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A pile of diapers boxes and packages

Texas House Passes Bill to Repeal 'Tampon Tax' on Menstrual Products & Diapers

The bill, which Democrats have been pushing for years, has become a top priority after the overturn of Roe v. Wade. The Senate has already passed the bill, which would provide tax relief on the purchase of menstrual products, diapers, and other childcare necessities.
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Sahar Punjwani posing for a portrait

Meet the Texas Teens Who Took on the State's 'Tampon Tax' (and Won)

A group of young women have teamed up with a prestigious Houston law firm to get the state to stop charging sales tax on menstrual products, arguing they qualify as “wound care dressings.”
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An African woman wearing a blue shirt and yellow headpiece holds up a certificate, smiling. In the background, other community members mill about.

Milestone Achieved: 10,000 Women Certified To Fight Malaria in Rwanda

In 2017, the Society for Family Health Rwanda and the Rwanda Ministry of Health partnered with SC Johnson and Raid to create the Certified Care program. It has now reached a milestone of 10,000 certifications.
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Close up shot of a person touching a growing sprout

30 Green Careers That Can Help Fight Climate Change

Much of the work that must be done to make our country more sustainable will be accomplished by farmers, construction workers, and electricians — and much of that work is starting at the local level already.
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4 of the top fiction, nonfiction, and children's books about climate change

38 Best Books About Climate Change

Immerse yourself in the best climate change books, chosen for their ability to inform, captivate, and empower readers of all ages to make a lasting positive impact.
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Abstract Line Art for AAPI Heritage Month

22 Ideas To Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month (2023)

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a celebration of the many contributions and achievements of the AAPI community. 
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A Save a Suit volunteer talks with a veteran at a Save A Suit event

Suit Up: This Nonprofit Provides Professional Clothes To Veterans in Need

Save A Suit empowers veterans through professional clothing, aiding their job search and boosting confidence as they navigate the challenges of civilian life.
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Various vegetables in display

Empowering Women & Tackling Climate Change: The Surprising Benefits of Solar-Powered Refrigerators

Expanding food cold chains to the world’s least-developed countries can have enormous impacts. But it also raises concerns if it’s not done in a way that avoids contributing to climate change.
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A woman lying on bed in a hospital

These Local Governments Are Using Federal Aid To Cancel Medical Debt

From Chicago to Toledo, more and more local governments are getting in on this simple economic recovery strategy: buying up and canceling medical bills en masse.
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Illustration of Keith Lee with food

Meet Keith Lee, the TikTok Food Reviewer Turning Struggling Eateries into Success Stories

Keith Lee has used his TikTok platform to uplift small food businesses in Las Vegas and beyond.
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