The Ultimate Guide To Gifts That Give Back

Gifts that give back to the LGBTQ+ community, mental health organizations, and various nonprofits

There’s a chance you’ve heard the phrase “voting with your dollars.” Essentially, it means that all of us have the power to make the world a better place and make our voices heard by where and how we spend our money.

In this complicated capitalist society, those of us passionate about social and environmental justice often struggle with shopping for others during the holidays. And chances are, the people we want to shower with gifts also care a whole lot about making the world a better place.

We know the feeling of balancing those “oh that’s so cute, I gotta buy it” impulses with our “I don’t want to contribute to unethical and unsustainable cultural norms” values. So, we took the guesswork out of it for you! 

In this article we’re highlighting our top recommendations for gifts that do good. 

We hope this serves as a roadmap to help you find the perfect tokens of your love and appreciation for the special people in your life, all while making a difference for causes they believe in.

We’ve also compiled a number of specific gift guides to help you shop intentionally, too!

By the way, some of the products and links in this article are partners and affiliates, which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Everything in this article was independently and honestly written by the Good Good Good team. Thank you!

Top Gifts That Give Back

Conscious Step Socks

Supports over 20 various causes

Socks that give back to dogs, penguins, mental health, LGBTQ, oceans, trees, sloths, and more...
Photo courtesy of Conscious Step

Conscious Step creates stylish, sustainable, and 100% organic cotton socks that support independent farmers while also giving back to over 17 different nonprofit organizations doing good in the world. 

Whether your gift recipient cares about protecting the rainforests, educating kids, finding a cure, or saving LGBTQ+ lives, there’s bound to be a pair for them. 

Made with GOTS organic and Fair Trade-certified cotton and recycled polyester, these cute socks are ethical, sustainable, and oh-so-giftable! Conscious Step’s gift boxes are the perfect, hassle-free way to give — and to give back. 

Shop socks that give back from Conscious Step

Check out our full list of socks that give back to explore other options, too!

Calyan Wax Co. Candles

Supports human trafficking survivors

Cedar and Tobacco candle in a glass vessel
Photo courtesy of Calyan Wax co.

Give the gift of dignity — and a darn good candle. Calyan Wax Co’s mission is to support human trafficking survivors through the sale of natural candles. Five percent of the brand’s revenue is donated to trusted and vetted nonprofits that uplift human trafficking survivors. Calyan has donated over $226,000 to date. 

Shop Calyan Wax Co. candles on Amazon

Explore our other favorite eco-friendly and do-good candles, too! 

Parks Project Blanket 

Supports the National Park System

A black and white fleece blanket
Photo courtesy of Parks Project

Parks Project was born out of its founders’ love for national parks. The brand creates products with purpose, all giving back to organizations focused on preserving and protecting America’s public lands.

A purchase from Parks Project — whether it be a beanie, national parks puzzle, or sweatshirt — invests in advocacy and education, habitat and wildlife reforestation, visitor programs, and youth initiatives.  

For the outdoorsy folks in your life, this fleece blanket makes the perfect gift! Lightweight and easy to pack on all kinds of adventures, it’ll be a great addition to their supply pack.

Shop this fleece blanket from Parks Project

Explore loads of other gifts for national park lovers!

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Supports rescue animals

Coffee from Grounds and Hounds in 3 flavors
Photo courtesy of Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co’s tagline is: “Every cup helps a pup.” 

The brand creates organic and eco-friendly specialty coffees that support animal rescue initiatives. 20% of all Grounds & Hounds profits go directly to rescue organizations that provide a second chance for pups in need of a helping hand. 

Since its inception, Grounds & Hounds has helped provide 3.3 million meals, 18,500 toys, and 16,250 vaccines to shelter dogs. 

Shop Grounds & Hounds coffee blends

Check out some of our other favorite gifts for animal lovers!

Terra Threads Earth Backpack

Supports meals for community members facing food insecurity

A person holding a backpack outdoors
Photo courtesy of Terra Threads

We all have stuff, and we all need a place to put that stuff when we’re on the go. Terra Thread offers a beautiful, spacious everyday backpack to depend on — and they’re all sustainably and ethically made!

Better yet, your purchase helps end food insecurity. Terra Threads  supports Feeding America and its work to end hunger by donating meals to kids and families in need. 

Shop the Earth Backpack from Terra Threads

Skylar Fragrances

Supports a new cause each month

Several samples of different scents of perfume
Photo courtesy of Skylar

Skylar is a clean beauty brand that creates fresh, hypoallergenic and earth-conscious fragrance products. Whether your gift recipient would enjoy a dreamy candle, or a delightful rollerball perfume, you can be proud to gift them something that smells good — and does good.  

Every month, Skylar partners with an organization to donate a portion of its proceeds. Past partners have included Teach For America, NAACP, and the Global Fund for Women. 

Shop fragrance products from Skylar

BLK & Bold Tea

Supports at-risk youth

Bag of earl grey tea from Blk & Bold
Photo courtesy of BLK & Bold

BLK & Bold is a certified B Corp that makes high-quality coffees and teas that impact the community. The brand donates 5% of its profits to support at-risk youth both locally and nationally, including efforts to sustain youth programming, enhance workforce development, and eradicate homelessness. 

Gift some high-quality, flavorful loose-leaf tea to the do-gooder in your community this holiday season.

Shop BLK & Bold tea from Amazon

Say Gay Socks

Supports LGBTQ+ youth

One sock that says Say and another sock that says Gay
Photo courtesy of Gumball Poodle

LGBTQ+ youth need our support now more than ever. Not only does this mean being loud and proud about our love for our queer community members, but it means supporting programs and organizations that keep them alive. 

These Say Gay athletic socks from Gumball Poodle benefit GLSEN, a nonprofit that supports LGBTQ+ youth and their families.

Shop Say Gay socks

Choice Bracelet

Supports reproductive justice

A person wearing two bracelets that say Choice
Photo courtesy of of Social Goods

As reproductive rights continue to hang in the balance, advocates, healthcare providers, and pro-abortion lawmakers need to know they are supported. Although a simple token of this support, this  is a thoughtful gift for anyone passionate about bodily autonomy. 

This item benefits Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, but you can also check out a number of giftable items that support women's rights for even greater impact across the country.

Shop the Choie Bracelet from Social Goods

And, while you’re at it, give your elected officials a call, and check out 28 ways to protect reproductive freedom

Feeling Feelings Card Deck

Supports mental health resources and healing for Black women and girls

A card deck for Feeling Feelings for understanding & navigating emotions
Photo courtesy of

According to a 2018 survey from Mental Health America, over seven million people that identify as Black or African American reported experiencing mental illness in the past year. That’s more people than the total populations of Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia combined.

Black mental health matters. This Feeling Feelings card deck is a great tool for anyone to process their big emotions, but the best part about them is that 50% of the net proceeds of this product will be donated to the Loveland Foundation, providing healing to communities of color — especially Black women and girls.

Shop’s Feeling Feelings Card Deck

Love a good card deck? Check out these other conversation cards that help facilitate deeper relationships. 


Supports reforestation

A person wearing sleek blue and cream shoes outdoors
Photo courtesy of CARIUMA

CARIUMA is a certified B Corp that creates skate shoes and sneakers in a low-impact way. Every time you purchase a pair of shoes, two trees are planted in the Brazilian rainforest. Plus, they’re super stylish.

Shop a pair of CARIUMA shoes

Need to get rid of an old pair of sneaks that are no longer useful? Check out our guide to recycling your old shoes

Ban Ban Ban Tote Bag

Supports gun violence prevention

Tote that says Ban(g) Ban(g) Ban(g)
Photo courtesy of Social Goods

When it comes to gun violence, enough is enough. Help your loved one show their support for common-sense gun reform with this tote bag. The item benefits Everytown for Gun Safety, which works to end gun violence and build safer communities. 

Shop the Ban Ban Ban tote bag from Social Goods

Want to take more action? Explore our guide of ways to end gun violence


Fly By Jing Sauces

Supports AAPI communities

A variety of bottles and seasonings from Fly By Jing
Photo courtesy of Fly By Jing

According to the 2020 Census, there are 24 million people in the United States who fall under the umbrella of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI), and the Pew Research Center has found that Asian Americans are the fastest-growing ethnic group in America.

Still, AAPI folks face ongoing discrimination. 

Fly By Jing creates spicy Schezwan sauces, spices, and dumplings inspired by the flavors of founder Jing Gao’s hometown of Chengdu. With bold, soulful tastes and bright design, Fly By Jing highlights the personal cultural histories of its founder — and the AAPI community.

Adding a little spice to the fundraising scene, Fly By Jing has also worked with charitable partners like BeChinatown to honor the rich cultural and food scene of AAPI communities.

Shop sauces from Fly By Jing

Papier Wellness Journals

Supports mental health 

Someone writes in their My Wellness Journal
Photo courtesy of Papier

‘Tis the season for starting new habits! Papier’s 12-week wellness journals are designed to help folks reflect and take notes about all the big stuff. 

Designed with aesthetic covers and intentional prompts, these journals are a great way to integrate mindfulness into your gift recipient’s daily routine. 

Plus, for each journal sold, Papier donates 50 cents to YoungMinds, a nonprofit that provides mental health support to young people. 

Shop Papier’s wellness journals

Want to keep working to end the stigma of mental health conditions? Check out some mental health T-shirts that share your passion on your sleeve. 

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