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Three photos. Left: Hunter Shafer plays Jules Vaughn in HBO's 'Euphoria.' Center: Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid in 'The Last of Us.' Right: Christina Hendricks leans atop Hannah Einbinder, about to kiss her in an episode of 'Hacks.'

This viral spreadsheet is your guide to queer women characters on TV

A TikTok creator made a thorough online database to make it easier to find TV shows with LGBTQ+ women characters.
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Two photos: On the left, Billie Eilish smiles while holding up a blue vinyl record. On the right: An orange bus from LA Metro displays an electric sign that reads "What was I made for?"

Billie Eilish covers public transit costs for LA fans, bolstering 'sustainable pop star' cred

Debuting her new album "Hit Me Hard and Soft," Billie Eilish provided fee-free public transit to fans for a listening party in Los Angeles.
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A collage of three images: On the left, a tattoo of a bushel of olives on the back of someone's ankle. In the center, a screenshot of an Instagram grid for the Hibr tattoo fundraiser, and on the right, a tattoo of a watermelon next to a daisy

Tattoo artists raise $74k for Palestinians in need; plan more flash fundraising events in US cities

Over 180 tattoo artists around the globe offered designs in support of Palestinians earlier this month, raising $74,000.
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Three close-up images of a smiling Ms Rachel in a pink t-shirt and denim overalls, speaking into the camera for a charity initiative. She wears a pink headband and expresses gratitude for support, discusses fundraising activities, and addresses rights violations needing attention. Each frame includes subtitles reflecting her speech.

Ms. Rachel's charity Cameos sold out in hours; raised $50k for kids in war-torn Gaza, Sudan, Ukraine

Ms. Rachel’s Cameo fundraising campaign sold out in just a few hours, with the children’s entertainer raising $50,000 for children living in Gaza, Sudan, and more.
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Julia Fox wears a headpiece of "trashion" accessories on her new show "OMG FASHUN"

Julia Fox stuns in 'shower curtain corset' as she hosts 'trashy' new sustainable fashion TV show

Fashion forward actress Julia Fox is challenging designers to use sustainably sourced materials in her new tv show “OMG FASHUN.”
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Child-friendly library cubicle decorated with vibrant illustrations of anthropomorphic apples, featuring a desktop computer set on a wooden desk.

Libraries across US install 'cubicles' for parents who need to study but can't find childcare

Public libraries are introducing desks with built-in play areas for young children, aiming to provide a supportive environment for parents who need to study.
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A bright blue background with a woman (Ms. Rachel) smiling and waving in the foreground, dressed in pink.

Ms. Rachel to raise funds for children in Gaza, Congo, Ukraine by making Cameos for your little ones

The educator — famous for her educational YouTube videos — wants to partner with Cameo to raise money for children living in Gaza, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ukraine.
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Split image with three segments: On the left, a blue colored close-up of a wooden gavel in a courtroom setting. In the middle, a close-up of a legal document titled "United States District Court, Northern District of California". On the right, three smiling women standing together,

Artist lawsuit against AI reaches milestone; discovery phase could unmask hidden practices of 'exploitative Goliaths'

A landmark court case is allowing ten artists to proceed with allegations against AI companies for copyright infringement for training AI models on stolen artwork.
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John Green, Hank Green, Jen Hattamer

Hank & John Green announce Gaza fundraiser on TikTok; pledge to match donations

Hank and John’s support came after comedian Erin Hattamer’s call to be more involved and vocal in their support of Palestine.
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From left to right: Sofia, Karli, and Elmo from "Sesame Street."

Elmo wants to 'check in' again, this time as part of a new 'Sesame Street' mental health initiative

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Sesame Street is creating mental health resources for children, all led by Elmo and The Count.
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A turned on LED projector on a table

22 Asian American-centered films to watch during AAPI Heritage Month

Take a look through this chronological list to see which movies you've already seen and which ones you need to add to your watchlist.‍
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A collage of three images related to advocacy for Palestine. On the left, a girl at a protest holds up a sign saying "FREE PALESTINE" with a heart shape. The center image shows a silhouette of a person waving a Palestinian flag on a building with the text HINDS HALL overlayed. On the right, Macklemore on stage with a microphone captioned with "I would want them to say FREE PALESTINE"

Macklemore just dropped a song about college protests, will donate all proceeds to Gaza

Macklemore released his track "HIND'S HALL" Monday night, promising to donate all streaming sales to aid efforts in Gaza.
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