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Two photos of drag queen Pattie Gonia and a headline from National Geographic, reading "They inspire us and teach us about the world: Meet our 2024 Travelers of the Year"

National Geographic names drag queen & climate activist Pattie Gonia Traveler of the Year 2024

Drag Queen Pattie Gonia was dubbed one of National Geographic's 2024 Travelers of the Year, joining a list of 8 other activists around the globe.
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A crowd of people looks on in awe during the M3F Music Festival

Meet M3F, the Phoenix music festival that donates 100% of its profits to charity

Since 2004, the M3F Music Festival has donated over $4 million to local Phoenix charities, all while bringing music lovers together.
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The wind-wave tank at the SUSTAIN laboratory

Good news: Artificial reefs could restore corals and protect coastal communities

Researchers in Florida are testing an artificial reef planted with live corals.
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A photo collage of a hand holding two vials, a close-up photo of a quarter featuring Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, screenshots from the digital climate event 'The Virtual March to Retire Big Oil', an aerial view of a farmer tending to his farm, and a flatlay photo of the Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: February 10, 2024 - AI, Laundry, & the Super Bowl

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Quote Graphic: Nature is the source of all true knowledge. — Leonardo da Vinci

117 Most Inspiring Quotes About Nature

Whether you’re in need of a moment of tranquility, a burst of inspiration, or a deeper appreciation for the world around you — let these quotes guide you to a greater connection with the earth.
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Illustration of three environmental innovations: the first panel shows a coral propagation grid underwater, the second features a cartoon waste collection device named 'WasteShark' in a polluted water body, and the third displays an eco-friendly spray bottle with a cucumber and a tag saying 'No sharks plz!' hanging on a hook, representing a device to reduce bycatch in fishing.

5 Climate-Forward Innovations To Give You Hope

There are truly too many brilliant solutions to count, but here are five exciting climate breakthroughs that give us hope to keep up the fight. 
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Three separate drone light shows display a red dragon, a blue mountain, and a green dragon

Drone light shows provide eco-friendly Chinese New Year celebrations across the globe

The drone light show industry is projected to grow 25% by 2031, as governments and companies recognize the appeal of visually stunning, eco-friendly celebrations that blend tradition with modern innovation.
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A collage of AI-generated images of celebrities and influencers marching in a protest. They include Patton Oswalt, Elaine Hendrix, Joanne Carducci, Adam McKay, Shepard Fairey, Michale Ian Black, Andy Richter, and Bill McKibben

You can join your favorite celebrities in a climate protest taking place solely on social media

A coalition of 55 organizations and over 50 celebrities, including Susan Sarandon and Patton Oswalt, launched the digital climate protest advocating for climate-friendly options in Americans' 401(k) plans.
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A hand planting a seed in the dirt, a screenshot of the Ecosia home page, and a tree nursery

Sustainability-centric search engine Ecosia reaches milestone of 200 million trees planted

The company tracks its projects in a detailed portfolio and has expanded its initiatives to include renewable energy production, regenerative agriculture, and more.
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A photo collage of comedian Tim Robinson, a kid playing a game in a hospital room, a screenshot from a Boston Bike Pass TikTok, a screenshot from Dan Howell's and Phil Lester's birthday livestream, and a flatlay photo of the Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: February 3, 2024 - Tents, PSAs, & Gaming

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Three photos: Two large canvas bags filled with recyclables, a Ridwell recycling bin on someone's porch, and a woman sitting in a huge pile of Ridwell canvas bags

A sustainable subscription? This startup will pick up your hard-to-recycle waste

An amazing 97% of collected materials are reused or recycled, saving a total of 15 million pounds of waste from landfills.
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A humpback whale breaches out of water

Good news: Conservation efforts helped humpback whales rebound from near-extinction

Humpback whales were almost entirely wiped out by commercial whaling in the 19th and early 20th century, but decades of conservation efforts are paying off as experts see a historic population increase in recent years.
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