22 Best Sustainable Bedding Brands for a Cozy Sleep

Eco-friendly and organic bedding brands like Pact, Tuft & Needle, and Takasa

These days, many of us are leaning into leisure. And it’s about time! Since we all need a well-rounded sleep schedule to feel our best and truly take care of ourselves, it’s important to prioritize rest in any way we can.

But first? We need the right bedding to find comfort and serenity — and not at the expense of the planet. 

Of course, if you’re content with the linens you already have gracing your personal nap paradise, there’s no need to buy anything new! (The most sustainable thing you can buy is always… nothing!) 

However, if you’ve been in the market for some new bedding, we want to make it easier for you to find something that meets your needs and doesn’t harm the planet in the process.

Read on for some more information about securing the most sustainable sheets, our recommendations for eco-friendly bedding brands, and of course, some really cute pictures of our dogs taking naps. 

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By the way, some of the products and links in this article are partners and affiliates, which means we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Everything in this article was independently and honestly written by the Good Good Good team. Thank you for your support!

What should I look for in sustainable bedding?

Okay, so you’ve already got the sustainable bed frame, you’ve topped it off with an eco-friendly mattress — even your pup has a planet-forward doggy bed — it’s time to put the cherry on top.

As with any environmentalist-friendly shopping, when it comes to finding the best bedding for your lifestyle and values, you’ll want to do your research. 


Just like your other sustainable home goods, eco-friendly bedding is made with materials that do not contain any toxic chemicals or harm the planet during harvesting. Lots of mass-manufactured bedding is made with conventional cotton and polyester fibers that use lots of pesticides and chemicals — and that’s the stuff of nightmares.

Additionally, bedding companies that switch to simply using organic cotton end up using about 90% less water than conventional cotton crops. 

Some great alternative materials to look for include:

  • Organic hemp
  • Organic linen
  • Eucalyptus
  • Organic cotton (with sub-categories like percale, sateen, jersey, and flannel)
  • Organic latex
  • Tencel, Lyocell or another fabric made with wood fibers
  • Bamboo (if made with closed-loop processes)

Of course, you’ll also want to be sure that any colorful bedding you want to purchase is also made with non-toxic dyes.


Most eco-friendly bedding brands will be certified by any number of environmental protection organizations. These are endorsements from independent organizations that ensure rigorous standards of sourcing and manufacturing. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the following certifications and endorsements as you shop:

Environmental Impact

Companies with an emphasis on people and planet will often have environmental impact initiatives in place to practice ethical business. 

Look for transparent information about carbon offsets, thoughtful packaging, partnerships with environmental nonprofits (like 1% for the Planet), or brands that are Climate Neutral certified (like us!). 

Social Impact

Chances are, if a brand wants to take care of the planet, it also wants to take care of the people that work on the planet, too. Look for high standards of supply chain and labor management, thoughtful charitable initiatives, and statuses like B Corp and Fair Trade certifications.

Our favorite eco-friendly bedding brands

The brands you see listed in this section sent members of our team some bedding samples to review for this article. (Our reviews are always honest. Receiving free products for testing never impacts our writing — and brands don’t get any influence on our writing or editorial process.) 

Savvy Rest

Eco-friendly duvet and pillowcases from Savvy Rest
Photo courtesy of Savvy Rest

What’s good: Savvy Rest is a certified B Corp that works to make sleep safer. With natural latex mattresses, and GOTS and Greenguard Gold certified textiles and bedding, the brand is focused on ensuring the highest quality products, all while considering health impact, materials re-use, renewable energy, water stewardship, social fairness, and more.

Another great aspect of Savvy Rest’s business model is its Safe Sleep Pillow program, which donates organic pillows to local domestic violence organizations to provide the most restful and reliving experience to women and children upon their arrival to a shelter or new home.

Bedding options:

SavvyaRest mattress protector and throw blanket
Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

Johnathan’s thoughts: Savvy Rest kindly sent me the Organic Kapok Pillow, the Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector, and a lovely Organic Cotton Throw Blanket. All my pieces came in little canvas bags with buttons that can be reused, which I loved. The quality of all three of the items is amazing.

The top flat part of the mattress protector is a flannel-like material that feels so soft.

The cotton blanket is fantastic and has a heavy weight to it but is relatively thin. It’s soft and thick enough to keep you warm, but not like a fluffy blanket that can get too hot. The size is massive, and the natural cotton color would totally go great with any colored sheet set.

Savvy Rest organic cotton throw blanket
Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

The organic Kapok pillow is a customizable pillow. You can unzip the inside cover case and remove stuffing to achieve the ideal plushness, and the Kapok material inside the pillow is so soft and fluffy, but the overall pillow is very firm and plush upon arrival. 

Cute packaging and storage bags for Savvy Rest
Photo by Johnathan Huang for Good Good Good

Overall, the quality of everything is so high, and I love how luxurious everything feels — a great reminder that everything is natural organic cotton.

Shop all organic bedding from Savvy Rest

Pssst... you can get 20% off all Savvy Rest products when you use code GOOD20.


Sustainable sateen sheets from Saatva
Photo courtesy of Saatva

What’s good: Saatva was founded on the belief that “everyone deserves healthy and restorative sleep on a quality bed.” 

All of Saatva’s bedding options use a variety of thoughtfully-sourced materials that are OEKO-TEX certified, so you can rest easy knowing they meet the highest health and environmental safety standards.

The brand sources Fair Trade and certified organic materials, like 100% organic cotton, 100% Belgian linen, or natural percale cotton. Saatva also adheres to ethical labor standards and plants trees with Evertreen, meaning your purchase can contribute to reforestation efforts, too!

Bedding options:

White organic cotton sheets from Saatva
Photo by Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good

Jessica’s thoughts: I have been so happy with the Organic Sateen Sheet Set from Saatva! I was pleasantly surprised by how long and deep these sheets are. 

The fitted sheet easily fits over my mattress and topper, without any issues of it popping off (which I did experience with my previous sheet set). The bedding has held up great after several washes and has only gotten cozier and softer with each wash.

Two cardboard boxes sit on top of a Saatva mattress
Photo by Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good

I also loved that there were very minimal packing materials for shipping. A little extra bonus surprise was that the sheets were packaged in a simple cardboard box and a nice white tote that I’m eager to repurpose for a DIY project in the future.

Shop sustainable bedding from Saatva

Antipodean Home

A bed with clean, white linens
Photo courtesy of Antipodean Home

What’s good: Antipodean Home is a 100% regenerative organic bedding brand born out of New Zealand.

What’s different about Antipodean, compared to other brands, is its commitment to sourcing its materials from farms that use regenerative methods of agriculture to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere. 

This approach, which uses tools like cotton crop rotation and natural composting, avoids harmful chemicals while actively improving soil health — leading to a richer ecosystem and cozier sheets.

From there, organic wool and cotton is used to make comfortable and eco-friendly bedding that has natural temperature-regulating and anti-microbial features. 

Bedding options:

A bed with clean, white sheets. Behind it is a blue and gold tapestry showing a desert scene
Photo by Meghan Cook for Good Good Good

Meghan’s thoughts: Antipodean Home sent me the Regenerative Organic Cotton Sheets and the timing couldn’t have been better. I’d had the same standard cotton sheets since college and it was past time that I treated myself to new sheets.

The box came in a compact, recyclable box (that my cat quickly turned into a new toy) nestled next to a four-pack of organic wool dryer balls for future laundry cycles. (This comes as a gift with any sheet set purchase.)

The sateen woven sheets are incredibly soft to the touch and are a lot more breathable than the cotton sheets I was stuck with before. I have fibromyalgia so there are some days when I can’t get out of bed, and these organic cotton sheets make a world of difference. 

White sheets
Photo by Meghan Cook for Good Good Good

My first night sleeping on the sheets was genuinely the best sleep I’ve had in months. The queen set comes with two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat top sheet. 

One note is that their pillow cases are much bigger than my standard-sized pillows, but it was easy enough to tuck the four extra inches in on itself and make it work. 

Shop regenerative bedding from Antipodean Home

Cozy Earth

Cozy bedding from Cozy Earth
Photo courtesy of Cozy Earth

What’s good: Perhaps best known for its comfy pajamas (that are apparently on Oprah’s Favorite Things list!) Cozy Earth has a number of other bedding items that will make your next catnap, well, cozy.

Made with OEKO-TEX certified materials and using a closed-loop system, Cozy Earth utilizes viscose from bamboo, as well as linen, and mulberry silk that is free of toxic chemicals and dyes, to offer a luxurious line of bedding staples.

Bedding options:

Blue and white bedding from Cozy Earth
Photo by Kamrin Baker for Good Good Good

Kamrin’s thoughts: Cozy Earth sent me a Bamboo Sheet Set, as well as a Bamboo Comforter. They are both lightweight, cooling, and silky-soft!

The comforter was honestly a little smaller and thinner than I anticipated (I’d recommend the extra-fill option for colder climates), but it’ll be the perfect item for summer nights. The sheets, on the other hand, are soft and breathable no matter the weather. 

Cute canvas packaging for Cozy Earth packaging
Photo by Kamrin Baker for Good Good Good

I also love that they both came in canvas packaging that I can reuse when storing the sheets or for nearly any other purpose. 

Shop super-soft sustainable linens from Cozy Earth

Nest Bedding

Blue organic bedding and pillowcases on a bed
Photo courtesy of Nest Bedding

What’s good: Nest Bedding carries a wide variety of carefully sourced bedding options that will help you get some shut-eye and practice sustainability all at once.

The brand is Fair Trade, FSC, OEKO-TEX, and Ceti-PUR certified, and shoppers can have their pick of materials like organic cotton, tencel, silk, and more. 

Bedding options:

Nest bedding on an unmade bed
Photo by Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good

Jessica’s thoughts: Nest sent me the Sateen Organic Cotton Sheet Set & Pillowcases. I have been so happy with these sheets. So far, they’ve held up great after washes and are only getting cozier. 

Unmade bed of Nest bedding

Of course, I’m also thrilled that they’re Fair Trade certified and organic, something that puts my mind at ease when sleeping on them every night. I’ve had issues in the past with other sheets popping off easily with our added mattress topper on, but these have stayed snug and I haven’t had to adjust them at all once I’ve put them on.

Nest organic bedding packaging
Photo by Jessica Irvin for Good Good Good

One unique note is that the top sheet is a few inches longer than a standard option, but we’re not complaining! 

Shop all bedding from Nest Bedding

Other sustainable and organic bedding brands to shop

While Good Good Good team members haven’t gotten a chance to enjoy these bedding brands (yet), we’ve spent time reading reviews, researching claims and certifications, and compiling some other great options for our readers.

‍Absolutely consider these sustainable and non-toxic bedding options as you’re shopping:

Avocado Green Mattress

Organic hemp bedding from Avocado Green
Photo courtesy of Avocado Green Mattress

What’s good: Upon its founding, the leaders of Avocado Green Mattress decided: “Natural, safe, and responsible will be our mantra.” Avocado aims to raise the bar for sustainable brands — and as a B Corp and Climate Neutral certified company, with products certified by GOTS — it’s walking the walk. 

In addition, Avocado works with 1% for the Planet to donate one percent of its annual revenue to environmental organizations. 

Bedding options:

Shop all non-toxic and eco-friendly bedding from Avocado Green

Brentwood Home

A couple cuddling in grey bedsheets
Photo courtesy of Brentwood Home

What’s good: Brentwood Home, which is owned by Avocado, has one simple mission: to do better. The brand prioritizes this through using inventive and eco-conscious materials, and ensuring reliable standards with trusted certifications (like Fair Trade, FSC, Green Guard, GOTS Organic, Recycling Claim Standards, and more).

Additionally, Brentwood Home is Climate Neutral certified. Not only does the brand offset emissions produced from shipping, but also the full carbon footprint of business activities, from resource extraction to finished product delivery. That’s what we like to see! (Or, should we say that’s what we like to sleep?)

Bedding options:

Shop all bedding from Brentwood Home


A woman comfortably lounging in Sateen bedding
Photo courtesy of Pact

What’s good: Pact simplifies your staples, creating planet-forward clothing, bath, and bedding products. The brand is certified organic, Fair Trade, and carbon neutral, and you can even measure the exact impact of every product you buy with Pact’s partnership with SimpliZero.

On each product page, you will find an overview of how much water is saved with organic materials, how many pounds of carbon offset are measured, and how many people made this product by working in Pact’s Fair Trade factories. We love this transparent approach that shows how much of a difference you can make with just one purchase.

Bedding options:

Shop all organic bedding from Pact


Soft fluffy bedding on a bed
Photo courtesy of Coyuchi

What’s good: Coyuchi makes bedding to the highest ethical and sustainability standards, utilizing a circular business model and only sourcing organic materials. 

The brand is certified by GOTS, GOLS, Fair Trade, and Made Safe, also championing climate nonprofits as a partner with 1% for the Planet. 

Coyuchi’s circular model is complete through its 2nd Home recycling program, which encourages shoppers to recycle their textiles through the company — and then purchase products made with those recycled materials! Since the start of the 2nd Home program, Coyuchi has diverted over 43,000 pounds of textile waste from landfills.

Bedding options:

Shop all bedding from Coyuchi

Parachute Home

A person cuddles up in their parachute bedding and pillows
Photo courtesy of Parachute

What’s good: Parachute is a sleek and stylish home company (like, I will have peaked when I finally have a complete Parachute bedroom set) that prioritizes ethics and responsibility.

A Climate Neutral certified company that utilizes circular programs, partners with Fair Trade and GOTS certified manufacturers, uses thoughtfully-selected textiles, and has long-term goals for sustainability — Parachute is a prime option to fulfill your bedding needs.

Bedding options:

Shop all natural bedding from Parachute Home


A woman sitting on eco-friendly duvet and pillows
Photo courtesy of Eucalypso

What’s good: Eucalypso is a female-founded bedding company that uses Tencel Lyocell textiles derived from eucalyptus. Because of this, the materials actually absorb carbon from the environment, and you end up with sheets that feel naturally soft and cooling to the touch. Plus, they’re biodegradable and compostable!

The brand is ISO Standard, OEKO-TEX, and PEFC and FSC certified, and products are created in a closed-loop process where nearly all water and solvents are reused and recycled. 

Bedding options:

Shop all bedding from Eucalypso


Comfortable Fair Trade bedding on a made-up bed
Photo courtesy of Made Trade

What’s good: Evenfall is a Fair Trade certified, woman-owned company that creates OEKO-TEX certified hemp bedding. The low-impact and naturally regenerative textile is a great alternative to cotton while still providing peak comfort.

Hemp is also a carbon negative material, which means it absorbs more than it produces. Cozy and carbon-negative? It’s a win-win!

Bedding options:

Shop all hemp bedding from Evenfall 


A woman playfully lays in a colorful bed
Photo courtesy of Buffy

What’s good: Buffy only uses the good stuff in its bedding products; Eucalyptus lyocell, soft hemp, recycled plastic fluff, and even buttons made from Corozo nuts. 

The brand also offsets all carbon emissions from freight and customer shipments, encourages donating used textiles, and although the company is rather new, it outlines long-term goals for a closed-loop business model and takeback program. 

Bedding options:

Shop all bedding from Buffy

The Citizenry

A well-made bed in a blue room
Photo courtesy of The citizenry

What’s good: The Citizenry is a small-batch brand on a mission to improve how companies create and sell global goods. Working with artisan partners around the world, the brand is Fair Trade certified and committed to increasing wage and equity standards one craftsman at a time. 

You can even learn more about the individuals behind every single artisan community The Citizenry works with. 

The items sold by The Citizenry are also certified organic, non-toxic, and cruelty-free, embracing materials and systems that are good for the people who make them and the lands they inhabit. 

Bedding options:

Shop all bedding from The Citizenry

Boll & Branch

White eco-friendly sheets, pillows, duvets, and blankets
Photo courtesy of Boll & Branch

What’s good: Boll & Branch makes quality bedding items that are 100% traceable from farm to finish. What does that mean? The brand works directly with family-owned farms and factories to ensure its organic cotton and non-toxic materials are sourced and manufactured sustainably and ethically right until you make your bed.

The Fair Trade certified company has purchased over 5.3 million pounds of fair trade organic cotton and has paid over $880,000 in additional wages to farmers and factory workers to sustain fair wages and invest in their communities.

Bedding options:

Shop all organic bedding from Boll & Branch


Bright yellow bedding
Photo courtesy of Takasa

What’s good: Takasa is a Canadian bed and bath company that brings more mindfulness to the products we use every day. A BC Benefit Company (essentially Canada’s version of a B Corp) that plants a tree for every purchase and uses materials that are GOTS certified, Takasa is well on its way to total carbon neutrality

Takasa uses Fairtrade cotton to offer sateen, flannel, and percale bedding options that look as fresh as they feel.

Bedding options:

Shop all bedding from Takasa

SOL Organics

Bed made up with organic bedding
Photo courtesy of SOL Organics

What’s good: SOL Organics creates “textiles with integrity.” The brand uses 100% organic, long-staple cotton, grown from non-GMO cotton seeds, ensuring customers get the best bedding, all while prioritizing better farming practices.

The brand is GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and Fair Trade certified and is committed to fair labor practices from start to finish for every product.

Bedding options:

Shop all bedding from SOL Organics

Tuft & Needle

Bed made up with white sheets and pillows and a green comforter or blanket
Photo courtesy of Tuft & Needle

What’s good: Tuft & Needle creates bedding that helps you rest a little easier with textiles that are free from harmful chemicals. Tuft & Needle partners with One Tree Planted and Out of the Closet.

Bedding options:

Shop all bedding from Tuft & Needle


Colorful floral pillowcases made from deadstock fabric
Photo courtesy of Baggu

What’s good: While you may know Baggu for its signature reusable totes, puffy laptop cases, or cross body bags, the brand is also a great destination for a handful of sustainable bedding options.

With colorful and whimsical designs, the brand creates a wide range of products using recycled materials and minimal waste designs. In fact, Baggu’s Throw Quilt is made with deadstock fabrics from designs’ past. 

Bedding options:

Shop all home goods from Baggu

Organic Mattresses, Inc.

Organic wool comforter on a bed
Photo courtesy of Organic Mattresses, Inc

What’s good: Organic Mattresses, Inc (OMI) was one of the very first organic bedding and mattress companies in the U.S. With certifications from GOTS, GOLS, and Greenguard, the sustainable manufacturing and craftsmanship of all its products is evident. 

Bedding options:

Shop all bedding from OMI


Fun print on pillow cases and bedding
Photo courtesy of Plover

What’s good: Plover is (cheekily) redefining what it means to be “good in bed.” The brand creates textiles and home goods for folks who simply don’t want to sacrifice fun, colorful patterns, or their eco-friendly values.

Combining playful designs with ethical manufacturing and certified organic cotton textiles, Plover makes saving the planet fun. 

Also: The brand donates $10 of every blanket sale to Save The Children, so no child has to go without the comfort of a warm bed. 

Bedding options:

Shop all bedding from Plover


Quilt Bedding on a bed
Photo courtesy of Anchal

What’s good: Anchal is a sustainable social impact nonprofit funded through the sale of handmade bedding and apparel by female artisans

By providing education, skills and design training, health services, and long-term employment to women who have left exploitative environments, Anchal creates a regenerative community — all while reforming traditional textile manufacturing practices. 

All the textiles used by Anchal’s community of artisans are certified organic and fair trade cotton. Designs blend contemporary themes with traditional techniques, sometimes even using vintage saris in production.

Bedding options:

Shop all handmade bedding from Anchal

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