Good News & Ways To Do Good

What Do You Wish More People Understood About the LGBTQ+ Community?

And other questions for a few of our favorite LGBTQ+ activists, influencers, and educators
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Religious Leaders Are Stepping up to Welcome the LGBTQ+ Community

Some religious leaders are taking a stand to say that LGBTQ+ people have a place in their house of worship. Last December, more than 370 religious leaders from around the world called for a ban on conversion therapy — the attempt to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity.
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Why the 2020 Election Was Good News for Representation

Better representation among our elected officials matters because it means the makeup of those key decision-makers more closely resembles the varying and diverse perspectives of the people they represent. More representation in government means better representation of what America actually looks like.
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13 Good News Stories to Leave You Feeling Good This Week

Good news stories from around the world — from ending student lunch debt in Seattle, to a neo-Nazi removing his swastika tattoos. There's so much good to celebrate.
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