers more often, or you’re wondering, “where do I find angel numbers?”

Places you may have spotted them include phone numbers, license plates, home addresses, or even in your dreams.

“Those who enjoy receiving these messages from the divine might begin to connect with a specific number, seeing it often and allowing it to be a personal form of confirmation that boosts trust and belief in oneself,” Van Horn said.

I know I feel a unique connection to repeating twos, tying back to my date of birth (as well as those of loved ones). It can be fun to spot them in the length of a song on Spotify, or even on a receipt in the self-checkout lane.

Where do angel numbers originate? 

Metaphysical ideas like angel numbers, astrology, and tarot have existed long before the witchy women of the world found their communities on TikTok

“The roots of angel numbers can be traced back to various ancient civilizations, where numerical patterns were often linked to cosmic meanings,” Van Horn told me. 

“Over the centuries, the interpretation of numbers evolved, incorporating religious, mystical, and philosophical influences. It now also spans various spiritual tools and metaphysical practices, from astrology to tarot.”

While it’s not exactly clear which ancient civilizations or philosophers legitimized angel numbers, many practitioners point to Pythagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher (yeah, that guy from geometry class) whose followers are believed to have borne the idea of numerology.

Those who leaned into these beliefs were fascinated by the presence of numbers in the natural world, like in musical harmony or astronomy, according to Britannica

While these ancient schools of thought certainly influence numerology and other spiritual practices in the modern day, it was author Doreen Virtue who popularized angel numbers the way we know them now, coining the term in the early 2000s in her many books. 

What do angel numbers mean?

000 or 0000

The angel number zero, or 000, is believed to be connected to new possibilities and transitions, inspiring you to be open to the unknown and become aware of all that might come with a fresh start.

“000 has to do with newness, opportunity, and fresh cycles,” Van Horn explained. “It’s almost like a portal.”

What to do when you see a 000 angel number:

Since 000 or 0000 may signify a time of transition, seeing it can be a symbol that helps you feel connected to change. 

Perhaps you can lend your skills to a social justice organization as you dream up a more equitable future, or you can take it as a sign to tend to your environment (at home or in nature). 

111 or 1111

Seeing angel numbers like 111 or 1111 could signify new beginnings, helping you to feel confident and motivated to make decisions when new opportunities are presented.

According to Van Horn, 111 is often associated with “spiritual awakening.”

“111 is a powerful number encouraging you to stay positive and focused on the new cycles in front of you,” she said. 

What to do when you see a 111 angel number:

In numerology, 1 represents a start of new ideas or actions. With that in mind, seeing it might inspire you to read a book about a new area of interest or start a creative project. 

222 or 2222

The angel number 222 or 2222 is often associated with balance and harmony, offering equilibrium and alignment in many areas of your life, like finances, relationships, and career goals. With a strong connection to trust and intuition, 222 may also suggest collaboration, or that your spiritual guides are eager to lend a helping hand.

“[222] can be beautiful for partnerships and aligned connections that support your growth,” Van Horn said. “It encourages you to trust the process as energies will balance and support you exactly as they should.” 

What to do when you see a 222 angel number:

With a numerological tie to trusted collaboration, 222 might inspire you to build connections in your community. Maybe it points you in the direction of being a better neighbor or giving back to your community.

333 or 3333

The angel number 333 is connected to leaning into your purpose and expressing creativity, encouraging you to trust yourself and your choices and appreciate your unique strengths and abilities. It acts as a nod from your spiritual guides that your innate gifts are valuable.

“This number symbolizes the presence of angels, ancestors, and ascended masters,” Van Horn said. “It represents support from higher spiritual beings that are communicating to you about your purpose.”

What to do when you see a 333 angel number:

Since 333 is connected to tapping into your innate creativity and optimism, it could be a good sign to embark on a hands-on project or crack open a journal.

444 or 4444

444 is an angel number that suggests stability, security, and support, grounding you with a steady foundation. It conveys a message of love and guidance from spiritual guides and gives you a straightforward symbol that you are building something made to last.

“This is a protective and peaceful number that encourages you to rest in the message that your angels are surrounding you with love, kindness, and care,” Van Horn said.

What to do when you see a 444 angel number:

Depending on what grounding means to you, 444 might present an opportunity for you to dig deep and continue on long-term projects or ideas that are coming into a more concrete form. 

On the other hand, 444 could allude to a time of rest and self-care, knowing you can root in the steady energy of your spiritual guides.

555 or 5555

The angel number 555 is believed to represent change and freedom, inviting you to manifest the life you want, while staying open to developments that might be in the works behind the scenes. 555 may be helpful if you’ve been feeling stuck or uninspired, reminding you that a shift might be coming your way.

“This number is all about change and transformation. 555 suggests that significant changes are on the horizon and to embrace the change even if it’s uncomfortable,” Van Horn explained. “Have an open mind and heart.”

What to do when you see a 555 angel number:

With 555 representing change, noticing the presence of this angel number might inspire you to think about how you might navigate changes in your life and the world at large. From climate change to personal growth, identifying ways to be resilient and adaptable is key.

666 or 6666

666 has long been perceived as “the devil’s number,” but this angel number is actually seen as a symbol to focus on the positives and let go of negative thinking or “earthly” problems. It might appear when you need to show yourself some more kindness or redirect your energy and change your perspective.

“666 encourages you to balance your material and spiritual life,” Van Horn said. “It reminds you not to be overly focused on material pursuits but remember the spiritual path, as well.”

What to do when you see a 666 angel number:

It’s ironic that 666 gets a bad rap for being misunderstood as an ominous number, considering it represents divine redirection. Perhaps the presence of 666 can encourage you to stop doom-scrolling and explore some more good news, or give you a gentle reminder to refocus with some positive affirmations.

777 or 7777

Seven has been deemed a lucky number for many — with a variety of ancient texts and folklore painting it in a positive light. The angel number 777 follows suit, signifying wisdom, divine guidance, and spiritual connection to convey alignment in your path and purpose.

“A highly spiritual number, 777 signifies divine intervention and powerful spiritual guidance or wisdom coming your way,” Van Horn said. “It encourages you to trust in the universe and your spiritual path.”

What to do when you see a 777 angel number:

777 is believed to have a deep connection to spirituality. If you encounter the angel number, it might be a good sign to look inward and reflect on your wisdom or turn to your spirit guides. You may see this as an opportunity to meditate or engage in some breathing exercises.

888 or 8888

The angel number 888 signifies abundance and prosperity and is often associated with financial or material success. Eight also shares its symbology with infinity, providing abundant, if not endless, manifestations of support.

Van Horn calls it a “welcome number,” as the presence of 888 suggests that financial gifts are on their way.

“Be open to receiving the blessings,” she said, “and remain grateful for the gifts.”

What to do when you see an 888 angel number:

While 888 is not a sign to overindulge, if you see this number and feel confident and comfortable with your finances, it could be an opportunity to share the wealth; encouraging you share your resources with others in need.

It may also provide a welcome opening for you to practice gratitude or even write some thank you notes to those who have had a positive impact on your life.

999 or 9999

As the final digit in numerology, the angel number 999 or 9999 is believed to represent completion and closure. Bringing a conclusion to things like relationships or careers, 999 encourages reflection and helps you feel open to new horizons without resistance or fear.

“This number represents the completion of a cycle, and encourages you to release the old and embrace new beginnings,” Van Horn explained. “It’s a sign that you are ready for the next phase of your growth and evolution.”

What to do when you see a 999 angel number:

As a symbol of closure, 999 might inspire you to part ways with items or belongings (and donate them instead!). The presence of this angel number may also help you get in touch with the natural cycles of life.

Gradient background from pink to orange with the heading "What to do when you see angel numbers," followed by a list of suggested actions for each set of numbers. For 1111: "Read a book to inspire new beginnings," 222: "Build new connections in community," 333: "Tap into creativity and optimism." The middle row lists 444: "Take time to practice self-care," 555: "Focus on personal change," 666: "Read positive news and positive affirmations." The bottom row suggests for 777: "Build skills for meditation and breathwork," 888: "Donate to organizations to share prosperity," and 999: "Part ways with belongings for closure." The website and social media handle " | @goodgoodgoodco" are at the bottom.

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