54 Best Consumable Gift Ideas: Ultimate List

Grid of consumable gifts including chocolate, stationery, herbs, tea, soap, dog treats, tea, and wine

Looking for a thoughtful, sustainable, and immediately enjoyable gift? Look no further than our guide to the best consumable gifts to leave your recipient feeling grateful.

We all know someone who has too much stuff collecting dust or not “sparking joy.” Consumable gifts are unique options for those who deserve to enjoy a little something without adding another trinket to the shelf. 

In this article we’ve curated the best ideas for consumable gifts that range from DIY — to affordable — to fancy. We’ve broken them down into the following categories:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Home
  • Body
  • Bathroom
  • Unique

But first...

What is a consumable gift?

A consumable gift is a gift that can be used up one way or another. Great examples include: food, drinks, soap, gift cards, candles, and even audiobook credits. They’re the perfect gift for minimalists, environmentalists, or the person who has everything.

Instead of gifting a product that will need to find a place in your recipient’s house (or given or thrown away), gifting a consumable gift allows your recipient to enjoy it right away without needing to make space for it in their lives.

Some consumable gifts are fun indulgences, like food or body lotion — while others are more utilitarian, like toothpaste tablets or laundry sheets.

Whether you buy a consumable gift to help reduce clutter or simply because your loved one has a sweet tooth, you’re helping reduce unnecessary waste and also sharing an experiential moment.

By the way, some of the links in this article may be affiliate links — which means that if you make a purchase, Good Good Good may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. As always, we only recommend products we actually think are great. Thanks for your support!

The Best Consumable Gifts For Any Occasion:



Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

There’s no shortage of ethical chocolate brands to gift. We recommend Tony’s Chocolonely, among the most ethical chocolate companies in the business. You can also check out our guide to the best vegan and plant-based chocolate.

Hot sauce

Whether you order the whole suite of “Hot Ones” sauces or opt for something like TRUFF (which gives back to (RED)) — these are a great gift for anyone who likes it spicy.

Fancy olive oils

This unique gift is going to leave your recipient thinking of you every time they enjoy a delicious meal. Check out:

Grow your own herbs kit

Mint plant
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

There’s nothing like using fresh herbs in a meal or cocktail. Gift a mint, basil, or cilantro plant (available online, apparently — or probably at your local grocery store, too).

Cookie or brownie mix

This easy-to-put-together gift makes it easy for your recipient to make a delicious treat at their convenience.

Soup mix

We recommend these soup mixes from Women’s Bean Project, a nonprofit that supports women who are chronically unemployed. This is also a great DIY.

Homemade baked treats

Tray of fudge
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

Everybody loves homemade fudge or fresh baked brownies or cookies. In addition to the delicious treat, they’ll also appreciate the time, love, and energy you invested in the kitchen. (Just check for any allergies or dietary preferences so you don't contribute to food waste.)

Fancy popcorn

A few ideas here: 

  • Buy kernels in bulk and gift them in a repurposed jar (alongside instructions on stove-popping)! 
  • Pick up fun-flavored popcorn from a local popcorn shop or brands like Opopop online.
  • You can also check out bags of delicious pre-popped popcorn like these from Lesser Evil, or Gary Poppins
  • If your gift recipient loves trying innovative foods, AshaPops offers popped water lily seeds for a new approach to popcorn, too.
  • While we’re at it, gifting popcorn seasoning is a fun idea too!

A favorite sweet or salty snack

Walk down the snack aisle at the grocery store and pick out a bag of chips or a box of cookies. (For bonus points: grab one of each!)


You can buy candy from the bulk bins at your grocery store and gift the treat in a cute repurposed jar! Dylan’s Candy Bar also has lots of fun gift options you can shop online in a pinch. 


You can order granola online, buy it in bulk locally, or even make it yourself.

Spices & seasonings

Add some spice to your recipient’s life, with ethical, sustainable, and bold seasonings from Diaspora Co., Fly By Jing, or Curio Spices

Jam, jelly, and spreads

Jar of jelly
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

Pick up a unique jam next time you’re at the grocery store — or check out some of these thoughtful options from Thrive Market.

A subscription meal box

Send a one-off or recurring box to a loved one who might benefit from having grocery shopping and meal prepping made simple. We recommend Green Chef and Purple Carrot.

A DoorDash gift card

Give the gift of not needing to worry about what to eat. Order a DoorDash (or Grubhub or Instacart) gift card online.



Bottle of wine
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

Pick up a nice bottle of wine from the grocery store — or maybe even use Bright Cellars or Naked Wines to send a bottle or two through the mail. 


Gift a nice bottle of bourbon or mezcal. We’re big fans of Bruichladdich’s The Classic Laddie and Good Vodka for the ways they’re making the liquor industry more sustainable. A lot of bottles are easy to order through Drizly or Mini Bar Delivery.

Bar cart accessories

Any home bartender could use sugar cubes, bitters, cocktail cherries, margarita salt — or our favorite craft cocktail mixers.

Beer growler

Find a local brewery to support and get a growler of your friend’s new favorite beer filled up. Plus, they’ll get to continue reusing the growler.

Zero proof spirits

Your friend doesn’t drink? There’s a new wave of alcohol-free spirits that make great gifts. Check out De Soi, Seedlip, and Monday to get started.

Kombucha or other fun drinks

Similarly, a great kombucha from a brand like Brew Dr. can feel like a great treat. You can also consider something new like a CBD soda or a prebiotic drink.


Tea bag
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

Check out loose-leaf tea or bagged tea from sustainable and ethical tea makers like Equal Exchange, Numi, and Arbor Teas

Charcoal water filter

The perfect accessory for any emotional support water bottle, charcoal water filters purify and enhance the taste of your water. One stick usually lasts four months — and can be composted when they’re done.

Water flavorings

Pick up some Mio spray tubes, powdered drink mixes, sports drink tablets, or even some chill magnesium mix.

SodaStream canisters

If your loved one is a SodaStream enthusiast, pick them up a few C02 canisters. They’re always going to need a refill — and you’ll save them from a trip to the store. (We also recommend Soda Sense for its convenience.)

Hot cocoa

A no-brainer gift in the winter or around the holidays. Get creative with unique flavors or cocoa bombs

A bag of coffee or a coffee subscription

Coffee mug
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

Pick up a fresh bag of beans from a local roaster or order from an ethical coffee company like Awesome Coffee Club, Trade Coffee, or Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co

Coffee gift card

Support a local business by picking up a gift card from a coffee shop close to your loved one. Many small shops also roast their own beans, so you could add that on, as well!



Flowers in a vase
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

Pick up some flowers from a local florist, send a gorgeous shipment from a sustainable flower company online, or even send some long-lasting succulents.

Detergent pods or laundry sheets

Most of us do laundry — and most of us hate big, messy jugs of detergent. Gift some cute laundry pods from Dropps or some compact and easy laundry sheets from Kind Laundry

Gift card to a zero waste shop

Allow your recipient to pick up their own dish soap, laundry detergent, or multipurpose spray without any waste by giving them a gift card to a local or online zero waste shop

Eco-friendly candles

Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

Give a vibey gift that’ll last for hours. We rounded up our favorite eco-friendly candles — many of which have cool secondary purposes for the vessels after the wax is used up. 

Essential oils

Keep the chill vibes coming by gifting some essential oils


Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

We could all use a little bit more green in our lives. Gift a cute plant in a cute pot to help create a cute atmosphere.

Dishwashing brush

Gift someone the gift of sustainable dishwashing with a wood brush with a replaceable head. We love this one from Package Free Shop and these from Vove



Chapstick is a little thing that makes a big difference. Gift a tube of chapstick from Burt’s Bees or these paper-based tubes from Blue Heron Botanicals

Body lotion bar

Give the gift of zero waste, great smells, and relaxation with an organic lotion bar.

Shampoo or conditioner bar

Bar of soap
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

It feels great to eliminate another plastic bottle from your life. Check out these shampoo and conditioner bars from Package Free shop.

Solid perfume or cologne

While many folks already have a perfume or cologne they like, the unique benefits of a solid scent will make it a welcome addition to anyone’s daily routine. Check out this one from Glossier or the solid perfume collection from Diptyque.


If you have great taste in makeup, don’t be afraid to share that brilliance with your friends and family! We always recommend shopping with purpose-driven brands. Check out all of the makeup available on BLK+GRN, a Black-owned business or Credo, a fantastic Amazon alternative


Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

Everybody needs a toothbrush swap at some point. Give the gift of a less-wasteful toothbrush (that also looks cute).

Zero waste toothpaste

Similarly, you can give the gift of a new experience: zero waste toothpaste tabs. They can be a bit weird to get used to at first — but they’re worth a try to reduce waste. 


Flossing sucks. But there are a few brands that at least make you feel like you’re making a difference while you do it. Check out this zero waste floss from Public Goods and these floss picks with biodegradable handles.



We all need soap refills from time to time. Pick up some “Love Heals” soap from Thistle Farms, an organization that empowers women.

Sustainable toiler paper

Everybody poops. While toilet paper isn’t going to be a great gift for everyone, it can be a funny and practical gift. Check out the sustainable offerings from Who Gives a Crap, Reel Paper, or Grove.



Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

Audiobooks are a wonderful gift for that voracious reader in your life. Sure, you’ve heard of Audible — but we especially recommend using Libro.fm or other audiobook alternatives

Movie theater gift card

Give someone the gift of being able to go out to the movies by picking up a gift card from a local theater (or national brands like AMC or Regal). You can also get them a gift card for digital movie rentals from Apple TV, Amazon Prime, or Google Play

Dog treats

Small dog bone
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

If you love your recipient’s dog, there’s no greater gift than some treats. Check out these doggone good treats from Wild One and Wild Earth.

Dog poop bags 

On the other end of the spectrum, most dog owners are constantly in need of new dog poop bags for dog walk droppings. Fortunately, we’ve curated a list of the best eco-friendly (and compostable) dog poop bags

Car air fresheners

Pick up some classic tree-shaped air fresheners next time you’re at the gas station, or gift a unique, thoughtfully-made air freshener from Drift.

Chewing gum or breath mints

It’s always great to have gum or mints on hand — and there are so many cool brands making a difference through these products. Check out Project 7’s gum, Vermints, or Simply Mints. Just make sure that you mention that this isn’t because their breath smells bad!

The Goodnewspaper

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the Goodnewspaper: our print newspaper filled with good news. Your recipient will get a new dose of good news delivered in the mail every month. After they read it, they’ll feel more hopeful and they can simply pass the good news newspaper along to someone else or recycle it. (Every issue is printed on recycled paper, using soy-based inks, and is completely carbon-neutral.)


Card and envelope
Illustration by Good Good Good and DALL·E

We often think of signing a card for our friends or family — but we don’t often think of just giving them a few blank cards. Consider giving the gift of blank greeting cards, postcards, stationery, or even journals. Check out our top recommendations for sustainable stationery.

An experience

Sometimes the best gift doesn’t need wrapping paper at all. By gifting an experience, you’re gifting the opportunity to try something new, helping them expand the way they see the world, and giving them a memory that will last a lifetime. Check out our curated list of experience gifts for inspiration.

A replacement

Did a friend’s beloved pants finally wear out? Did their hammock from college finally break? Buying someone a replacement for something that wore out is always a great gift idea. They obviously loved it the first time — and will hopefully love your replacement just as much.

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