Associate Professor, University of Melbourne, Australia and Visiting Professor, LEC, Lancaster University, UK [Chair of Political Ecology, 2017-9].
I research and teach about environment and development issues in developing countries, and environmental policy/bicycle policy in western countries. I studied geography in the UK and USA, and have spent 28 years teaching in the UK, USA, Denmark, Belgium and Australia.
Fieldwork has included studies of sustainable rural development and drought mitigation and adaptation in Burkina Faso, West Africa (1992-3, 2001): rural livelihoods and land degradation in Niger (1995-7); land and livelihoods in East Timor (2005-9); social issues around mine sites in New Caledonia (2011-present). Also advocacy and research on urban cycling policy (or lack of) in London, across France, Brussels and Melbourne since 1995.