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3 Bombas Products: A Merino Wool Blend Crew Neck Shirts, A Cotton Modal Blend Long Underwear & Merino Wool Blend Roll-Top Gripper House Socks

Men's Gift Guide: 8 Most Underrated Bombas Items You Didn't Know Existed

Bombas is known for its give-back ethos and comfy socks, but here are a few other items to consider while shopping for the men in your life.
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Photorealistic illustration of a tent outside in a public park.

Talking About Homelessness: What Words Should You Use?

What is the correct term to use when talking about homelessness? Here, we break down some language choices, like 'unhoused' and 'houseless,' to provide more context.
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3 Wellness Newsletters for a Balanced Inbox: Gloria, The New Fatherhood & NPR

24 Best Wellness Newsletters for a Balanced Inbox (2023)

The most refreshing email newsletters that will transform your inbox from a mundane taskmaster to a sanctuary of wellness and balance.
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Three screenshots of Zero Waste Blogs Websites: Dr. Anita Vandyke, Permacrafters, Robin Greenfield.

11 Practical Zero Waste Blogs for Living Sustainably

Your guide to the best blogs to visit for helpful tips and resources about zero waste living.
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3 Best Experience Gifts For Someone Who Has It All: An outdoor class or expedition from REI, A Murder Mystery Game, An Indoor Skydiving Lesson.

47 Best Experience Gifts for Someone Who Has It All

In a world where it’s so easy to buy exactly what you want whenever you want it, an experience can be a thoughtful and cherished gift that creates lasting memories.
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Illustrated Month Calendar Representing Awareness Months

Ultimate Calendar of All Awareness Months (2023)

Your simple guide to the hundreds of awareness months to celebrate all year long.
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A gradient of lines of colors representing breaking the ice

224 Ice Breaker Questions That Bring People Together

Introducing a new group of individuals to a classroom, workplace, or party can be challenging, but these icebreaker questions provide a fun way to break the ice and build connections in a safe space.
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Screenshots of Three Online Consignment Shops Websites: Neutral Ground, Mercari & Stillwhite

20 Online Consignment Shops — To Shop & Sell (2023)

It’s never been easier to shop and sell secondhand. Online consignment shops are a great, user-friendly way to do just that.
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View of light coming in the windows of a busy consignment shop

Ultimate Guide: What Is a Consignment Shop?

Breaking down the history of consigning, the differences between consignment and thrifting, and how the process typically works...
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Three iPhone screenshots of The Goodnewspaper available inside the Libby app, viewable in different formats

The Goodnewspaper Now Available on Libby for All Library Card Holders

Good Good Good is excited to announce that the Goodnewspaper is now available at libraries around the world via Libby.
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