Economic Good News

Stories about money and economics being used for good — and good being done for money and economies

Small business storefront with a rainbow, a heart, and an Open sign

18 Ideas To Celebrate Small Business Saturday 2023

Get your reusable tote bags ready! Small Business Saturday takes place on the weekend following Thanksgiving in the United States. Here are some pointers for shopping small this season.
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A close-up of a person paying online with their credit card; a volunteer in front of donations at a food bank; a close-up of someone taping a cardboard box

How To Make Your Giving Tuesday Donations Count — Today and Beyond

Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to support causes and organizations close to your heart. Here's how to make the most out of it.
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A person riding a bike across a crosswalk

20 Top US Cities Where You Don't Need a Car

In a country where the car is king of the road, which cities are the best for living without a set of wheels?
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Silhouette of a veteran in front of a colorful abstract sky

What To Say Instead of Thanking a Veteran for Their Service

When we as a society look at veterans as help cases, we end up perpetuating the problem.
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Hannah Ritchie stands on red stage in front of the red TED Talks logo

Hannah Ritchie of Our World in Data: On Good News & How To Make a Difference

In honor of the release of Hannah Ritchie’s TED Talk from TED 2023, we’re sharing our interview with her.
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A worker walking through the doors of Clackamas County's Water Treatment Facility

Oregon Is Turning Sewage Into an Endless Supply of Green Energy

Converting poop into heat and electricity offers a tantalizing proposition: more waste equals more clean power...
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Sliced oranges and strawberries on a table

8 Tips To Pick the Best Fruits & Vegetables

We’ve compiled tips and tricks to help the next time you shop — to help you avoid over-ripe avocados or moldy berries.
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Be A Hero: A Fan Activist Campaign in Support of Disney Workers

Amid Strikes, Abigail Disney & Fan Activists Seek To Protect Disney Employees

Abigail Disney and fan activists have joined together to launch a campaign that urges Disney to expand its legal obligations to employees.
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A field of solar panels

New Report: Renewable Energy Sector On Track To Hit Net-Zero Goals By 2030

A new report from RMI suggests that we are on track to meet net-zero targets for renewable energy by the end of the decade.
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A pile of diapers boxes and packages

Texas House Passes Bill to Repeal 'Tampon Tax' on Menstrual Products & Diapers

The bill, which Democrats have been pushing for years, has become a top priority after the overturn of Roe v. Wade. The Senate has already passed the bill, which would provide tax relief on the purchase of menstrual products, diapers, and other childcare necessities.
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