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A man looks at the sea while on a boat with a dog

As Climate Change Threatens Lobster, Maine Eyes a New Cash Crop... Seaweed

Between overfishing, ecological changes, and new regulations, many fish and shellfish species have largely disappeared from Maine’s waterfront. Now, sea farmers are growing sugar kelp.
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Image compilation of a basketball, owl, sign post, students protesting, and a 3D-printed home

Owls, Library Farms, & 3D-Print Homes - Good News This Week: August 27th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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An aerial view of a person in a desert area in a forest

These People & Groups are Ensuring the Navajo Nation Has Access To Clean Water

Alongside Rotary and the nonprofit DigDeep, the Navajo are bringing a vital commodity to their ancestral homeland
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A group of men in uniform walk in a fenceline

Smart Parks, the Dutch Technologists Tackling Poaching With Technology

A Netherlands-based organization deploying high tech is helping anti-poaching teams through access to real-time data such as animal locations, vehicle movements, and fence voltages, among other parameters.
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@Dexter345 on Twitter: My wife inherited an estimated $20,000 - $30,000 worth of guns. (This is only maybe a quarter of it.) We could have sold them but she decided to do something way more metal. She had them sawed into pieces so they can be melted down and fashioned into gardening tools.

'Swords to Plows': This Nonprofit is Turning Guns into Garden Tools

While not a perfect solution on their own, gun buyback events can help reduce gun violence — especially when the guns are dismantled on the spot, and donated to be made into a tool for peace instead.
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Grid of consumable gifts including chocolate, stationery, herbs, tea, soap, dog treats, tea, and wine

54 Best Consumable Gift Ideas: Ultimate List

A consumable gift is a gift that can be used up one way or another. Great examples include: food, drinks, soap, gift cards, candles, and even audiobook credits. They’re the perfect gift for minimalists, environmentalists, or the person who has everything.
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An eco-friendly bed frame made of wood, styled in a bedroom with plants

8 Best Eco-Friendly Bed Frames For Better Rest (2022)

If you're a conscious consumer, that means you want to find products that are good for you and the planet — right down to the bed you sleep on. This guide will help you find the perfect fit.
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A man and a woman kissing while two women behind them smile at them

Love Island UK's New Sponsor is eBay — And That's Good News For Sustainable Fashion

With a cast clad in eBay hand-me-downs, Love Island UK is encouraging viewers to embrace sustainable glamor. Welcome to socially conscious trash TV.
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Three photos of eco friendly mattresses, two of them have cute dogs on them

7 Best Eco-Friendly Mattresses To Help You Rest Easy (2022)

We spend a good chunk of our time snoozing away in bed. We want it to be time — and money — well spent. Here's a round-up of the best eco-friendly, affordable mattresses that will help you get a good night's rest, knowing you've made a sustainable purchase.
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A farmer reaches their hand into a container of coffee fruit

Why Cascara Is Good For the Planet, Coffee Farmers, & You

While most coffee drinkers think of coffee grounds as the primary by-product of their morning cup of coffee, another sweet-tasting coffee by-product could be the key to helping people, profits, and the planet: cascara
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