Good News for the Environment

Sustainable stories of progress for the planet

Photo collage of wave-riding generators, a man, fresh produce, dolphins, and a hydrogen-powered train

Wave Power, Dolphins, & Fresh Produce - Good News This Week: September 10th 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Eartheasy Dual Tray Worm Composter, Activists Collecting Food Waste, Emptying Compost Bin

How To Prevent Food Waste & Fight Climate Change

Food waste is a crisis that threatens people and the planet. Here are some ways to help, products to turn to, and helpers who are doing the work.
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A group of indigenous activists poses for the camera

Indigenous Activists in Borneo Claim Win as Logging Firm Removes Equipment From Disputed Area

Malaysian timber giant Samling has removed logging equipment from a long-disputed area in Sarawak state’s Upper Baram Forest Area, in what the Penan Indigenous community is calling a win for forest protection.
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Sustainable and ethical smart watch, watch for people with visual impairments, and watch made of recycled ocean plastic, laying flat on a plain blue background

11 Ethical & Eco-Friendly Watches To Wear Time After Time

If you're in the market for a new, reliable watch, we’ve compiled a list to help you find the right fit — all while taking care of the planet.
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Holding an amber-colored recycled drinking glass

7 Best Recycled Glassware Brands To Sip On In 2022

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you find the perfect (or, as you’ll find out, the imperfect) recycled glassware to compliment your home and lifestyle.
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Tree Quote Graphic: The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. — Nelson Henderson

The 76 Absolute Best Quotes About Trees

This week we've compiled the most meaningful quotes about trees, forests, and environmentalism from folks who care greatly about protecting the Earth. Their words are powerful reminders of our responsibility to our planet.
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A draw of the sun and the logo of "Cool Project"

How America's First 'Heat Officers' Are Cooling Miami and Los Angeles

For the first time, two US cities are treating extreme heat as a crisis — and dealing with it accordingly.
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5 cropped images from the week's top news stories including urban gardens, bison, and bikes

Urban Gardens, Clean Energy, & Bison - Good News This Week: September 3rd 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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An aerial view of people using kayaks to travel across mangroves

How Can Mangroves Help Turn the Tide Against Climate Change?

Mangrove forests are an important tool in combatting climate change. Compared with other forests, the mangrove ecosystem has a superior ability to store carbon, and that can help slow the warming of the planet.
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American Bison surrounded by golden grasses

Good News: American Bison Are Making a Major Comeback

By 1889, free-ranging bison numbers dwindled to almost zero. Conservation efforts, responsible farming, and an ambitious relocation effort have afforded a bison population boom in recent years.
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