11 Best Eco-Friendly Weighted Blankets

Eco friendly weighted blankets on a green background

One of my favorite tweets of all time is a viral quip from user @mgracereyn from 2022: “A weighted blanket is not enough,” the tweet reads. “I need to be compressed into a .zip file.” 

As an expert anxious person, I cannot endorse this message enough. But a weighted blanket is still a great start to comforting my sensory needs — and it’s important to find one that also meets the needs of the planet.

Although they can definitely be an investment piece, weighted blankets help folks who are anxious, neurodivergent, or just prefer some additional pressure when they cozy up in bed.

Weighted blankets deliver deep pressure stimulation and can be used in sensory integration therapy, making them both a comfy self-care tool, and a real resource for those with disabilities or mental health conditions. 

Whether you’re looking for deeper sleep or deeper pressure, you don’t have to have it at the expense of the planet. We’re here with some tips — and recommendations — for finding your eco-friendly weighted blanket of choice.

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What makes a weighted blanket sustainable?

If you’ve explored our roundup of sustainable bedding, you already know that the sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping of your linens plays a big role in their environmental impact. Let’s dive deeper into the specifics:


When shopping for a planet-forward, non-toxic weighted blanket, some key materials to search for include: 

  • Certified organic cotton (with subcategories like velvet, percale, 
  • Bamboo (if made with closed-loop processes)
  • Hemp
  • Recycled materials like plastic bottles or polyester


Just like other eco-friendly and organic bedding options, weighted blankets are certified by trusted independent organizations that require brands to meet rigorous standards and regulations. 

These third-party groups keep companies accountable, so you can have the best, most health and environment-conscious product out there. 

Keep your eyes out for products endorsed with the following labels:

Environmental Impact

Like with any ethical shopping selections, it’s vital to keep an eye on a brand’s environmental impact, reports, initiatives, and investments.   

It’s clear to find those who are truly dedicated to sustainability and ethical business — they’ll have transparent information easily available about things like carbon offsets, packaging, sourcing, manufacturing, and more. 

Some of these brands may also have partnerships with environmental nonprofits like 1% for the Planet or Climate Neutral.

Social Impact

Lastly, it’s important to monitor a brand’s reporting of its supply chain and labor practices. A solid indicator of an ethical brand are those with B Corp and Fair Trade certifications, so keep those labels handy!

Our reviews of sustainable and organic weighted blankets

This section contains honest reviews of weighted blankets our team actually reviewed. We unboxed, snuggled up with, and slept on each of these blankets — and broke down their impact on the environment, health, and, of course, our comfort.

The brands you see listed in this section sent members of our team sample weighted blankets to review for this article. 

(Our reviews are always honest. Receiving free products for testing never impacts our writing — and brands don’t have any influence on our writing or editorial process.) 

Nest Bedding

Woman sitting on couch with blue weighted blanket
Photo courtesy of Nest Bedding

What’s good: Nest Bedding, with its wide selection of sustainable bedding, is Fair Trade, FSC, OEKO-TEX, and Ceti-PUR certified. 

The family-owned business is known for its dedicated customer service and its organic, natural, and affordable bedding — like its popular weighted blankets!

Closeup of Nest Bedding weighted blanket, showing its texture
Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

Materials: Although Nest’s weighted blankets do use some polyester materials, a large portion of the blanket is made with 100% rayon from bamboo, as well as lead-free glass beads. 


Nest Bedding weighted blanket laid out on a bed
Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

Johnathan’s Thoughts: The Nest Luxury Weighted Blanket feels super nice on the skin. Its double-sided materials provide two different but equally comfortable options, depending on your personal preferences and how warm you want to be. 

I opted for the King-sized blanket to cover my whole bed, and at 25 pounds, the blanket feels just weighted enough, but still thin and not suffocating in the slightest. The weight distribution is great, and it comfortably covers two people. 

The blanket comes in a neat reusable Nest cotton tote bag, which maintains a quality similar to the blanket, feeling very sturdy and high-quality. The whole thing shipped in a plastic bag, in a larger cardboard box.

Nest Weighted Blanket came in a cute reusable tote bag
Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

The Nest weighted blanket has been a game-changer because I love the feeling of being engulfed in comfort. The material of this blanket stays cool, with one side similar to a sleeping bag (but way softer), and the other feeling like a soft t-shirt. I know I’ll still be able to use it in the warmer months while still getting to experience that gentle pressure.

The blanket does not come with a duvet cover, nor does Nest sell a corresponding cover for this blanket, but it does have tiny loops on the ends if you do opt for a third party option. 

Shop weighted blankets from Nest Bedding

Sunday Citizen

Woman reading a book in bed with a fuzzy grey weighted blanket
Photo courtesy of Sunday Citizen

What’s good: Sunday Citizen is a company led by a fourth-generation textile family with a mission of creating “radical softness for the home, body, and soul.” Oh, yeah, that’s the good stuff.

The brand makes its goods with especially soft fabrics but still focuses on its environmental impact, like using recycled PET plastic bottles for its comforter filling. The brand also uses recycled materials in its packaging.

Materials: Sunday Citizen carries two types of weighted blankets. The Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket is made with 100% viscose from bamboo, microfiber, glass pearls, and natural crystals.

Its Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket isn’t as eco-friendly of an option, sticking with polyester and microfiber fabrics, but is still filled with glass pearls and natural crystals. 


Close-up view of texture of Sunday Citizen Weighted Blanket thrown on a couch
Photo by Megan Burns for Good Good Good

Megan’s Thoughts: Sunday Citizen sent me the Bamboo Crystal Weighted Blanket in the “off-white” color. I selected the 10-pound option to have as a personal relaxation companion.

The moment I opened the blanket’s zipper case and felt the blanket, exactly one word came to mind: luxurious. It is so soft and silky, and I love that the cover is removable so it can be washed if and when I need to. It also came with the cutest bag, filled with a few different kinds of crystals.

The plastic storage bag for Sunday Citizen's weighted blanket broke — but it also came with crystals in a small bag
Photo by Megan Burns for Good Good Good

The zipper storage bag was made with plastic, which normally I don't mind because I can reuse them for storage — but unfortunately, this one arrived ripped from the zipper edge in one corner, so I won't be able to reuse it.

The blanket is a bit small to be a full bed blanket, so I love using it on the couch. As someone who has a difficult time turning my brain “off” at the end of the day, this sends me instantly into relaxation mode, calming both my brain and my body.

Sunday Citizen weighted blanket shown as a bit too small on a bed.
Photo by Megan Burns for Good Good Good

The luxurious feeling may also come from the fact that there are literal crystals inside the blanket, which you can feel when you hold on to it. I thought it would be weird to be able to feel the pieces through the fabric, but it's not at all once you've actually got the blanket on — you just notice the cozy, relaxing (friendly) bear hug.

Shop weighted blankets from Sunday Citizen


Woman sitting on couch with tan-colored quilted weighted blanket
Photo courtesy of Saatva

What’s good: Saatva was founded on the belief that “everyone deserves healthy and restorative sleep on a quality bed.” 

Whether it's the brand’s handcrafted, eco-friendly mattresses, pillows — or yes, weighted blankets — you can rest easy knowing they meet the highest health and environmental safety standards.

The brand sources Fair Trade and certified organic materials, adheres to ethical labor standards, and plants trees with Evertreen, meaning your purchases can increase reforestation around the globe.

To date, Saatva has planted over 7,000 trees across nine countries.  

Materials: Saatva’s weighted blankets are made with 100% quilted cotton velvet, and all-natural glass beads.


Saatva weighted blanket laid out on a bed
Photo by Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good

Jessica’s Thoughts: Saatva generously sent me the All-Natural Weighted Blanket in the “graphite vintage velvet” color way. I chose the 20-pound size, and this velvety-soft blanket is by far the coziest weighted blanket I’ve ever had!

It’s been my go-to on the couch in the evenings while winding down after a busy day. 

While the velvet material is a big part of this blanket’s cozy factor, I wouldn’t recommend it for sleeping if you run hot in the night. My partner prefers a lighter cotton weighted blanket for this reason. It does fit on a king bed, with just a little overlap on the edges, but since I’ve been hogging for my own cozy time, I likely won’t use it as an aesthetic topper.

Saatva Plastic-Free Packaging
Photo by Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good

The blanket arrived in packaging that was plastic-free, which is always a pleasant surprise. It was wrapped beautifully with a ribbon and contained care instructions (spot clean or dry-clean only). I love that it’s also Fair Trade certified, so between that and its snuggly quality, I’d say this is a purchase you can feel good about!

Shop weighted blankets from Saatva

Baloo Living

Woman stretching on couch while using white weighted blanket
Photo courtesy of Baloo Living

What’s good: Baloo Living makes weighted blankets and weighted comforters with people and the planet in mind. The women-owned business is carbon neutral (and Ocean Positive) in partnership with Sea Trees and has a plastic-free supply chain.

Additionally, a portion of the brand’s profits go to Pajama Program, a nonprofit that partners with schools, shelters, and group homes to provide new books and sleep essentials so children can have a safe and secure good night’s sleep.

Materials: Baloo’s weighted blankets are made with natural and chemical-free materials like 100% cotton and glass microbeads, making it soft and breathable all year round. The brand’s weighted blankets do not use any synthetic liners or polyester fill.


Drinking out of a mug with the weighted blanket on the couch
Photo by Kamrin Baker for Good Good Good

Kamrin’s Thoughts: Baloo sent me a standard 20-pound weighted blanket in the “Pebble White” color. My Baloo blanket arrived in what I found to be an extremely compact cardboard box, knowing there was a very heavy queen-sized blanket inside. Upon opening the box, I discovered that the blanket was pristinely folded in a reusable canvas tote bag. 

I chose between the 15 and 20 pound queen sizes after taking a quick 30-second quiz on the Baloo website, and I’m really happy I went with a heavier option.

Despite it being the weight of a small child, the blanket is really breathable and feels like something I can use even when those hot summer nights come around. The outer fabric is soft and silky, and I can feel the beads easily in each quilt square on the blanket. 

There are also little loops on the edges of the blanket so it can be stored in a duvet cover, if desired. That said, I’ve been using it without a cover and love the feel and simplicity of the blanket all on its own.

Closeup of loop on corner of Baloo weighted blanket
Photo by Kamrin Baker for Good Good Good

As someone who has used a weighted blanket in the past, I really love how this one feels cool to the touch and is still heavier than other weighted blanket options I’ve tried before.

It provides me with sensory pressure that feels soothing and grounding, without the overwhelming, smothery sensation of being trapped. I call that a win!

Shop weighted blankets from Baloo Living

Other eco-friendly & non-toxic weighted blankets to consider

For this section, we’ve conducted research, read dozens of reviews, and included a breakdown of the environmental considerations of each weighted blanket — but we have not yet snuggled these ourselves.



View from above of woman on bed with cup of tea, wrapped in woven dark-colored weighted blanket
Photo courtesy of Bearaby

What’s good: Bearaby is a woman-owned brand that creates knitted weighted blankets and other weighted products (like a weighted sweater — the “Napigan!”) that are functional and sustainable. 

Using materials that are good for the planet, Bearaby is certified by both the FSC and Global Recycled Standard. Its cotton and eucalyptus blankets are biodegradable, too, contributing to a closed-loop practice. Materials are also grown with organic farming practices, making them chemical-free and kinder to the environment. 

Lastly, Bearaby doesn’t use any filler in its blankets, since they’re all knitted with Fair Trade, chunky fabric. 

Materials: Bearaby has a handful of weighted blanket options, depending on what you’re looking for – but all of them are made with the Earth in mind. 

The Cotton Napper — and most other Bearaby blankets — are made with 100% organic cotton, but two other specialty blankets have other characteristics.

The Tree Napper is a cooling weighted blanket made with Tencel (a renewable eucalyptus wood pulp), and the Velvet Napper is made with “eco-velvet” created with recycled marine plastic, removing 900 plastic bottles from the ocean with each blanket. 


Shop weighted blankets from Bearaby


Woman wrapped in simple grey weighted blanket
Photo courtesy of Luna

What’s good: Luna is a woman-owned weighted blanket and bedding company that creates planet-friendly products. All of Luna’s natural materials are OEKO-TEX certified, and the brand is carbon neutral through its partnership with CarbonFund.

Additionally, Luna supports Mental Health America and the NYC Fair Trade Coalition. 

Materials: While Luna carries a variety of weighted blanket options, most are either made with 100% cotton or 100% lyocell bamboo. They’re even machine washable!


Shop weighted blankets from Luna


Woman wrapped in knit-style weighted blanket

What’s good: Nuzzie is another knit-style weighted blanket with the intention of providing higher-quality sleep and relaxation. The brand is a partner to 1% for the Planet and Climate Neutral and each blanket is made with over 500 plastic bottles. 

Materials: Each of Nuzzie’s weighted blankets is made with jersey-knit polyester in an open weave design. Inside each weave is a mix of 100% recycled polyester fluff and recycled plastic bottles.


Shop weighted blankets from Nuzzie


Woman with fuzzy grey weighted blanket made with viscose from bamboo
Photo courtesy of Cariloha

What’s good: A certified B corp, Cariloha provides a “comfy way to save the planet.” The brand uses bamboo — one of the most naturally regenerative materials in the game — and maintains certifications from Fair Trade, FSC, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, CertiPur-US, OEKO-TEX, and Made In Green. 

Cariloha is also on its way to becoming 100% carbon neutral and provides funding to various philanthropic projects each year. 

Materials: Cariloha’s weighted bamboo blankets contain non-toxic glass beads and are made with a blend of textiles. The outer cover is mostly made with viscose from bamboo, as well as cotton and polyester. The inner blanket is made with 100% viscose from bamboo. 


Shop weighted blankets from Cariloha


Woman sitting on couch with grey weighted blanket
Photo courtesy of Luxome

What’s good: Luxome makes bedding — like weighted blankets — that invoke feelings of comfort, calm, and — you guessed it — luxury. The brand finds a sustainable middle-ground between cotton and silk, using lyocell bamboo for a soft, temperature-regulating experience. 

Plus, bamboo requires a third of the water to grow than that of cotton, doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers, and is hypoallergenic and gentle on skin.

Luxome products also come shipped in reusable cotton tote bags that can be used over and over again. 

Materials: Luxome weighted blankets come in the choice of lyocell from bamboo, ultra-plush “minky,” or a combination of the two. All blankets are OEKO-TEX certified and contain lead-free glass beads. 


Shop weighted blankets from Luxome


White weighted blanket rolled up
Photo courtesy of TruHugs

What’s good: TruHugs is a small brand created by Jonathan Hsu, a designer on the spectrum who loves to understand how the world works. He has spent years perfecting the design of the brand’s weighted blankets and has worked closely with patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Between his passion for increasing the standard of living for those with disabilities, and doing so in a way that doesn’t harm the planet, TruHugs was born. 

“Our sphere of influence is small, but even if we just help one person sleep better…that person may go on to help the world,” the brand’s website reads. “TruHugs is a gift from our hearts to yours.”

Materials: TruHugs uses a set of custom weaves, fillers, and fabrics designed to keep the body cool and supported all at once. Its many materials include organic linen flax, organic cotton, organic hemp, natural bamboo lyocell, natural eucalyptus lyocell, and recycled polyester.


Shop weighted blankets from TruHugs

Silk & Snow

Woman in bed with white, hand-knitted weighted blanket
Photo courtesy of Silk & Snow

What’s good: Silk & Snow is a sustainable bed and bath brand committed to responsible sourcing and the use of traceable materials. Adhering to standards set by GOTS, GOLS, OEKO-TEX, and CertiPur-US, the brand prides itself on better materials, conscious manufacturing, and transparency.

Silk & Snow also partners with organizations like St. Vincent De Paul, Twice as Nice, and Friperie Cartier to recycle its products and provide a better night’s sleep to those in need. 

Materials: Silk & Snow’s hand-knitted weighted blankets are made with 100% natural cotton, with no fillers or synthetic textiles. 


Shop weighted blankets from Silk & Snow

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