8 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

3 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids: Wobble Boards, Eco Bricks, & Beeswax Crayons.

It can feel overwhelming to live in our eco-friendly values when we have children, especially considering how quickly children grow, change, and age out of certain products. 

In fact, consumers throw 28.6 million toys away every year! Being mindful of the ones we choose for our kids is a significant first step in being kinder to our planet.

When we choose eco-friendly toys, it’s an opportunity to have beginner conversations about sustainability and taking care of the Earth. It’s never too early to teach our children about eco-friendly practices; this education isn’t the only benefit.

Eco-friendly toys are durable for long-lasting play, use non-toxic stains, glues, and dyes, have less plastic in the packaging and the toys themselves, rarely need batteries, promote creativity and imagination, and can support small artists, creators, and manufacturers. 

If you have a kiddo in your life and are looking for a toy you feel good about gifting, these eco-friendly options will help you feel better knowing they are helping take care of the planet, all while creating their own unique little worlds.

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The best eco-friendly toys to gift the little ones in your life

Beeswax Crayons from Honeysticks

Beeswax Crayons from Honeystick
Photo courtesy of Honeysticks

For the creatives who love to draw and color, Honeystick’s beeswax crayons are made with 100% natural New Zealand beeswax, vegetable fats, natural minerals and food-grade pigments. 

The founders of Honeysticks are committed to making an impact on the world, living an eco-friendly lifestyle and using natural products for families. Crayons are for all ages but are specifically designed for little hands and can be grasped without opposable thumb dexterity.

What’s good:

Shop: Amazon | Earth Hero | Honeysticks

Eco Bricks from Once-Kids

Colorful Eco Bricks from Once-Kids
Photo courtesy of Once-Kids

For the Lego-loving kids, Once-Kids makes a natural wood alternative that is biodegradable and compatible with pre-existing Lego pieces, allowing for a more sustainable alternative to mix in what you may already have. 

Once-Kids is committed to keeping plastic out of oceans and landfills — and believes “that by educating consumers and offering sustainable alternatives, we can make a positive impact on our planet and its future.”

What’s good:

  • Uses FSC-certified solid wood and bamboo, and natural non-toxic water-based paints.
  • Plants one tree for every product sold through a partnership with One Tree Planted.
  • Free from harmful chemicals that are often found in plastic bricks, such as ABS, BPA, phthalates, and PVC.
  • Sturdy and durable, which means they can withstand rough play and last for many years.
  • Promotes education about the importance of environmental conservation, sustainable practices, and deepens an understanding of the natural world.

Shop: Amazon | Earth Hero | Once Kids

Micro Maxi Eco Scooter from Micro Kickboard

A Kid Riding A Micro Max Eco Scooter from Micro Kickboard
Photo courtesy of Micro

For adventurous kids, Micro Kickboard makes scooters, kickboards, and other innovative personal transport solutions to create a better, more eco-friendly lifestyle. The company is passionate about fuel-free transport and has an eco line made from recycled fishing nets and plastic.

The scooter is super-safe with a smooth glide and three-wheel design, allowing kiddos more control when riding. It’s great for school-aged children or taller and has an adjustable handle bar so it will grow with your child (from ages 5-12, up to 110 pounds).

What’s good: 

  • Donates a portion of annual sales to 1% for the Planet.
  • Made from recycled fishing nets and plastic.
  • All parts are replaceable so you never throw it away, allowing you to pass it on to a sibling, cousin or friend when your young one is done.

Shop: Micro

DIY Play Dough Mix from The Dough Project

A Light-blue DIY Play Dough Mix from The Dough Project Set
Photo courtesy of The Dough Project

For the hands-on kiddos, The Dough Project makes making your own natural, plant-based play dough mix easy. You just add water and oil, and follow the instructions on the box to whip up a box of fresh dough. 

The ingredients are all-natural, non-toxic — and are packaged in recyclable and reusable plastic jars. This dough helps promote fine motor skills, imagination, and sensory experiences. 

What’s good:

  • Made of all-natural ingredients such as organic wheat flour, sea salt, cream of tartar, beet, turmeric, annatto seed, chlorophyll, spirulina, and purple carrot.
  • Come with recyclable and reusable plastic jars.
  • Made from non-toxic chemicals and is free of any preservatives, so once cooked, dough usually stays fresh for 4-6 months.

Shop: The Dough Project

“My Friend Earth” by Patricia MacLachlan

The Cover Of: "My Friend Earth" by Patricia MacLachlan. It has a Girl Lying Down On The Grass Smiling At Nature
Photo courtesy of Patricia MacLachlan (Author), David Diaz (Illustrator), Francesca Sanna (Illustrator)

When your kid is more interested in reading than playing with toys, there’s an eco-friendly option for that, too! This book, “My Friend Earth” by Patricia MacLachlan, turns every day into Earth Day with bursting colors, textures, clever cut-outs, flaps, and curved contours that encourage exploration. 

This book celebrates everything Earth does for us, all the while reminding us to be a good friend in return. 

What’s good: 

  • Celebrates the natural world and is also a timely rallying cry for positive action for saving Planet Earth
  • Great opportunity to share life science concepts and amazing facts about the environment with children
  • Perfect for anyone looking for climate change books for kids, stories for boys and girls who love space and the solar system, or books that explore the science and wonder of nature

Shop: Bookshop | Amazon

Wobble Board from Bunny Hopkins

Two Kids Playing With A Wobble Board from Bunny Hopkins
Photo courtesy of Bunny Hopkins

Wobble boards are awesome for active play and development, using a simply-crafted wooden board for endless possibilities. 

Made with child-safe materials and an open-ended design, the Bunny Hopkins wobble board lends itself to the vastness of childhood imagination, as your little one transforms it into a balance board, slide, rocker, bridge, and more!

What’s good:

  • Handcrafted in the U.S.
  • Made with sustainably harvested U.S.-grown birch wood
  • Wood stains are non-toxic, water-based, and heavy metal-free
  • Built to last and hold up to 450 pounds of weight
  • Uses recycled paper and eco-friendly shipping materials

Shop: Earth Hero | Etsy | Maisonette

Pickle Doll from Blabla

A Pickle Doll from Blabla. Its Green Shaped Like A Cactus And Always Smles
Photo courtesy of Blabla

For the pickle lovers and snugglers, let’s be honest: pickles are having their moment. Now your pickle-loving kid can cuddle with their very own heirloom-quality, fair trade, handmade doll. 

Plus, Blabla works with artists in Peru to create soft, handwoven products out of Peruvian cotton made to last a lifetime.

What’s good:

Shop: Blabla | Maisonette 

Exploration Playset and Sorting Tray from Bella Luna Toys

Some Kids Plauing With The Exploration Playset and Sorting Tray from Bella Luna Toys
Photo courtesy of Bella Luna Toys

For the curious children, Bella Luna Toys blends fantasy and reality with the The Exploration Play set. Each creature in the set has a unique superpower and story that is written on its description card. But it is up to the child to name the creature and add their own details as they sort and create worlds. 

Bella Luna Toys believes in protecting the planet for future generations. The brand offers a curated selection of toys that bring awareness to sustainable practices and encourage thoughtful purchases. 

What’s good:

  • Created in Spain in a small, family-run workshop, using primarily beech and birch wood from sustainable forests
  • Finished with water-based, non-toxic dyes and vegetable oils
  • Brings awareness to sustainable practices and encourages thoughtful purchases
  • Supports families and educators as they explore joyful learning and open-ended play

Shop: Bella Luna Toys

One last thing: If you’re looking for the best places to donate new and gently used toys, check out our guide.

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