31 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her

3 eco friendly gifts for women: Chocolates, wool slippers, and zero waste makeup

When shopping for a gift for the women in your life, we know you’re looking for something special that doesn’t break the bank — and more people than ever are shopping with impact in mind

What if your gift could make a difference beyond just the joy of opening and using it? A gift can be helpful and beautiful while also being sustainably made and shipped. 

Of course, you’ll want to be sure you’re selecting a sustainable gift that isn’t just labeled that way (a practice known as greenwashing). 

Luckily, some labels and certifications speak pretty strongly, like plastic-free packaging, recycled materials, and Fair Trade, B Corp, or Climate Neutral-certified items. 

With all of these things to consider, it’s no wonder it feels impossible to find just the right thing for the women you care about most. 

Never fret! We’re here with some suggestions for eco-friendly gifts for her to help you narrow down your search. 

Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for a special splurge gift for the woman in your life, you can rest assured a gift selected from this list will not harm the planet (or the people on it). 

By the way, some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Everything in this article was independently and honestly written by the Good Good Good team. Thank you!

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Your guide to sustainable gifts for women

MATE the Label Loungewear

A Woman wearing a Black MATE sweather
Photo courtesy of Mate The Label

Everyone deserves to have nice clothing, even for lounging around the house. This Los Angeles-based company makes non-toxic, natural and organic loungewear essentials you can be proud of. 

The neutral colors can be worn in any season, and they’ll be sure to last — even if they quickly turn into your daily work from home uniform.

What’s good:

  • Founded by women, run by women, and focused on making sustainable products for women 
  • Climate Neutral certified, B Corp certified 
  • Plastic-free labels and packaging
  • Recycling program to take old garments and give them new life, and cutting scraps from production are reused 

Shop: MATE the Label  

Pela Phone Case

Phone case with peaches on it
Photo courtesy of Pela

More than 1 billion plastic phone cases are sold every year, creating tons of pollution and waste. Help your friends and loved ones upgrade in a sustainable way with products from Pela, which makes compostable phone cases made from flax shive and plant-based polymer. 

Pela stands by its products: If your screen cracks while wearing a Pela case and liquid screen protector, the company will pay for the repairs. Plus, each case comes with an extra envelope to send back your old phone case, which can then be recycled properly. 

Cases come in dozens of clear, engraved, solid, abstract, animal, and landscape designs (and more!), with options available for pretty much every type of phone. The company also makes sunglasses, phone grips, cardkeeper wallets, and other accessories. 

What’s good:

  • Donates a percentage of every sale to ocean cleanup and preservation initiatives 
  • Certified B Corp and Climate Neutral certified 
  • All products free of lead, cadmium, BPA, and phthalates 

Shop: Pela

Jade Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga yoga mats all rolled up
Photo courtesy of Jade Yoga

Yoga mats from Jade Yoga are eco-friendly and made with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees. The mats are free of PVC, EVA, or other synthetic rubbers, and are all made in the U.S.

Try the best-selling Harmony mat, or a “Yoga Starter Kit,” which includes a natural rubber yoga mat, a cork yoga block, a yoga strap, and 30 days of free online yoga classes from Yoga International. 

What’s good:

Shop: Jade Yoga 

Hyggelight Growing Candle 

Candle in ceramic container
Photo courtesy of Hyggelight

If your gift recipient is a person who saves empty candle containers, this gift is for them. 

This company makes eco-friendly candles in beautiful ceramic containers. Once you’re done burning the candle, plant the paper label in your container for some gorgeous wildflowers. 

What’s good:

  • Products are made with 100% soy and cotton wicks instead of parabens or phthalates
  • Plastic-free packaging 
  • B Corp certified and 1% of the Planet member, meaning the company dedicates a portion of its profits to organizations helping make our world a better place

Shop: Earth Hero | Hyggelight

→  Check out our full guide to eco-friendly candles for more options!

French Broad Chocolates

Small chocolates in a box
Photo courtesy of French Broad

Most commercially available chocolate are sweet treats with a bitter side effect: Many cocoa companies run on child labor or even child slavery. Luckily, there are ethical companies offering gift boxes for the chocolate lover in your life. 

French Broad Chocolates is an Asheville, North Carolina-based company that makes delicious small-batch chocolate bars, bonbons and other treats in a small factory. 

The company roasts, fronts, conches, and tempers chocolate themselves. Grab a 12-piece Signature collection box for a little of everything, or try an Asheville-themed box or vegan dark chocolate-themed box for a unique tasty gift. 

What’s good:

  • Certified B Corp
  • Locally-sourced fillings and ethically-sourced cacao 
  • Made in the United States

Shop: French Broad Chocolates 

→ Learn more about vegan chocolate, too!

Tentree Apparel Items

Woman wearing trendy cardigan outside
Photo courtesy of Tentree

The textile industry creates a lot of waste — about 92 million tons per year, to be exact. To combat this, Tentree plants ten trees for every item purchased and makes its clothing from sustainable materials, like wool, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. 

The Highline wool sweaters are particularly popular, though the brand also makes T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, joggers, and other items. Your loved one’s closet could do with a cozy and eco-conscious upgrade, right? 

What’s good:

  • Carbon-neutral company and certified B Corp 
  • Partners with Fair Trade-certified factories and suppliers 
  • Has planted 100 million trees in the last 10 years 

Shop: Tentree

Sustainable Makeup from Dab Herb Makeup 

Two different kinds of makeup in containers, next to green plant leaves
Photo courtesy of Dab Herb

Most women like trying a new makeup brand every once in a while, especially if it’s a gift or at no cost to them. Dab Herb makes cruelty-free, certified organic, and vegan makeup products that are sure to please. 

Each item is handmade and hand-poured, with zero waste products like mascara, eyeliners, eyeshadow, primer, contour powder, blush, and more. If you can’t decide what to get, try an organic minimalist makeup set or an organic two-minute makeup set as a starter kit. 

What’s good:

  • Cruelty-free and nontoxic products 
  • Thoughtful packaging with refill options 
  • Supports “Made in the Free World,” which works with global partners to fight human trafficking 

Shop: Dab Herb Makeup 

Twyla Dill Jewelry 

Dangly earrings from Twyla
Photo courtesy of Twyla Dill

Who doesn’t love a gift of jewelry? Get your loved one something one of a kind with a handmade item from Twyla Dill, a Seattle-based artist who got started on Etsy. 

Twyla combines metal with lace, offering a boho-chic look you won’t be able to find elsewhere on items like earrings, necklaces, rings, nose rings, and bracelets. 

What’s good:

Shop: Twyla Dill

The Goodnewspaper

The front cover of the Goodnewspaper
Photo courtesy of Good Good Good

Every month, our team of optimists, journalists, and artists makes a beautiful print newspaper filled with good news.

We offer gift subscriptions for three, six, or 12 months — and we also recommend just picking up a subscription for yourself. 

What’s good:

  • Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks
  • Climate Neutral Certified
  • Gives back to environmental nonprofits with 1% for the Planet

Shop: Good Good Good

EcoRibb Activewear from Nuttch

A white woman wearing a pink activewear set stands back to back with a Black woman in an orange activewear set.
Photo courtesy of Nuttch

Nuttch is an athleisure and underwear brand that makes buttery soft, comfortable essentials.

Its EcoRibb collection features bras, leggings, and bike shorts that are made from nylon offcuts destined for landfills that are instead repurposed in a circular fashion. 

Through an innovative knitting and clean dyeing process (completed in solar-powered factories in Italy!), the result is a comfortable, chic item of clothing that will carry her through her workouts and off-days alike.

What’s good:

Shop: Nuttch

Zero-Waste Lip-To-Lid Balmies from Axiology

14 lip balms in a red box
Photo courtesy of Axiology

Axiology makes plastic-free cosmetic products that resemble really fancy crayons. With a helpful color quiz, you’ll  be able to find the perfect shade or kit to use on the reg.

Plus, since the makeup is made without any toxins, it’s easy to use anywhere on your face, including as blush and eyeshadow, in addition to lip balm. 

What’s good:

  • Certified vegan
  • Certified cruelty-free
  • Packaging made with recycled island trash
  • Cosmetics made without fragrance, alcohol, gluten, palm oil, or synthetic preservatives 

Shop: Amazon | Axiology 

Revitalizing Eye Cream from Cocokind

Eye cream in blue packaging with the words Cocokind Revitalizing Eye Cream
Photo courtesy of Cocokind

There are very few people on the planet these days who aren’t walking around with tired, dark circles under their eyes. Getting a little energizing, brightening boost is what so many of us need. 

Luckily, Cocokind makes a delightful revitalizing eye cream that hydrates that skin and leaves you feeling fresh.

Made with ingredients like persian silk tree, hibiscus flower acids, and oat extract, the cream comes out of a tube to a metal lid that adds a cooling aspect to the application, as well.

What’s good:

Shop: Amazon | Cocokind

Kanga Wool Slippers from Baabuk

Blue wool slippers being worn by a model
Photo courtesy of Baabuk

With a minimalist design, Baabuk’s cozy Kanga wool slippers are designed in Switzerland and handmade by local artisans in Nepal through the art of needle-felting. 

With a minimal latex-coated sole and no irritating insoles, you’ll be in for the most comfortable, lightweight feel you’ve ever found in a slipper.

What’s good:

Shop: Baabuk

A Pet-Friendly Plant Subscription

Two people holding a green potted plant
Photo courtesy of The Sill

Chances are, your eco-friendly gift recipient is also an animal lover and/or green thumb. So, if you can meet all of those criteria, you’ll hit a home run.

The Sill offers a monthly plant subscription tailored to various plant parent needs — including pet-friendly plants. Subscribers receive a new, non-toxic plant (no duplicates!) and chic ceramic planter delivered to their door every month for three months. 

What’s good:

Shop: The Sill

Activist Skincare Travel Kit

Several styles of skincare
Photo courtesy of Activist Skincare

This skincare starter kit comes with three cleansers, one toner, two serums, and one oil to get them started on their natural skincare routine. 

What’s good: 

  • All products are 100% vegan and cruelty free
  • Activist Skincare donates 5% of its revenue to environmental organizations

Shop: Activist Skincare | Earth Hero 

Weighted Blanket from Let’s Cuddle

Grey weighted blanket with woven pattern
Photo courtesy of Let’s Cuddle

Weighted blankets reduce stress, improve sleep, and help us relax. Who doesn’t need a little more of that in their life?

Let’s Cuddle makes weighted blankets that are cozy, aesthetically-pleasing, and plastic pollution-fighting. With sleek neutral colors like white, gray, and tan, these are a surefire, sustainable addition to anyone’s bedroom setup.

What’s good:

Shop: Let’s Cuddle

→ Check out our full guide to eco-friendly weighted blankets while you’re at it!

Nisolo Ankle Boots

A woman wearing a pair of Brown Nisolo Ankle Boots
Photo courtesy of Nisolo

Nisolo is a sustainable shoe and apparel brand that makes ethical and sustainable leather staples. 

After endless research, the brand decided to stick with using leather, because while it may seem counterintuitive, a more durable product ends up being more sustainable than other materials. Plus, all of the leather Nisolo uses is sourced from ethical farms as a byproduct of the meat industry and certified by the Leather Working Group. 

What’s good:

Shop: Nisolo

Custom Stationery from Papier

3 Customed Stationary Letters
Photo courtesy of Papier

Is there anything that feels more luxurious than writing a sweet note or a helpful memo on a fancy piece of paper? Of course not! 

We love the Scallop Trim and Hello Sunshine notecards most of all.

What’s good:

  • FSC-certified recycled paper
  • Items made-to-order to reduce waste
  • Recyclable packaging

Shop: Papier

→  Check out more eco-friendly stationery recommendations! 

Our Place Night + Day Glasses

A Stack of glasses on a table
Photo courtesy of Our Place

Known for its cult-favorite best-selling Always Pan, Our Place is an LA-based brand that turns to vetted artisans to manufacture its products. Our Place’s Drinking Glasses are crafted by a team of expert glassblowers and produced by traditional handmade techniques. 

This set of four or eight 12-ounce glasses comes in various colors, including mix and match color options. They’re also dishwasher-safe and stackable! 

What’s good:

  • Made by artisan glassblowers
  • Made from recycled glass and sand
  • Naturally dyed

Shop: Our Place

→ Explore our guide to eco-friendly and recycled glassware!

For Days Take-Back Bag

A woman holding a Take-Back Bag
Photo courtesy of For Days

There are few things more stressful than the quarterly closet clean-out. Give the gift of making it easier. 

The Take Back Bag can be filled with old clothes your gift recipient no longer wears, and For Days will do the work of recycling their pre-loved items and turning them into something useful. 

Plus, purchasing a bag will give you “Closet Credits” to use toward a new sustainable piece for their closet!

What’s good:

  • Keeps old clothes out of landfills
  • Contributes to a circular economy

Shop: For Days

Solgaard Shoreline Watch

A Person Wearing a Blue Solgaard Shoreline Watch
Photo courtesy of Solgaard

Solgaard is a company dedicated to creating everyday items with a positive impact on the environment. This stylish watch helps keep time — and keep your promise to take care of the planet. 

In fact, over 600,000 pounds of plastic have been diverted from the ocean for use in Solgaard’s goods. 

What’s good:

  • Made from recycled plastics and polycarbonate
  • Each purchase saves 229 plastic water bottles from the ocean
  • Partners with Sungai Watch, Eco_Brick Project, and NextWave Plastics

Shop: Solgaard

→ Check out more ethical and eco-friendly watches!

Kobo ClaraE2 e-reader

A woman reading from a Kobo ClaraE2 e-reader
Photo courtesy of Kobo

This is the perfect gift for any voracious reader (and fan of disinvesting from Amazon products). Kobo’s ClaraE2 is the brand’s most eco-conscious e-reader — and it’s waterproof!

Reading rom coms poolside without worrying about your carbon footprint? Now that’s luxury. 

What’s good:

  • Kobo offsets 100% of its emissions from e-readers
  • E-reader made with ocean-bound recycled plastic

Shop: Kobo

→ Read our review of all of Kobo’s e-readers

Bath Soak from Maude

A Jar of Maude soak balls on a table
Photo courtesy of Maude

This hydrating coconut milk bath soak is the perfect symbol of “you deserve some peace and quiet alone in the tub.”

Made with a mixture of coconut milk powder and hand-harvested salts from the Southern Dead Sea, this soak also contains vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, sulfur, and zinc.

Help put her mind at ease, knowing she can relax without yet another plastic bottle on the side of the bathtub.

What’s good:

  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Glass is curbside recyclable

Shop: Maude | Sephora | Amazon

→ Read our full review of Maude’s self-care products

Earrings from Mejuri

A couple of Earrings from Mejuri
Photo courtesy of Mejuri

You truly can never go wrong with a pair of gold hoops.

Beloved for its signature gold hoops, Mejuri is a sustainable luxury jewelry company that focuses on traceability and transparency in its craftsmanship.

What’s good:

Shop: Mejuri

SAALT Period Essentials

a woman is washing a green menstrual cup
Photo courtesy of Saalt

SAALT is on a mission to “bring periods out of the dark ages” by creating reusable, safe menstrual products for all. With menstrual discs and cups, as well as period underwear, the brand aims to make having a period better for the planet — and in general!

And period-havers would likely all agree that a better experience every month is perhaps the best gift they could ever receive. 

What’s good:

  • Certified B Corp
  • Donates 2% of revenue to provide period care to regions in need
  • Reusable alternative to disposable menstrual products

Shop: SAALT | Amazon

Cloud Cotton Robe from Parachute

A Woman wearing a Dark-Grey Robe
Photo courtesy of Parachute

A cozy robe is always a treat, but a light and breezy option is a great go-to for year-round comfort.

Parachute’s Cloud Cotton robe is woven into a fluffy four-ply gauze with an exceptionally soft feel. In colors like light pink, olive green, and dark gray, there are a plethora of earth tones to choose from. 

What’s good:

Shop: Parachute

Diaspora Co. Spices

A Can of Pumpkin Spice Blend
Photo courtesy of Diaspora Co.

Sana Javeri Kadri started Diaspora Co. when she was 23 in 2017, selling just one item: Pragati Turmeric

Today, Diaspora Co. sources 30 single-origin spices from 150 farms across India and Sri Lanka, paying farm partners an average of over six times above the commodity price.

What’s good:

  • Company works to invest in land stewardship and climate resistance
  • Farm Worker Fund invests in social and economic well-being of farmers in South Asia
  • Founded to start an equitable spice trade

Shop: Diaspora Co.

→ Explore more consumable gifts!

Cotopaxi Del Dia Hip Pack

A Colorful Cotopaxi Del Dia Hip Pack
Photo courtesy of Cotopaxi

Every woman I have ever met is on a continuous hunt to find the perfect day-to-day bag. Cotopaxi’s Del Dia hip packs might just be the solution.

Made from 100% repurposed nylon that was headed to the landfill from other factories, each hip pack features a totally unique colorway that will elevate any look. 

What’s good:

Shop: Cotopaxi | Earth Hero | REI

Cariuma Sneakers

A Pair of white Cariuma Sneakers
Photo courtesy of Cariuma

Whether your gift recipient is a wave rider, skater, or just needs a stylish and comfy pair of shoes to brave the ups and downs of every day, Cariuma sneakers will be the perfect fit.

With high-top styles, fun collaborations, and more, snagging a pair of Cariuma sneaks is a step in the right direction. 

What’s good:

Shop: Cariuma

Klean Kanteen Rise Mug

A person holding an orange klean kanteen rise mug
Photo courtesy of Klean Kanteen

Perfect for busy go-getters and travel enthusiasts, the 14-ounce Rise Mug from Klean Kanteen is a great, practical gift. 

With vacuum insulation, a chip-resistant finish, and splash-proof flip lid, she’ll be set for consistent caffeinating all day long.

What’s good:

  • Certified B Corp and Climate Neutral
  • Member of 1% for the Planet
  • Made with recycled plastic and food-grade stainless steel 

Shop: Klean Kanteen | Amazon | REI

Reusable Bags from Baggu

A Reusable Bag from Baggu with a Tenis Racket inside next to a water bottle
Photo courtesy of Baggu

Join the swaths of stylish girlies who frequent the market with their reusable Baggu totes! 

With a huge library of patterns to choose from, there’s bound to be a style fit for the gift recipient you’re thinking about.

What’s good:

Shop: Amazon | Baggu

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