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This Mother's Day I want Phone Calls Not Flowers. Call your reps about universal background checks. Give the gift of action.

Phone Calls Not Flowers: Moms Fight for Gun Safety This Mother's Day

The Phone Calls Not Flowers campaign from For Facts Sake has taken Instagram by storm, as thousands of moms ask for gun safety legislation this Mother’s Day.
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An African woman wearing a blue shirt and yellow headpiece holds up a certificate, smiling. In the background, other community members mill about.

Milestone Achieved: 10,000 Women Certified To Fight Malaria in Rwanda

In 2017, the Society for Family Health Rwanda and the Rwanda Ministry of Health partnered with SC Johnson and Raid to create the Certified Care program. It has now reached a milestone of 10,000 certifications.
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4 of the top fiction, nonfiction, and children's books about climate change

38 Best Books About Climate Change

Immerse yourself in the best climate change books, chosen for their ability to inform, captivate, and empower readers of all ages to make a lasting positive impact.
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Grip Toggles being used (like pop sockets) on knives, spoons, and other kitchen tools

Viral TikTok Invention 'Single-Handedly' Offering Improved Accessibility

Robert Simpson's company Single Handed creates products that offer improved accessibility in homes and the hospitality industry.
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Soaps from Sun Basin Soap stacked next to fruits and coffee

Sun Basin Soap: Hank & John Green Launch New Charity Project

Discover Sun Basin Soap, the latest charitable project by John and Hank Green, creators of the Awesome Socks Club and Awesome Coffee Club — with 100% of profits donated to reduce maternal and childhood mortality in Sierra Leone.
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Mental Health Awareness Month Depicted As An Illustration of a Person's Mind

29 Ways To Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month (2023)

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! We’ve gathered a list of ideas to help you celebrate, honor, and de-stigmatize the stories of mental health in your life and community.
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TikTok screenshots of Corook and Olivia Barton singing If I Were a Fish together

Viral 'If I Were A Fish' is TikTok's New Mental Health Anthem

Listen to the heartwarming TikTok sensation, “If I Were A Fish,” that has captured millions with its message of radical acceptance, self-love, and the joy of being different.
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Crowd gives standing ovation at TED conference

5 Activists Who Received Standing Ovations at TED2023

Witness the power of the human spirit as we reveal the five TED Talks from 2023’s conference that moved an audience to their feet! Don't miss these life-changing stories. 🎤
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The stage design at TED 2023, with the theme 'Possibilities'

10 Best Good News Stories from 2023's TED Conference

As the world’s most creative minds convened to talk about ideas that are far-out and far-reaching, TED maintains its foundation in finding the good — in making more room for possibility.
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A white woman in a blue shirt and black cardigan points to a screen with a diagram of a brain

Amy Baxter Is Helping Us Redefine — And Cope With — Pain

Amy Baxter is a pain pioneer, who is urging doctors, patients, and everyone in between to change how we think about pain.
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