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Close up photo of plastic bottles

How Long It Takes 50 Common Items To Decompose

All non-living things are eventually broken down into simple molecules by the elements, microorganisms, and the ravages of time, but some things take significantly longer to decompose than others.
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Red bike share bikes in a row from Capital bike share

Bike Share Programs in the U.S. Foster Greener Cities

The U.S. is embracing cycling with the rise of bike share programs. From Redding, California to Washington D.C., discover how these initiatives are changing urban transportation.
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A man and a woman riding a bicycle

Bikeable Neighborhoods (in Not-So-Bike-Friendly Cities)

Despite inner-city infrastructure development traditionally adopting a mixture of public transportation and vehicle-use roadways, many cities have begun to prioritize dedicated bicycle lanes and safety measures to offer better mobility options and quality of life.
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A photo collage of a basketball court, The Good Cup - a foldable cup, a beach, a group of volunteers from The Outdoorist Oath, and a Polynesian tree snail

Good News This Week: May 13th 2023: Beaches, Plastic-Free Cups, & Basketball Courts

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Close up shot of a person touching a growing sprout

30 Green Careers That Can Help Fight Climate Change

Much of the work that must be done to make our country more sustainable will be accomplished by farmers, construction workers, and electricians — and much of that work is starting at the local level already.
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A large group of people poses for a photo outside, trees and mountains in the background

Let's Go Together: Hydro Flask and The Outdoorist Oath are Making the Outdoors for Everyone

Hydro Flask has donated $25k to The Outdoorist Oath with its "Let's Go Together" collection, prioritizing an inclusive and diverse outdoors for all.
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A photo collage of the Grip Toggle and household items, a portrait of Hannah Rothstein, a person holding a costume, a close-up of an Indigenous woman, and an Indigenous man holding a staff

Grip Toggles, Drag, & Leopards - Good News This Week: May 6th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Three paper cups in different sizes sit atop a table, in front of some greenery

This Foldable Coffee Cup Wants Us To Ditch Plastic Lids for Good

The Good Cup, invented by Cyril Drouet, hopes to eliminate the need for plastic lids and plastic-lined takeout cups; replacing them with a fully recyclable, foldable paper option.
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A boy sitting while watching on a mobile phone

25 Highest Rated Kids Movies About the Environment

There is a way to start conversations with children about our relationship with nature, hopefully leading to questions about human influence, delicate ecosystems needing protection, and climate change, all with deserved and informed hopefulness.
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Collage of all of the top eco-friendly and organic mattress toppers from this article

13 Best Eco-Friendly & Organic Mattress Toppers (2023)

If you’re a conscious consumer, that means you want to find products that are good for you and the planet — right down to your mattress topper. This guide will help you find the perfect fit.
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