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A collage of photos featuring three different men, a soccer field with a soccer player, and a pathway in a field

Mullets, Biodiversity, & Patagonia - Good News This Week: September 17th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Soccer player practices in the center of the pitch

Kenya's LGBTQ+ Football Team Offers a 'Safe Space' for Lesbian Players

LGBTQ+ stars like Megan Rapinoe are lighting up women's football. But in Kenya, lesbian players face stigma and threats.
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Newspaper That Says Good News !

The Best Good News Stories From 2022 (So Far)

Feel more hopeful about 2022 with Good Good Good's roundup of the best positive news of the year — continually being updated.
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Coral, EVs, & Cured Diseases - Good News This Week: August 13th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Several positive quotes stacked on top of each other

66 Best Positive Quotes To Fill Your World With Light (2022)

As you read these positive quotes, we hope you feel more hopeful — and that you also feel motivated to get involved and make a positive difference.
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Simone Biles smiling after receiving a medal

15 American Women Athletes Who Broke Barriers

The sports world would be very different without any of the women mentioned on this list. It’s impossible to deny the significant accomplishments of these athletes, but many of them represent more than medals, trophies, and numbers on scoreboards.
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A pair of old women's sneakers on pavement.

Where & How To Recycle, Resell, or Repair Your Old Shoes

How to recycle your shoes — or maybe donate or upcycle them. We've rounded up a list of sustainable recommendations to get you started.
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Abstract illustrating representing mental health

Positive Mental Health News Stories (2022)

The stigma surrounding mental health is still heartbreakingly present in our day-to-day lives — but in 2021 we made more progress than ever before in breaking down that stigma.
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Illustrated athletic shoe with an environmental design

The Best Good News in Sports from 2021

Ted Lasso may tell us to have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to the bad things that happen — but these moments of progress and hope in the sports world in 2021 we never want to forget!
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Meet the World's First Carbon-Neutral Soccer Club

FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, recently recognized the Forest Green Rovers as the greenest soccer club in the world. The United Nations has certified the FGR as the world’s first carbon-neutral football club. It is also the first and only vegan pro soccer club on the planet.
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