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Assorted fruits and vegetables, some cut into heart shapes, with a cotton candy graphic and a heart-shaped illustration filled with various foods, against a pastel background with scattered hearts.

Eating with empathy: How to include everyone at mealtime

No matter your relationship to food, we all deserve a more holistic and inclusive approach to how we dine.
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3 Helpful Ideas For a New Mom Care Package: Soothing Wipes, Nipple Balm & A Breastfeeding-Friendly Loungewear

24 Helpful Ideas for a New Mom Care Package

A thoughtful care package for new moms can help provide meaningful support during a challenging postpartum period.
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Stills from documentaries "Agent of Happiness," "Will & Harper," and "Black Box Diaries" at Sundance Film Festival 2024

9 must-see documentaries premiering at Sundance this year

Sundance Film Festival’s 40th annual gathering will include a slate of documentaries, exploring themes of racial justice, environmental impact, grassroots activism, and more. 
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A girl doll with a prosthetic leg on a skateboard, a boy and girl doll with limb differences as athletes, a girl doll with red hair and glasses

The Doll For All: Startup creates dolls especially for kids with disabilities

The first prototypes, designed with limb differences in mind, have exceeded their fundraising goal on Indiegogo, allowing the company to scale production, promoting diversity and self-esteem.
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A screenshot of an Instagram post from Sharon McMahon that reads "In December 2023, Governerds raised $1,079,369.10. The purpose? To abolish the medical debt of our neighbors." It is accompanied by a screenshot of an Instagram Live featuring Sharon McMahon

An Instagram Fundraiser Helped Forgive the Medical Debt of Over 140,000 Families

The "Governerds," raised over $1 million in December 2023, ultimately relieving over $170 million in debt for 142,830 families.
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3 Things To Include In A Covid Care-Package: Hydration Packets, Some Tea & An Air Purifier.

19 Things To Include in a COVID Care Package (2024)

A care package with items like cough drops, tea, comfort food, books, games, and more can provide support for those testing positive and going through quarantine.
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An illustration of two hands reaching for each other against a blue background adorned with flowers

Here Are 16 Good News Stories To Give You Hope in 2024

There are numerous good news stories in 2024 that offer hope and highlight positive progress in the world. Here are just a few!
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Casey McIntyre and Andrew Rose Gregory take a selfie; A screenshot of a tweet from Andrew Rose Gregory announcing the $1 million milestone of their medical debt fundraiser

A Woman’s Posthumous Medical Debt Fundraiser Went Viral — Surpassing Humble Goal and Raising Over $1M

Casey McIntyre, who battled stage four ovarian cancer, had a dying wish to erase others' medical debt, which became a reality through a fundraiser with nonprofit RIP Medical Debt.
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A photo collage of a close-up of a shirt, leaves inside a net, two parrots up close, a 'Proud Blood Donor' sign, and two butterflies on a plant

Good News This Week: January 6, 2024 - Bikes, Birds, & Butterflies

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A photo collage of a a G4 building, a girl raising her hand, senior citizens seated on chairs, a school building & school bus, and a flatlay image of the Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: December 23, 2023 - Art, Manatees, & Marine Conservation

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A man stands among destroyed buildings in the Gaza Strip

Aid Struggles to Reach Gaza; Do Your Donations Still Help?

Your donations can support on-the-ground teams, allow for modified assistance programs, and help neighboring areas affected by conflict.
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illustration of VR headset being used in a medical context

Innovative VR Experiences Offer an Escape From Painful Medical Procedures

New virtual reality devices, such as Smileyscope, have emerged as innovative tools to alleviate pain during medical procedures, particularly benefiting children undergoing blood draws or IV insertions.
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