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3 Of the Bst Eco friendly gifts for Mom: Agood Company Stone Paper Notebook, A GLDN Made-to-Order Jewelry and A Planted Calming Lavender Candle

8 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mom

How do you find a meaningful yet sustainable present for the woman who deserves it most? We've got some ideas when it comes to eco-friendly gifts for Mom.
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3 Of The Best Cheap Eco-Friendly Gifts: Siblings Clean Candles, Meow Meow Tweet Geranium Palmarosa Hand + Body Wash & Rise Beyond the Reef Classic Canvas Tote Bags

8 Best Cheap Eco-Friendly Gifts

Choosing to buy sustainable gifts might seem like it would be a more costly option, but you can definitely find cheap eco-friendly gifts for all the people you love.
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3 eco friendly gifts for women: Chocolates, wool slippers, and zero waste makeup

31 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her

Your go-to guide to sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for the women in your life.
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3 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Gifts: A Take Back Bag, a cutting board, and a solar charger

These Are the 39 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for 2023

If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to gift-giving, these eco-friendly gifts will be the perfect addition to your list.
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3 Of The Best Bombas Products For The Woman In Your Life: A Merino Wool Blend Long-Sleeve Crewneck Shirt, A Cotton Modal Blend Long Underwear & A Pair Of Lightweight Frill Quarter Socks

Gifts for Her: 9 Best Bombas Products for Every Kind of Woman in Your Life

Bombas is known for its give-back ethos and comfy socks. Here are our recommendations for the best Bombas items to get for the women in your life.
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3 Bombas Products: A Merino Wool Blend Crew Neck Shirts, A Cotton Modal Blend Long Underwear & Merino Wool Blend Roll-Top Gripper House Socks

Men's Gift Guide: 8 Most Underrated Bombas Items You Didn't Know Existed

Bombas is known for its give-back ethos and comfy socks, but here are a few other items to consider while shopping for the men in your life.
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Silhouette of a veteran in front of a colorful abstract sky

What To Say Instead of Thanking a Veteran for Their Service

When we as a society look at veterans as help cases, we end up perpetuating the problem.
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Basalt formation along the South Fork John Day Wild and Scenic River in Oregon

The Pacific Northwest Could Be Big Tech's New Hot Spot for Carbon Capture

Due to an abundance of basaltic rock, The Pacific Northwest is the new hub for carbon removal innovation, which is vital in the future of climate solutions.
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Karinna Grant stands on the TED stage. Behind her is a screen showing a digital avatar of herself.

The Future of Ethical Fashion is Digital – And It's Closer Than You Think

Digital clothing could become a daily reality by 2033 and has the potential to significantly reduce environmental and social impacts of fast fashion.
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A white woman with blonde hair reaches over a sink to scrub it.

Cleaning for a Reason: Nonprofit Provides Free Cleaning Services for Cancer Patients

Cleaning for a Reason provides free house cleanings to cancer patients across the U.S. and Canada.
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