Economic Good News

Stories about money and economics being used for good — and good being done for money and economies

Three screenshots of Maggie Rogers speaking into her camera in an Instagram Reel

Maggie Rogers is selling concert tickets to her fans IRL to fight exploitation in the live music industry

Maggie Rogers just dropped her third album "Don't Forget Me," and will soon take it on tour. But first — she's selling tickets in-person at box offices.
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Keys resting on a hand

This building in Detroit was transformed into permanent housing for veterans experiencing homelessness

Four organizations in the city and a national partner used their relationships and data to reduce homelessness toward “functional zero.”
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Public Health Officer 1st Lt. Gyasi J. Mann, right, and Bioenvironmental Engineer Senior Airman Emilio D. Gonzalez, second from right, help homeless veterans choose a pair of reading glasses during Stand Down 2012 at the National Guard Armory in Cherry Hill

VA's work to end veteran homelessness is working. Advocates hope efforts could work for civilians too.

In late January, groups of volunteers around the country set out on foot and in vehicles in search of individuals experiencing homelessness.
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Blue solar panels on a green grass field

A rebooted community solar program provides support for for lower-income Minnesotans

A new state law is ushering in several changes to the state’s community solar program, with developers seeing new rules and requirements, as well as new opportunities.
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A collage of AI-generated images of celebrities and influencers marching in a protest. They include Patton Oswalt, Elaine Hendrix, Joanne Carducci, Adam McKay, Shepard Fairey, Michale Ian Black, Andy Richter, and Bill McKibben

You can join your favorite celebrities in a climate protest taking place solely on social media

A coalition of 55 organizations and over 50 celebrities, including Susan Sarandon and Patton Oswalt, launched the digital climate protest advocating for climate-friendly options in Americans' 401(k) plans.
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Knit cotton, an illustration of greenwashing, and a linen fabric

Total ethics fashion: The holistic approach one nonprofit is taking to combat greenwashing

Nonprofit Collective Fashion Justice coined the term "total ethics fashion" to create a holistic framework for a sustainable future in fashion.
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FEMA-State Disaster Recovery Center vehicle with informational banners, palm trees in the background, and a sign for free Wi-Fi, indicating post-disaster assistance services.

FEMA says it will overhaul its disaster aid system — after decades of criticism

The agency will offer upfront cash payments to disaster survivors and slash some of its infamous red tape.
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A screenshot of an Instagram post from Sharon McMahon that reads "In December 2023, Governerds raised $1,079,369.10. The purpose? To abolish the medical debt of our neighbors." It is accompanied by a screenshot of an Instagram Live featuring Sharon McMahon

An Instagram Fundraiser Helped Forgive the Medical Debt of Over 140,000 Families

The "Governerds," raised over $1 million in December 2023, ultimately relieving over $170 million in debt for 142,830 families.
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Three photos: A young girl speaking into a microphone at a Ship It Zero rally; a shipping port; someone pulling a dolly with a shipment on it

Ship It Zero Makes Waves Calling for Decarbonization in Maritime Shipping

The coalition is dedicated to ensuring the world’s top retail corporations commit to zero-emission maritime shipping by 2030.
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A cityscape of Durban, South Africa

The 3 Best African Climate Good News Stories from 2023

The developments highlight the growing commitment to climate action in Africa and the continent's potential to play a leading role in the global transition to a low-carbon economy.
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An illustration of two hands reaching for each other against a blue background adorned with flowers

Here Are 16 Good News Stories To Give You Hope in 2024

There are numerous good news stories in 2024 that offer hope and highlight positive progress in the world. Here are just a few!
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MLK Quote Graphic: Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. — Martin Luther King Jr.

181 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes — Beyond His Dream

There’s no denying that the image of Dr. King has been distorted over time to make his bold, radical message more “palatable.” But by reading his actual words, we can reconnect with his true message.
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