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The best resources and news about practicing self-care

Abstract oil painting of a bubble bath and candles

101 Self-Care Ideas — Beyond the Clichés

When it comes to self care, we want you focused on your health; not your wealth.
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An example self care kit including snacks, water, headphones, a candle, bath bombs, and conversation cards

33 Ideas for Assembling a Self-Care Kit

Self-care kits are pre-curated collections of items you can turn to during a difficult mental health period. Here’s how you can make one of your own.
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The cover of Dr. Gregory Scott Brown's book: "The Self-Healing Mind"

How Breathwork Helps Our Mental Health

Enjoy an excerpt from Dr. Gregory Brown's upcoming book: "The Self-Healing Mind," where he explores the power of breath work and mindfulness in our mental health journeys.
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Example of a mental health awareness shirt

8 Mental Health Awareness Shirts To Help End The Stigma

Promote mental health awareness, support a mental health nonprofit, and add a winning shirt to your wardrobe with these mental health apparel picks.
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Illustration of a person and a home embracing

KC Davis Teaches Us That Keeping House is 'Morally Neutral'

KC Davis has taken to the Internet to share her quirky, individualized housekeeping methods — and to revolutionize self-care.
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Examples of how to cheer yourself up

51 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up When Life Gets You Down

Without giving into toxic positivity or succumbing to feelings of hopelessness, there are ways to cope — that are self-sustaining, and maybe even essential to your healing journey.
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