Good News for the Environment

Sustainable stories of progress for the planet

A Save a Suit volunteer talks with a veteran at a Save A Suit event

Suit Up: This Nonprofit Provides Professional Clothes To Veterans in Need

Save A Suit empowers veterans through professional clothing, aiding their job search and boosting confidence as they navigate the challenges of civilian life.
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An Indian tiger in the wild

Reviving the Roar: India's Tiger Population Is On the Rise

Delve into the uplifting story of India's Project Tiger, celebrating 50 years of tireless efforts to save these magnificent animals from the brink of extinction.
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Various vegetables in display

Empowering Women & Tackling Climate Change: The Surprising Benefits of Solar-Powered Refrigerators

Expanding food cold chains to the world’s least-developed countries can have enormous impacts. But it also raises concerns if it’s not done in a way that avoids contributing to climate change.
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A bunch of vegetarian fast food options from different drive thru restaurants

The Ultimate Guide To Vegetarian Fast Food Options

Craving plant-based options on the go? Explore our complete guide to the best vegetarian fast food finds across America’s most popular chains.
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A photo collage of a Daniel Radcliffe, a crowd in front of the Tennessee State Capitol building, a food forest, Keith Lee, and two women

Good News This Week - Cheetahs, TikTok, & Food Forests - April 8 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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An eco-friendly pillow on a bed with a cute wall

16 Best Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Pillows

If you’ve been on the lookout for new pillows, we’ve made the research process as light as a feather — all while helping you make mindful choices for your home and the planet.
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Pattie Gonia wearing drag made of environmental materials

Pattie Gonia is Hosting a Drag Show For the Planet

In honor of Earth Week, drag queens Pattie Gonia and VERA! are co-hosting an environment-themed drag show in San Francisco.
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A photo collage of a basketball stadium, people in a field, Ann Patchett and her dog, Sparky, a Narcan nasal spray, and a screenshot of the vis deurbel livestream

Fish Doorbells, Narcan, & Bookstores - Good News This Week: April 1st 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Screenshot of fish doorbell website, with lots of writing in Dutch

You Can Volunteer At A 'Fish Doorbell' To Protect Fish

Discover the “fish doorbell,” a 24/7 livestream allowing volunteers worldwide to help protect migrating fish in Dutch waterways by guiding them past dams and predators, fostering global cooperation in conserving vital aquatic ecosystems.
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People protesting on the street with one of them holding a sign that says "we can do better"

50 Celebrity Activists With a History of Protesting Injustice

Despite calls for actors, athletes, musicians, and other celebrities to eschew activism to focus on entertainment, there is a long-standing precedent for famous people to leverage their platforms to enact change.
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A photo collage of Tim Walz celebrating with children, three women with bags and items on the floor, an open field with trees, a woman with a notebook and pen, and the Best Friends Pet Resource Center

Free Food, Books, & Pets - Good News This Week: March 24th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Illustration of water waves for World Water Day

Celebrating World Water Day Good News Stories: One Drop at a Time

Quench your thirst for good news with inspiring World Water Day stories, and join the fight for clean water and sanitation for all!
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