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A meme of a hand above a blue button labeled "$5 TB tests". "Danaher (if they're cool)"

14 Best Memes About Danaher & TB from John Green & Activists

Along with John Green, activists are spreading the word with memes to pressure Danaher to lower the cost of its tuberculosis tests.
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A man in a neon yellow vest pets a dog next to a pile of rubble

Morocco Good News: Meet One Rescue Team — And Their Dogs — Saving Lives After Earthquake

A Spain-based rescue organization drove through the night to reach victims of Morocco's recent earthquake.
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Four images: Tuberculosis, John Green, Danaher's GeneXpert Machine, and Activist Typing

John Green & Grassroots Activists Pressure Danaher To Drop Price of Tuberculosis Test

“Since the mid-1950s, TB has been curable — yet we still allow TB to kill over 1.6 million people per year.” — John Green
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A photo collage of a man pushing a cart, a close-up image of a bird, a view of a mountain and a lake, and a group of female construction workers huddled around a floor plan

Good News This Week: September 9, 2023 - Turtles, Birds, & Women's Health

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Vectors of a shower head, washing machine, bandage, and a house

Guide: 16 Ideas for How To Help Homeless People

It’s important that we all play a role in helping people experiencing homelessness through community care, systemic action, and everyday kindness.
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A worker walking through the doors of Clackamas County's Water Treatment Facility

Oregon Is Turning Sewage Into an Endless Supply of Green Energy

Converting poop into heat and electricity offers a tantalizing proposition: more waste equals more clean power...
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A person holds a set of vials containing liquid Cholera vaccines

Scientists Have Created a Capsule-Form of Cholera Vaccine To Fight Disease

Compared to traditional cholera vaccines, the new capsule form lasts longer, can remain stable at higher temperatures, weighs less, and is smaller — making a big difference in mass vaccination campaigns.
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Cover of the book "Funeral Diva"

25 Best Books About the HIV/AIDS Experience

We have compiled a list of books — including nonfiction, memoir, fiction, anthologies, and poetry — that underscore the humanity of people diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.
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A photo collage of a woman posing next to a bird mascot, a flatlay image of necessities, lego bricks, a woman holding a big poster, and a page from a picture book

Good News This Week: September 2, 2023 - Yard Sales, Fundraisers, & Legos

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Orange September Awareness Month Calendar

September: Awareness Months & Holidays for Causes (2023)

The ultimate calendar of September’s awareness days, national months, and more...
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